Abalinx Newsletter 10

GRASS ROOTS POINT OF VIEW. At this very moment the Liberal party Victorian Division is in transition. The current President, Robert Clark and his gang of ten are on their last legs, in a vain attempt to stitch up deals and create new alliances. In each case they are failing because they have lost the confidence of members. It is a well-known paradigm that once your credibility is shattered and exposed to ridicule, the best one can do is resign and allow a new coalition of the willing to take over.
Robert Clark should take a leaf out of Sir Robert Menzies legacy and resign. Sir Robert Menzies once resigned for the good of the party and in doing so demonstrated leadership at a crucial time in the history of Australian politics. What we need now is a fighting platform that we can use as a spring board to move forward with some degree of confidence.
Factional infighting is nothing new! In 1972 the Liberal Party Federal President made a public statement shortly after the electoral defeat. Within that statement he said that: “The personal ambitions and feuds inside the Parliamentary Liberal Party since the death of Mr. Harold Holt have been deadly and destructive. That sort of conduct must be buried with the past.” Some 48 years later, what has changed?
With the imminent collapse of Robert Clark and his gang of ten on the Administrative Committee, measures must be taken to ensure the integrity of the Liberal party remains secure. Members in the electorate are seeking new leaders, hence the changes of delegates and representatives at the recent Annual General Meetings. This action by members was undertaken as a result of being neglected, their views overlooked and their volunteer status taken for granted.
The current Administration Committee under the poor leadership of Robert Clark has created an environment of fear and intimidation unprecedented in the history of the Liberal Party. In the past the major players always were able to hammer out the creases from the fabric that bound us all and as such we were united when it came to the elections. Today, what we see is interference by members of the Administrative committee with tactics that commensurate with the jack boots of a socialist regime.
We need to capture the imagination, hearts and minds of the public, especially those dissatisfied with the current Daniel Andrews Labor government and provide an alternative strong government. To achieve this, the current crop of long time Liberal party parliamentarian members should review their status and make decisions in the best interests of the party. We desperately are in need of new blood and infusion of new ideas, concepts and policies to win government. Time for a generational change.
TALL TALES, YARNS OR MERELY FIBS? Fumbler who was present & ‘in his glory’ in the Generals office on 18 December for the Maribyrnong FEC highly ‘stacked’ AGM with whole the Stackers family and extended families & associates. During one of the Fumbler’s tirades he was jumping up as speaker, happily ‘filling in every gap during vote counting breaks. He began by stating that the problem with the Liberal Party is that so many people/members are running around criticising the Party. Then he launched into the greatest scorn filled, derisive, foul attack on the previous administration stating they were totally incompetent, lost the last election for us and did untold damage to the Party. He went on to say “Thank goodness we now have finally a top rating administration under Robert Clark that is really putting it all together now and taking us on the road to success”. We heard him rant like this recently in the West at previous events and sadly, number of people in attendance believed him. To cap it off, someone in the audience waited for a gap in his tirade and said: “Mate, we came tonight to hear truth and integrity and we’re not getting any are we?” The Fumbler turned to the side and said angrily, heard by a number of witnesses, “Shut up you silly old woman, why you don’t stick your head up the bum of a bear”. Those who heard this clearly were aghast. When the attendees were leaving, the Fumbler positioned himself so that he could shake all the hands, with very big staged & trumpeted ‘Happy Christmas’ and had his white limp paw out to us. Many of us refused to take it telling him “You were heard to make very lewd disparaging remarks to a lady in the audience and we are taking it further. The Fumbler responded in a loud voice. “You can complain to whoever you like” The Fumbler then turned his back on us and went on shaking hands.
Following the recently released Federal guide for dealing with such matters we have lodged complaint. However, there are many of the grass root members who have absolutely no confidence that anything will result here in Victoria. An undertaking that Mr Fumbler will not speak to us in a bullying, intimidating, or demeaning manner again. As a consequence of this notification, he will not seek to retaliate in anyway, or encourage others, including Mrs Fumbler to do so. The Fumbler always adds at events, that members should send to him any local issues that they have and he’ll raise it in parliament. Well we have unknowingly done this in the past with an issue or two and his office doesn’t even acknowledge or give follow up on anything like this. The Fumblers office doesn’t even acknowledge or give follow up on anything like this. As for his ‘hot air’ in Parliament, as soon as he stands up, everyone, Members of Parliament and/or visitors get up for a break .and leave. Those of us who have gone to Parliament in town have seen it happen personally. The Fumbler in our opinion is an embarrassment, hopeless, banging on pointlessly. We feel that he is a lazy, stumps up, never appearing to do his research or provide information based on fact. Sheer embarrassment. We notice in the ‘Finn Review’, the Fumblers speeches full of utter drivel. He is not a good representation of what we Liberals stand for. While the General was present during the Fumblers meandering self-promotional speech a member of the audience made the following comment: “’During the Federal election, in the west, Maribyrnong was the only electorate to go backwards on results”. (It is of interest to note, that the Maribyrnong campaign, was run by none other than alleged Branch stacker along with the candidate none other than Christine Stow). The General upon hearing the comments answered by saying that, “there is always an effect like this in the seat where the leader prevails”. Campaign’s deluded management, the Stacker& shocker of a candidate who kept trading on social media promoting herself and misusing personal assets to gain sympathy which had a zero effect on the overall campaign. The Fumbler turned up at The Essendon SEC the other night on the 10 Jan in Footscray. We found it odd he didn’t interject once, very subdued and did not give his usual rant. It may have had something to do with Fred Ackerman being in the chair. Fred Ackerman had called in Helen Kroger as Returning Officer & Beverley McArthur as guest speaker. The end result was that the ‘Branch stacker’s’ numbers prevailed and now his stooges and puppets are in the Essendon SEC.
