A grassroots interview

A grassroots interview

Interview with Peter Adamis 26 MAY 2021.


Thank you for contacting me whilst I am stranded overseas. My internet communication network is improving. I found out that the internal wiring had been chewed by field mice and the external line had worn through as a result of the North wind blowing against the wire o the pole.  We are the last cottage on the outskirts of the village and at the extreme boundary of the village proper. Luckily, I had kept a record of the many failed communication breakdowns and the repairs to the telephone and internet were minimal. The new system in place now incorporates all networks via the Modem/Router. I don’t think it’s a good idea because when the Modem/Router is burnt as a result of an electrical storm the telephone does not work.  

As for yourselves, I honestly have no idea who Real Freedom News is, but I can say that your website is truly amazing. I congratulate those involved and for taking up the cudgel and fighting the good fight on the cessation of ENewsletters. The information on China is most revealing and I notice that some information was taken from the ENewsletters. I am disappointed in a manner of speaking because, I was not approached or given approval for my work to be published.

However, I forgive you all for your errant ways, because as you know, we live in draconian times where the sword of Damocles is forever hovering over ones head, always wondering whether the wind will sever the hair that holds the sword from falling upon ones head.

Having stated the above, I must add that I am honestly at a loss why you chaps’ back home want to interview me. I would like to think that I have done enough for the nation. What more can I do from over here I wonder?  I have raised four terrific sons on my own, served the nation in uniform in the Australia Regular Army, a loyal and long serving member of the Liberal Party and someone who always rises up when knocked down by adversity. I am always a good mate to have on side. Still, for the sake of being true to my Liberal Conservative values, I will do my best to answer your questions.

What are your views of the Victorian Liberal Party?

Look, the Victorian Liberal Party has achieved much over the past two years, with an inexperienced new State Director, an extremely overzealous dynamic Head of Membership, a bright new, custom-designed Party head office where loyal staff members were recently given their marching orders. However, let us wait and see what transpires over the next twelve months. Who knows we may even have a new President elected quickly once the current head decides to step down.

Is the new Membership system good enough to revitalise the Victorian Liberal Party.

While some believe that the Party membership is a t a seven year high, I must remind people that the Party membership can boast that since the hugely successful recruiting drive by Marcus Bastiaan and Paul Mitchell, additional new members have been recruited after being carefully and quickly scrutinised to ensure that they were not past members of the Labor, Greens political parties or had an association with the factions disloyal to the current Administrative Committee and its leader. It appears that the Membership is at its highest since 2015

We now have a new and quick membership system that is designed to monitor member’s behaviour on the way. Whether this is a good thing, I am not sure but it smacks of the Big Brother approach.

What are your views on changes to the Constitution? 

I don’t have a legal background and therefore rely on advice from individuals better qualified than I in such areas. What I can tell you is that as a member of the party that if I at the grass roots level cannot understand the meaning and intent of the provisions of the Constitution, then the Constitution was not written for the Grass root members. At the present moment we appear to be making changes for appearances sake and in some cases it appears self interest.  

I must remind members that the Constitution is a robust and living document that reflects the values of the Liberal Party. The Constitution was originally designed to assist, not hinder the work being carried out by volunteers at the grass roots level. Nor was it designed to create an elite base where there is a great divide between the political organisation, the administrative organs and that of the parliamentary committee.  Therefore any changes to the Constitution must reflect Liberal values and that of the wider Australian Community.

Do you believe that the current administration is on the right track with their programmes?

These are not my words, but there are some who believe that “having suffered huge swings in our traditionally safe seats during the 2018 State election, we must reconnect with Liberal voters in traditional seats and better articulate our values to the population growth areas of Melbourne. This will involve earlier identification of local candidates, intense candidate training, and identification of grass roots campaign issues in local areas.”  I have heard many statements such as these in the past and in each case it is the same loyal Liberals who always come to the rescue.

I feel that the new Marginal Seats Army letterboxing programme comprising of warriors loyal to one individual, that someone who is very quick to identify recalcitrants within the party. A reinvigorated Party Platform Programme designed to create the illusion of good governance. Whether, this good thing is up to the members to decide.  

We now have highly acclaimed Prospective Candidates Training Program that selects sycophants, has-beens and tired old bloods. I must confess the new recruitment literature appears very much like material from a bygone era that has been spruced up to look brand new.

