James Newbury’s new direction

James Newbury’s new direction

Many supporters and friends across the Victorian Liberal Party, including colleague and trickster, David Davis, a confident supporter of lefties nationwide, have questioned the political acumen of Brighton MP James Newbury.

James, fearing the rise of the ALP in Brighton has decided to joined them. The political chameleon has moved so far to the political left his colleagues are staggered.

Rumour has it James has offered his nomination to the ALP for Brighton.

Local liberals are awaiting his further policy announcements on banning duck consumption, compulsory prostitution and banning religious texts.

While conservatives have been suspect of James Newbury, his friendship with big mouth Bastiaan seemed to provide political cover in years past.

With big mouth making doors, allegedly having numerous children and killing his backyard poultry, the Member for Brighton has gone rogue.

The State Member for Brighton and Federal Member for Goldstein are at war with each other seeing who can take the Left-most position in the party.

Tim Wilson outlasted all previous contenders and it will be fascinating to see Tim’s response to this new upstart challenger.

With James Newbury dialling up the spice and attacks on more conservative party members, even the most wavering members of Parliament, Wendy Lovell, Georgie Crozier and David Davis seem like model MPs in comparison.

James Newbury, who voted for introducing gender therapy for children, is a former Christopher Pyne staffer.

Perhaps James Newbury has his eyes on Prahan and wants to be the next Clem Newton-Brown. After all, Brighton would now be too conservative, and not an adequate place to out-left climate change champion Tim Wilson.

Really all of this is no surprise as Big Mouth and Labor Newbury were terrific supporters of local lefty battle-ax Louise Asher.

As one party member said, “Well may we say God save the Queen because nothing will save James Newbury.”

Big mouth Bastiaan, climate change champion Tim Wilson and James Newbury

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