ALLEGATIONS The following allegations were provided by Liberal party members: 1. At Maribyrnong AGM held in the office of the General, a member close to the “Stacker”, on the aftermath of several glasses of red wine alleged said that “the Australian Electoral Commission was corrupt and allowed people vote more than once and to meddle with the ballot boxes”. The General was speechless and was allegedly saying that “this wasn’t possible because the AEC was in his portfolio of responsibility”. To this the member allegedly responded by telling the General: “Well you know Jack Shit”. The General went on to allegedly state that “this conversation can’t be happening in his office” and quickly left. 2. According to a source close to the incident, the Fumbler after offloading on the long time, loyal elderly Liberal woman, then turned his attention to Fred Ackerman and allegedly said: “As for you, I understand there is a fast tram coming up the street, you should go and stand in front of it”.

  1. It is alleged that the Fumbler in another incident turned to the side and angrily spoke to a member: “Shut up you silly old woman, why you don’t stick your head up the bum of a bear”. Those who heard this clearly were aghast.
  2. Heard on the grapevine that there has been a number of incidents of bullying, misconduct and harassment, of staff at Members of Parliament electoral offices, have occurred. The National Code of Conduct could not have come at a better time. There are several complaints outstanding from last 2019 that are still sitting in at 80 Collins Street, to which no response or an acknowledgement, has been received. This is not a good look for Robert Clark and his gang of ten.
    THE FUMBLER ON SOCIAL MEDIA – THURSDAY “Robert Clark is the State President of the Victorian Liberal Party. I’ve known him for close to 30 years and served with him in Parliament for 19 years, both in Government and Opposition. He is a man of complete honesty and integrity. When he tells you something, you know it’s true. He also has an intellect that can best be described with that all too often used word, awesome. Robert is principled and courageous. He has none of the ego problems often seen in people at the top. He’s down to earth and modest to a fault. In short, if everybody in politics was like him, politics wouldn’t have the bad name it does. When he became a shock victim of the 2018 election campaign debacle, he would have been well within his rights to pack the caravan and head north. Instead, he listened to the pleas of grassroots party members and took on the presidency of the party. He inherited a basket case. With just a few months to turn things around before the federal election, Robert immediately instituted change and put in place a campaign team that delivered a result that was way and above beyond anything anyone in the entire nation expected from Victoria. Without those changes, “Bull Shitten” would now be in The Lodge. It’s not exaggerating to say Robert Clark was largely responsible for saving the Morrison Government. Since then, Robert has worked to return democracy to the Victorian Division and destroy the toxic culture of the previous administration. Those now plotting to undermine and remove Robert should consider all this and have a good, hard look at themselves. If they continue to put their own interests before what is best for the party, we will all too soon return to the failure that delivered us the 2018 thumping – with the promise of more to come!” GRASS ROOTS RESPONSES TO FUMBLER Preselection coming up soon Fumbler? You have been spinning out of control, with friends like this! Your paid advertisement is a tad hypocritical and desperate and we wonder who’s protecting who? You state you have known him for 30 years! Perhaps you’ve been there too long! Perhaps you need to reflect on the past and see your errant ways have not been a positive effect on the new generation. For goodness sake, Robert Clark lost his seat after nearly 30 years; he can’t be that good at his job! Get a real job Fumbler, you are a disgrace. Fair go Fumbler! Didn’t Scott Morrison PM, the Victorian federal members including Josh Frydenberg, Greg Hunt, Dan Tehan, Alan Tudge and team, Acting State Director Simon Frost, & Queensland have something to do with the Morrison government’s miracle win? Not to forget the Bill we couldn’t afford catastrophic campaign performance! The Fumbler is renowned for proffering similar references for Party leaders and presidents over many years, only to roundly dump them later and besmirch their record. Watch out Clarky! (A little bit of gratuitous advice for the Fumbler: it’s often best to keep quiet, especially when things are going from bad to worse for you and your team!) SOCIAL MEDIA SNIPPETS FROM THE DARK SIDE To be fair and transparent, selected snippets of social media are added occasionally. It is interesting to read their comments and to understand what their motives, ambitions and what they are trying to achieve.
