Abalinx Newsletter 11

GRASS ROOT MEMBERS. Grass root members seeking urgent support for third & final requisition for special state council meeting. A special state council meeting must be held to allow the Victorian Division to remove the gang of ten currently riding roughshod over the Constitution, and allow the Party begin governing itself again As you will be aware, the Administrative Committee, by a majority of one, (10/9) has dismissed the two previous Requisitions from members for a Special State Council Meeting, concerning the unhelpful, unnecessary and unprecedented early preselection timetable for Victorian Liberal-held federal seats. In dismissing the requisitions, the Administrative Committee has relied upon particular interpretations of the Constitution, suited to the Administrative Committee’s purpose of denying Members their rights to a Special State Council Meeting under the Constitution 11.10. Through interpreting the Constitution in this manner, and in acting in this way, the Administrative Committee is also going against the spirit of the Constitution, and indeed that of a volunteer member organisation. The Administrative Committee is striking at the very foundations of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party in an unreasonable, irresponsible and unprecedented manner. Hence the need for this third and final requisition.

  • Allegations of a member of parliament found drunk and heard threatening to put two high profile young Liberals up against the wall and ????
  • Allegations of a member of the Administrative Committee seeking to investigate long time members of the Liberal Party. Apparently the member is a Rainbow Warrior and one of the Janus Sycophant supporter..
    REASONS FOR A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE. Victorian Liberal Party members have absolutely no confidence in the current Administrative Committee. As stated in the above The first rule of politics is to show that you can govern yourselves. A Special State Council Meeting must be held to allow the Victorian Division to remove the gang of ten currently riding roughshod over the Constitution, thereby allowing the Party to begin governing itself properly once more. The situation the Victorian Division currently finds itself in is calamitous. Fundamentally, a gang of ten (President, Robert Clark; VPs, Holly Byrne, Ian Quick, Amy Johnson and Matt Makin; Treasurer, Owen Guest; Members, Cassandra Marr, Sean Armistead, Karen Egan and Russell Joseph) are exercising their vote to defy the provision in the Constitution (Clause 11.10) for the calling of a Special State Council Meeting (10/9). It really is as simple as that. Any commentary to the contrary by the gang of ten, and/or their supporters, is designed to obfuscate the situation with extraneous information making it deliberately confusing, and therefore difficult to understand. To recap, the Administrative Committee, by a slim majority of one, determined to open pre-selections for Victorian Liberal-held Federal seats on Wednesday 15 January, just eight months into the current term of government. For all the reasons outlined elsewhere, this extraordinarily early and unprecedented opening of pre-selections by the gang of ten, has caused much consternation and anger within the Victorian Division. Tellingly, it is not possible to find any support within the Victorian Division for the extraordinarily early opening of pre-selections, other than from the gang of ten, and of course, their small band of obsequious supporters. The State Director, and in turn, the Administrative Committee have previously been presented with two Requisitions for a Special State Council Meeting regarding the extraordinarily early federal pre-selections, both of which were disallowed by the Administrative Committee. A third and final requisition has now been submitted to the State Director for presentation to the Administrative Committee. More about that later. In disallowing the first two requisitions to hold a Special State Council Meeting, the Administrative Committee has overridden the Special State Council provision in the Constitution, (Clause 11.10) and even more alarmingly, has usurped State Council’s legitimate and superior Constitutional power. In light of the above, the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party is in paralysis and verging on anarchy. As if that was not enough, we now hear that the gang of ten is considering abandoning the regular State Council and AGM currently scheduled for 23-24 May 2020. In this manner the current Administrative Committee would continue to hold office for a further twelve months, or more. Readers of the Abalinx ENewsletter may say that this is not possible, however there is nothing to stop them. The third and final requisition for a Special State Council Meeting, actions the ultimate and final step available to Members; a motion of no confidence in the Administrative Committee, the removal of the Administrative Committee, and the election of a new Administrative Committee. These are uncharted waters for the Party, however in light of the unreasonable and unconstitutional actions of the gang of ten, unavoidable. Readers of the Abalinx ENewsletter will recall that Robert Clark and the gang of ten, and their supporters, pledged at the 2019 Administrative Committee elections, to unite the Victorian Division and to provide good governance. They have failed dismally on both counts. As has been reported elsewhere, the actions and inaction, of the gang of ten are consistent, if nothing else. Led by President Robert Clark, the Administrative Committee has failed at every turn. Particularly, and shamefully, they have not done a single thing towards winning votes in Victoria for the 2022 federal and state elections. Meanwhile, all other areas of operation including stewardship, policy development, membership retention and recruitment, fundraising, finance, office accommodation etc are moribund. Senior members of the Party were concerned when Robert Clark and his gang of ten were elected to the Administrative Committee, believing that they were very inexperienced in Party matters and did not have the capacity to lead the Party. Sadly, their observations have proven to be correct. Worse still, Robert Clark and his gang of ten have been found to be a nasty group of individuals, wreckers, hell bent on destroying all that is/was good about the Victoria Division. Their legacy will be that of a Division in a complete shambles requiring nothing short of a miracle to restore it to its former glory. Robert Clark’s leadership as president has been abysmal. He will go down in the history of the Victorian Division as the worst president ever. He should resign. The sooner we see the backs of Robert Clark and his gang of ten the better.
