Abalinx Newsletter 12

Dear Member,
I wrote to you previously about two requisitions the Party has received seeking a special meeting of State Council to overturn the current pre-selections processes for Liberal-held seats and to delay a start to pre-selections for any Federal seats until September.
A third requisition. The Party how now received a third requisition from the same requisition organisers. Proposals in this requisition included to dismiss all members of the Administrative Committee and replace them with new persons to be elected on the spot, and to prohibit any Party spending on holding any required pre-selection conventions, including threatening not to pay the wages of any Party staff for working at a pre-selection convention. I am setting out the full text of this requisition’s proposed motions at the end of this email. In my view as President, the behaviour of the organisers of these multiple requisitions is becoming increasingly wild and irresponsible. The proposal to deny wages to Party staff should be condemned by all decent and fair-minded Party members. I am confident that many persons who were persuaded to sign the requisition were not aware that the requisition threatened Party staff in this way. The Constitutional Committee has now provided initial advice that many of the motions proposed by the latest requisitions, including the threat to Party staff, are unconstitutional. However, the Committee has advised that three of the proposed motions are valid, namely:
a motion to amend the Party’s constitution to scrap the current preselection process and require those pre-selections to be held again in September, and to prohibit any other Federal pre-selections being started until September,
a motion declaring support for good governance, effective election preparations and the experience of Liberal MPs, and a motion of no confidence in the Administrative Committee.
Setting a date. Accordingly, it is necessary to hold a special meeting of State Council on the valid aspects of these requisitions. The lodging of a further requisition has forced a delay in the calling of a meeting, but fortunately it will be possible to consider the valid aspects of both requisitions at a single meeting, thus avoiding the expense and inconvenience of holding multiple State Council meetings unless more requisitions are lodged.
It is Alleged that someone has been fiddling with the Annual General Meeting Delegates returns. Allegations of closed envelopes being opened and tampered with prior to their submission to the State Director. Naughty naught to those recalcitrant sychophants.
It is alleged that members of the current Administrative Committee have intimidated members via telephone calls. Naughty naughty to those individuals. Don’t they know that mobile phones and answering machines are able to record conversations.
It is alleged that a staff member was set up and removed on pretext of disloyalty and standing up for themselves. That naughty Member of Parliament responsible should be ashamed of themselves.
It is alleged that a senior party member and a current sitting member of Parliament were involved in a conspiracy to funnel tens of thousands of dollars through a party members business to circumvent electoral commission rules. Very naughty people! Abalinx ENews is currently investigating these allegations and will provide details when all the facts have been confirmed. ABALINX ENEWS LETTERS ARE IN RESPONSE TO THE IAN QUICK EMAILS TO MEMBERS FOR HIS ALTERNATIVE VIEWS
The State Director is currently making inquiries as to the availability of various possible venues on the short notice involved, while trying to avoid clashes with other upcoming Party meetings such as the Young Liberal Movement AGM and the Eastern Metropolitan Region casual vacancy convention. I recommend that State Council delegates aim to keep their next few weekends as free as they are able, and make arrangements to appoint a proxy if unable to attend in person.
The issues at stake. The Administrative Committee remains committed to winning more Federal seats in Victoria than just the 12 of 38 seats that we currently hold, and to holding pre-selections on timelines that will maximise the campaigning time available for our target seat candidates. It is hard to see a good reason to cancel all current pre-selections at this late stage and then re-commence them again just seven months later. The Administrative Committee considers it vital that the Party reaffirms its commitment to open and fair pre-selection processes decided on in the best interests of the Party as a whole, and recommends that delegates vote against any move to amend our constitution to overturn and delay Federal pre-selections. This upcoming special State Council will be making crucial decisions about the future of pre-selections and the future direction our Party. I urge all delegates to make every effort to attend and have your say.