    THE DARK SIDE LEFT WING LOONIES. Mainly found amongst the river banks of the Yarra River. Homeless and seeking shelter from the Greenies who seduce them with their climate change scenarios. FALLEN STARS. Found on the Dark side of the galaxy where man fears to tread. Known to frequent black holes when their star has diminished and no longer of any use. Fallen stars are known to explode spontaneously and fade away when discovered unstable. RAINBOW WARRIORS. Those who chase rainbows, prancing amongst the meadows with the elves, fairies, gnomes and Tinkerbells. Known to hide amongst the toadstools. Whisperers, Fumblers and Platypus on-liners are known associates of Rainbow warriors. JANUS SYCHOPHANTS. A Janus Sycophant is a mindless two faced drone prone to making silly errors of judgement, silly political statements. Outrageous social media comments and in general an uncouth bunch that congregate in the Moonee Ponds region in late January of each year. PSEUDO LIBERALS. Considered a dangerous species. They infiltrate traditional havens of Liberals and create chaos and mayhem. Know to distribute misinformation and disinformation. Can be recognised by the bleeding heart profiles. WANNABEE ACOLYTES. Acolytes are those who hang on the coat tails of those in power and seek favours for their misdeeds. Known to frequent the corridors of power, offices of the Generals, the Fumblers, and occasionally found in the scrub amongst the carnivorous dingos. Approach with caution. HYENAS & DINGOES. Carnivorous and cannibalistic in nature. Dingos are native to the country areas while their Hyena cousins have been imported through several illegal means. An active bunch of predators that seek out fallen stars, failed fumblers and rotten and corrupt political meat eaters. Their bark is worse than their bite.
    COMING SOON LIBERAL GRASS ROOT GRAPE VINE ALTERNATIVE NEWS Every year Senator Scott Ryan’s Australia Day BBQ in the Moonee Ponds region. It was the only time Victorian Dark Side members could meet up with others and find out what was happening in the party. The Dark Side were advised that the BBQ has been postponed, not cancelled and possibly held in March due to the lack of interest. Free food is never cheap, but political fibs and yarns are!
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  3. If what is being distributed in your ENewsletters is true then we as Liberals in Victoria ae finished as a political force.
  4. I have received a telephone call from Grant Hutchison attempting to persuade me to complain about your ENewsletters, but I refused on the basis that it is one person’s opinion and should not be censored. This is a free country and people in power need to be held accountable.
  5. I don’t who you are, but thank you bringing these matters to my attention. You are like a breath of fresh air providing me with information that is not readily available except when friends visit me at home. Thank you ever so much.
  6. The Liberal Party is not the Progressive party and it is not the Conservative party. Modern or New Liberals, Liberal Conservatives etc are all welcome though. The Liberal Party is a mainstream party and is most successful when it embraces freedom, free enterprise and social equality. It really is as simple as that. The Liberal Party will not be successful when splinter groups Left, Right, Progressive, Conservative, religious, anti-religious etc attempt to take over the Party.
  7. Robert Clark served Victoria as a Minister well, but in my opinion is out of his depth and lacks the charisma and skills to lead the Liberal Party to government. I believe that for the good of the party he should resign. I don’t know the others on the Administrative Committee and cannot comment on their knowledge.
  8. Who does Karina Okotel think she is? She is not above everyone else. I am disappointed by her turncoat behaviour. She should consider another line of work.
  9. Why don’t you ask the current administration how many functions have been conducted, how many events have attracted campaign funds and who is responsible for investing our funds.
  10. Whoever this bloke Ian Quick is, he is not convincing anyone that early pre-selections are a good idea. He is not an employer, not a businessman. What does he do for a job, I wonder? Does he not know of the potential damage to the party when electorate boundaries change? Who in his right is going to release employees for such long periods to campaign months if not years ahead of an election? What about those Members of Parliament that find they have lost a preselection, what is their incentive to perform. None. Think again Mr. Quick.
  11. The State Director sent an email to members regarding the National Code of Conduct. Maybe he should send it to a certain parliamentarian in the Upper House to stop his foolishness and boorish behaviour. That member is an absolute disgrace the way he carries on in public and disrespects Liberal Party volunteers. 10. Religion is one thing, ambition is another. Christianity and Conservatism are not the same thing, Using Christianity as a political vehicle and what ever happened to the Victorian Division? I say never judge a book by its cover, but I am in two minds about Karina Okotel. She should take a break from politics and review what she wants from life.
  12. We are both stunned that in a country with the freedom to practice religion, the vilification of those who choose to. Let alone within our own party. Like family we can agree to disagree but at the end of the day we are united as members of the Liberal party. We have religious and non-religious members who in reality should all be on the same side.
  13. Has anybody bothered to ask what the Membership levels was prior to the State and Federal Elections? At what level are they now? It would be an interesting exercise just to find out.