Abalinx Newsletter 1

ABALINX NEWSLETTER 1. This is the first of many newsletters yet to come. The information provided is only as good as the sources who provide it and even then one must be cautious when taking such news on board. Today in the world of technology where Artificial Intelligence reigns supreme it is difficult to separate the truth from fiction and vice versa. Yet we shall try to remain as factual as much as possible.

WHAT HAPPENED TO KARINA OKOTEL? While I have always found her charming, invigorating, informative and very engaging; the once rising star Karina Okotel has disappeared from political view. Members are asking questions why is she is absent. Has her political that her star has dimmed, fallen or extinguished? I am told by senior Conservatives that nationally Karina had lost their support. In fact it is alleged that she had run around visiting the offices of Senators attempting to gain their support. What in fact happened was that all of the Senators being pursued abandoned her before the Federal ballot and carried only support from twenty dissident members. Some are even saying that Karina has been dealt a political snub and has been ostracised from the Liberal Party for her disloyal political behaviour. Now others in the so called know are using innuendoes, gossip, whispers to accuse her of alleged disloyalty after all her good work. It has been alleged that Karina actively worked against the past President Michael Kroger and undermined him rather than working with him. But I ask myself whether this is mere scuttlebutt and misinformation or is there more to her disappearing from the political scene.

LEADERSHIP IN QUESTION. According to one well-placed source, The Victorian Liberal Party President Robert Clark has clashed with one well known serving member over the dates of the pre-selections. During their discussion, it was alleged that Robert Clark’s reply was ”I want this out of the way as quickly as possible as the Federal Election comes first and then the State Election”. He went on to say that “all Federal pre-selections will completed in 2020 and State pre-selections in 2021” and that “those Federal MPs who are not happy they can retire”. Robert Clark was told: “I hope you get booted out the way you lost your seat”. If the allegations are true then Robert Clark’s behaviour has alienated members and are questioning his capacity to lead the party into the future.
ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE. The current Administrative Committee has unfortunately upset all the Victorian Federal Members with the decision to conduct all the pre-selections in January 2020. Yes every Victorian Liberal Party Federal Member has complained. According to well-placed sources amongst the elite members of the party, the vote was split with Michael O’Brien voting against the motion. Does this mean that Michael O’Brien is beginning to see the light and the shenanigans of those on the Administrative Committee or does it mean that the current Administrative Committee is a paper tiger lacking in leadership, ideas, strategies, policies and lost the members confidence. Is Michael Obrien distancing himself from the leadership?
STATE COUNCIL. The final Victorian Liberal Party State Council for 2019 is upon us soon and it is expected to be a robust, tiring and animated gathering of members from throughout the State. Scores to be settled behind the façade of civility, jockeying for position, making and breaking alliances and the gathering of the factional clans. In fact a fly on the wall would probably pass out from the deluge of information and decide to deposit its waste elsewhere. Still State Council has a role to play, the only time when many members from across the State are able to meet and greet and share knowledge and experiences face to face as well as meeting parliamentarians and rub shoulders with other Liberal elite. The outcomes of this State Council will soon become the catalyst for change in 2020
CONSERVATIVE HEARTLAND BEING CHALLENGED. It is alleged that Progressive Left Wing members of the party are challenging the Conservative Right in their traditional heartland. These groups of pseudo hybrid Liberals eager to wrest control use their current roles and positions by casting doubt on Federal members by bringing into question their personal lives and their recent performances. They are being influenced by the same old tired whisperers, the bush lawyers, canines and wannabee self-seeking sycophants. We shall hear of them again soon.
SALE OF LIBERAL HEADQUARTERS & CORMACK FOUNDATION. When the sale of 104 was successfully negotiated by the past President, a very healthy bank book emerged on the resignation of Michael Kroger. (Interesting to note that those who worked in undermining the past President are being coy and embarrassed by the wealth they inherited.) It is now more than twelve months since the sale and in that time those funds in the bank have not been reinvested but remain in the bank accruing a mere 2% interest. This is a disgrace and a good demonstration of poor funds management and certainly a loss of financial investment. This responsibility falls upon the shoulders of the current President, Robert Clark. Let us not forget the insidious attacks against Michael Kroger by those who should have known better when the past President successfully negotiated with the Cormack Foundation on behalf of the Liberal Party. Again this responsibility falls upon the current President Robert Clark who has so far procrastinated as leader and some say is manipulated by others. This is not the sign of good governance and throws the leadership into question as who is running the party.
RESURRECTION OF MATTHEW GUY. Should the Liberal party resurrect Matthew Guy is doing the rounds. Matthew Guy has been busy in his electorate, shoring up his defences and ensuring that his survival is intact. One is of the opinion that we shall see more of Matthew Guy in the future. We note that one of his advisers is now employed at the Administrative Tribunal along with others. This is a good thing because Matthew was being provided with false and damaging advice. With one adviser disappearing from view what of the others involved in providing poor advice. Will they simply go and allow Matthew Guy to reinvent himself. This is something that Matthew Guy can do on his own. He is after all a very smart operator. I for one would like to see Matthew Guy return to the forefront.
SCOTT MORRISION. Scott (Schomo) Morrison has defied everyone’s expectations. He has gathered around him a capable team of good men and women. He has relocated and/or given plum jobs to potential party hacks overseas posting and thus securing his survival from potential interparty strife. He comes across a very personable and much admired figure, liked by the young and the elderly. He is not afraid to tackle the challenges faced by this nation and has conducted himself well on the world stage. Schomo is not afraid to steer the good ship Australia through the muddy waters of diplomacy and has made clear Australia’s role in the Pacific regarding the trade wars between the USA and China.