Regards, Hon Robert Clark State President Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)
(Note: Copies of the Constitutional Committee’s advice on the first and second requisitions are available on the Party’s web site. It is expected that a copy of the Committee’s advice on the third requisition will be made available after the completed advice has been received.) THIRD REQUISITION’S MOTIONS FOR SPECIAL MEETING OF STATE COUNCIL Motion 1. This State Council affirms that: a) the good governance of the Liberal Party is of great importance; b) effective preparations for the upcoming federal and State elections are critical; and c) our Federal and State Parliamentary teams have considerable experience, and their advice on election preparations should be listened to carefully. Motion 2. This State Council, pursuant to clause 18.2 of the Constitution, directs that the State Finance Committee must not pay, incur, or approve any expenditure (or obligation to incur any expenditure) relating to or in any way connected with the holding of pre-selections for Federal Seats prior to September 2020, including (without limitation) in relation to:
a) hiring a venue or venues to hold such pre-selections; b) printing notices or other materials in relation to such pre-selections; or c) making payments to any members of the Party’s Secretariat (or other persons) who purport to conduct or assist in the conducting of any such pre-selections (including the re-imbursement of costs or expenses, or the payment of wages or salaries), and any such approval (including any approval provided prior to the adoption of this motion) is void. Motion 3. This State Council resolves that it has no confidence in the Administrative Committee as presently constituted.
Motion 4. This State Council resolves and directs that all positions on the Administrative Committee elected pursuant to clauses 11.2 and 11.3 of the Constitution be and are vacated, with those members automatically removed from the positions to which they were elected under clauses 11.2 and 11.3 of the Constitution.
Motion 5. This State Council resolves and directs that any positions on the Administrative Committee vacated by this State Council be filled by elections to be held forthwith at this State Council under the supervision of the State Director as returning officer, with nominations for the vacated positions accepted from the floor of State Council.
ABALINX ANALYSIS OF ROBERT CLARKS EMAIL. In essence it means that any decisions being made at the Special State Council are not binding. Not only is this scandalous but a breach of the constitution and a mockery of the democratic system. This Administrative Committee should hang their heads in shame and resign immediately. They have failed miserably the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party members. Robert Clarks only achievement is starting a war with the Prime Minister.
The purposes of the Party should be reviewed and defined. In this, the Division must review its current committees system and their composition. The Division has too many committees and they seem to be devoid of any proper purpose or operating towards a defined set of aims and aspirations.
The purposes of the Administrative Committee, its political and administrative responsibilities should be defined clearly and this depends on what the legal/corporate structure of the Division will be. At present, the Administrative Committee, the main governing arm of Division, seems disjointed and at times perceived to be hostile to the members always fractured. The current members on the Administrative Committee, spurred on by the frequency of the internal early pre-selection electoral cycle and at odds with the membership base appear to be always pursuing their own personal and factional interests and aims.
The role, composition and appointments to the Constitutional Committee must be reviewed and defined clearly. This committee is charged with providing advice and assistance to the administration concerning possible reform and ‘advice’ on the meaning and function of the Division’s Constitution.
In the past, it has functioned well, but in recent years, its function has lessened and diminished providing compliant ‘advice’ to the various factional controllers in office at particular times. Its advice at times has been wrong or tainted to accord to the need of one faction to assert its control over another. In the long term, it is not functioning as a key fount of considered opinion upholding the general interests of the membership as required by the Constitution.
Largely, the manner in which changes or ‘add-ons’ to the Constitution (amendments) have been drafted and worded have contributed to the dysfunction of the Constitution at crucial times. This Committee is in urgent need of reform. The Division has to resolve whether its function is to ‘judicial and advisory’ or purely political as is currently the situation.
Organisational structure. The Party’s Constitution in Clause 13.4 states that “Subject to the direction of State Council, the Administrative Committee shall conduct the business and affairs of the Party other than policy formulation in conformity with the spirit of the policy and the Platform of the Party and shall have such other powers and functions as may be conferred upon it from time to time by State Council”.
Therefore, State Council must be regarded as the supreme governing body of the Party. However. The perception amongst members is that “Admin” and the Secretariat control the Party. This is further exemplified in various handbooks and materials for office bearers and new members as shown below.
While the following text goes on to remark that a t a state-wide level, the Party is administered by its State Council and the Administrative Committee led by the State President, the current organisational structure is unclear and confusing.