Do you believe that the outgoing President should remain on the Administrative Committee for twelve months only?

It has always been excellent concept to have the skills and knowledge of a past president on hand to provide not only continuity but also a well of skills and knowledge that the incoming President can call upon. If some reason a robust discussion takes place like they often do within teams, the expertise of the past President can be called upon for their opinion. One must remember that the Administrative Committee is supposed to be a representation of the members and as such there will always be room differences of opinion.

Making changes for the sake of appearing to e seen as being proactive is simply foolish to say the least. I am of the belief that should for example Robert Clark step aside from the Presidents role, that the incoming President does not wish to have Robert Clark at his side. This is a very clever and quick political manoeuvre on behalf of individuals seeking power for the sake of power. This is a very dangerous precedent and any moves to implement will have catastrophic consequences.

Is the Liberal Party on track with their finances?

I am of the belief that despite the rhetoric, we have not addressed the party’s short term funding needs. A return of Cormack Foundation funding is good start. This was made possible by the good work of the previous President’s (Michael Kroger) hard work and personal legal funding. The funds from the sale of the previous headquarters at 104 Exhibition Street have at long last put the financial ledger in the “black”. This was only possible because of the backlash by party members who were appalled at the failure by responsible individuals.

Is the Liberal Party up to date with the latest technology?

Technology has made a remarkable quick turn around, I must say, given the new format of ‘The Loop Members Bulletin’ and a vast and dramatically improved Liberal Party web site, that has the ability to track members behavioural patterns.

Why do you believe you were targeted?                    

May I say that I believe in Liberal values, such as freedom of speech, strong family values, equal opportunities, a strong Defence Force, a competitive and viable economy, freedom of choice, fighting the good fight, helping those in need and not afraid to stand up and be counted, even if that mean criticizing those in power. In my particular case, I created my ENewsletters as a DIRECT result of the IAN QUICK EMAILS.  How Ian Quick was not admonished for using members email addresses is beyond my understanding. I on the other hand gathered my data over a twelve year period and was never admonished by any State Director until now. I guess that all in the past and we must move forward with some degree of confidence.

Is a need for a new body to be created to conduct and pass judgement on party members?

This is a good question that I can only answer as a grass roots member who has since been exonerated for expressing an opinion by writing articles criticising the leadership and responding to the disloyal Ian Quick emails.

I do not believe that a new body should be created as it will appear just like the Spanish Inquisition where one is deemed guilty before they are given the opportunity to defend themselves. Freedom o expression is of one the foundation stones that make us Australians.

Changing the Constitution and creating another body is a knee jerk reaction to what occurred at the recent State Assembly. The attitude of the President Robert Clark was indeed appalling and his behaviour in pursuing a hangman’s course on three members leaves much to be desired. In my view he is not fit to be the President. His demeanour on the night was un-Australian and unbecoming that of a President.  Despite the active behind the scenes activities to gather the required number of votes, the motion was lost even to an absent chair who for dared to criticise the leadership.  

Why did not others criticise Ian Quick when he criticised Michael Kroger. Furthermore why has there been no action taken against those accused of harassment, disloyalty and branch stacking. Therefore I am of the firm the belief that no changes at all should be made to the constitution which has stood the test of time and that the State Assembly is more than equipped to handle such matters with the support of the State Director.

What of the future?

Like with everything in this world, organisations in order to survive must build their assets, capacities, skills and resources to reach out into the community, to win the hearts, minds and votes for the Liberal cause. (This will sound familiar to many). We should therefore be working together as a team, on campaigning against Labor and the Greens and stop attacking each other. I believe that we Liberals must seek out and recruit talented and diverse new Liberal Members of Parliament into Parliament and remove those who have long sat on the benches contributing little to Victorians and the members of the Liberal party. We can no longer tolerate buffoons, scandals, inappropriate behaviour and those who do not support our Federal and State Parliamentary teams.

End of Interview.

Thank you the opportunity to express myself. It is refreshing to be able speak with you without feeling harassed, bullied or being discriminated against. I do hope that upon my return that the Victorian Liberal Party has become united and ready to win government. My intuition tells me otherwise. Thank you again for contacting me.


Peter Adamis
Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development,
Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash),
Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration,
Dip Management, Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com

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