    FROM: STATE DIRECTOR Dear Mr Adamis I write to draw your attention to the recently adopted National Code of Conduct for members of the Liberal Party. The National Code of Conduct can be found here. National Code of Conduct. Unsolicited circulars distributed recently under the title “Abalinx Newsletter” would appear from time to time not to meet the standard prescribed in the National Code of Conduct. I am in receipt of a number of complaints with regard to a number of these circulars and will be reviewing these complaints in the coming days. I ask you to familiarise yourself with the National Code of Conduct to ensure that you at all times act in manner that is compliant with this code. Regards Sam McQuestin State Director —————————————————————————————————————
  • FROM: ABALINX ENEWS Dear Mr. McQuestin, Thank you for your email regarding the “National” Code of Conduct. I realise that you have inherited a difficult job and that you are bound by the terms of your contract. I have included for your information the Abalinx ENewsletters Code of Conduct Charter, which you should familiarise yourself with. In view of alleged complaints, please confirm to me that similar letters have also been written by you to Mr. Ian Quick, and to Mr. Robert Clark. Mr. Ian Quick over his numerous emails to members and Mr. Robert Clark for his misleading texts and messages he is sending to party members. In addition to the above, what action or what are you doing about the bullying allegations of party members by Mr. Bernie Finn. Furthermore, please demonstrate to me exactly, what material contravenes the National Code of Conduct in the Abalinx ENews Letters Thank you in anticipation Peter Adamis Director Abalinx & Associates
    Sean Armistead – Mimmie Claudine Chi Watts. I would have entered the fray, however I was dropped from Web warriors as well. Ignore the small group who seem to highlight African rather than crime, they don’t get, they never will.
    They of course are entitled to their opinion but it does hurt when we think crime can be compartmentalised by skin colour, religion. In fact geography, family structure and access to economy can be greater determinations for potential issues of criminality. Stay, we need amazing people like you in the party who are incredible community leaders.
    Karina Okotel. Please remember that our President Robert Clark, is a volunteer. For him in particular to be criticised for being a Christian is appalling. If you are a fellow Christian, please remember to uphold Robert in your prayers.
    Christine Stow. Why is this grub allowed to stay in the party?
    Dale Sheehan. Relevance Deprivation Syndrome… Desperate desperates!!. Need to take a bex and a good lie down!!! Go home and take the old sheila with you!! Karina Okotel. It is time that those to follow Jesus are no longer discriminated against our Party. Robert Clark, Bernie Finn MP, Grant Hutchinson, Kyle Hoppitt, Bill Rizopoulos and I for amongst other things being “Evangelicals” and “Christians”
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  • A National Code of Conduct was circulated Friday 17 January by new State Director Sam McQuestin. And not before time! “Member(s) of the Liberal Party should treat others with dignity, courtesy and respect. A great initiative and not before time.
  • Worryingly for the Liberal Party, it has been alleged that the Okotel sub-faction, under the spiritual leadership of her mentor, began conducting prayer meetings to pray for non-Conservative Party members. Is she for real?
  • If Own Guest is the Treasurer, what action has he taken regarding our investments and what has he produced to date regarding attracting sponsors and creating much needed capital for future campaign funds.
  • It is not often in modern day politics that you find a person who is the complete package: an honest and sincere family person, a young mother, a Christian who lives by Christian ideals, a conservative, a charismatic leader, an excellent communicator, someone committed to the Liberal philosophy, and photogenic. Was Karina Okotel that person or has she fooled us all.
  • The Liberal Party is not the Progressive party and it is not the Conservative party. Modern or New Liberals. It is a broad church that welcomes everyone. The Liberal Party is a mainstream party and is most successful when it embraces freedom, free enterprise and social equality. It really is as simple as that. The Liberal Party will not be successful when splinter groups Left, Right, Progressive, Conservative, religious, anti-religious etc attempt to take over the Party.
  • My wife and I enjoy your ENewsletters Peter, they make us both laugh and very different from the sanitised version that are fed to us through the Liberal party “In the Loop. Well done. Keep it up. Your ENewsletters are far better that those sent to us by Mr. Ian Quick.
  • Liberals should take a leaf out of Labor’s campaign theme: IT’S TIME. Yes it’s time we got rid of Robert Clark and his gangly crew he calls the Administrative Committee. I have had a gutful of the intimidation and threatening phone calls. This is not North Korea. Get on with the bloody job of winning government.
  • I find this all amusing to be honest with you. During the reign of Michael Kroger et al, those of the Progressive Left and Socialist were attacking the leadership and blaming Michael Kroger and Matthew Guy for everything. They attacked them on their campaign structure, they attacked them on the Cormack legal case, they attacked anyone who was associated with them and now we have these same individuals keeping Mum about the activities of Robert Clark and his supporters. I am not sure if Michael Kroger was dealt a bad hand in the first place.
  • All of a sudden everyone has gone quiet ever since Abalinx ENews letters were being distributed. Why is that so? Why have all the so called factions gone underground? Are they conducting irregular warfare because they are unable to silence Abalinx ENews contributors? It is plain to see that the grass root members had enough of the over bearing and intimidating attitude of the current leadership and Administrative Committee. What are we stupid? There are thousands of us who are professionals, work on the land, tradies, business individuals and entrepreneurs waiting for a leader to unite everyone. If Ian Quick had not begun his silly little email correspondence attacking other members, maybe, there would not be a need for the Abalinx ENewsletters.
  • It was only 12 months ago ‘Okotel’s Faction’ candidate Kyle Hoppitt was telling Latrobe Liberal he would challenge Jason Wood. Good to see his change in political affiliations, supporting Jason and grinning with his staff and local young liberals. Congratulations to Kyle for leaving the ‘Okotel Faction’, a smart New Year’s resolution.