  1. Liberalism looks to each individual as its primary concern.
  2. The State exists to serve the individual.
  3. Liberalism aims to develop a free society in which human personality and initiatives may flourish.
  4. It recognises that talents and aspirations are diverse and seeks to create equality of opportunity so that individuals may seek fulfilment.
  5. It cherishes human freedom and seeks to preserve the maximum individual freedoms compatible with the rights of others.
  6. It recognises the creative and strengthening qualities of human endeavour and seeks to stimulate the competitive spirit.
  7. It recognises, too, the need for material well-being but places emphasis upon the development of spiritual and moral values and those qualities which enlarge mankind’s vision.
    Our system of government is one of checks and balances. It requires compromise… compromise between the Executive and the Parliament, compromise between one house and another, compromise between the States and the Commonwealth and compromise between groups of persons with legitimate interests and other groups of legitimate interests.
    There is room for compromise… indeed demand for it…in a system of checks and balances. Peter Costello.
    Strategic management. The Division lacks a strategic plan and so seems to act in a rudderless fashion with much reactive rather than proactive management. To ensure a strategic plan is successfully implemented, the organisation’s “state of readiness” must be evaluated. This involves assessing the existence of:
  8. A strong organisational vision, 2. The necessary skills of staff, volunteer office bearers and grassroots members,
  9. Incentives to act,
  10. The resources necessary to accomplish the task, both financial and non-financial, and
  11. A clear action plan to accomplish the strategy.
    The following gap analysis is presented below to outline the results where there are missing components.
    If all these components are in place, assuming there are no changes in environment, competition and political landscape, success is more likely to be achieved. Without a clear vision, confusion over where and why the strategy is important may result. Without the necessary skill sets, staff and volunteers may feel anxious about their ability to accomplish the task. Without incentives to act, at best, gradual change may occur.
    Without the necessary resources to implement the strategy, frustration may occur. Finally, without a solid action plan that provides clear direction for the organisation and its many electorate conferences and branches, there are likely to be many false starts. In fact any groups within the organisation will have difficulty coordinating their efforts, overcoming role conflict and maintaining a focused effort without appropriate leadership and political direction. MORE TO COME – NEXT ENEWS LETTER

False Starts It has been a long time, more than a year, since I last sent out a newsletter. Until recently, there hasn’t been much of a need, as we have a much better Party President – Robert Clark. Ian Quick 15 December 2019
Are we Victorian Liberals just a bunch of losers? Robert Clark (29 November 2018)
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The price of freedom from corruption is also eternal vigilance. Robert Clark 22 November 2018
When the disastrous pre-selection commence their will much expected unclaimed pre-selection baggage. Will those responsible remain to gather up the luggage, that is the question!!!!!!!!!
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The price of democracy is eternal diligence. Robert Clark 6 November 2018
From: Sam McQuestin – STATE DIRECTOR To: [email protected] Date: 29 January 2020
Administrative Committee will be considering at its meeting on Thursday whether to refer you to State Assembly on account of material about other Party members contained in your recent newsletters. As a result you have a right to be heard either through attendance at the meeting or through remote participation by video-link or dial-in.
Could you please let me know should you wish to exercise the right to be heard. The Administrative Committee meeting will be at the Secretariat offices, level 2, 60 Collins Street from 7pm on Thursday (tomorrow). Should you have any queries about this process please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Sam McQuestin
State Director
Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)
========================================================================================================== From:[email protected] – ABALINX ENEWS LETTERS To: Sam McQuestin Date: 29 January 2020 Dear Mr. McQuestin, Thank you for your message, I note your correspondence. Unfortunately, due to the complete absence of notice of the specific allegations against me, the lack of time to prepare a response after taking advice and personal commitments to provide care of my mother who is unwell, I am not in a position to attend the meeting. Please note that I have yet to receive a response from you regarding the actions being taken in relation to my concerns that I and other members have reported to you concerning Mr. Ian Quick, Mr. Robert Clark and Mr Bernie Finn. As they clearly have an irreconcilable personal conflict of interest, it would be improper for any of these to participate in any way with any decision relating to any allegations they have caused to be made against me. It does seem to me that any reasonable person would regard this Star Chamber as having all the hallmarks of a factional stitch-up by people with an axe to grind. Any comments I have made relate solely to my legitimate and protected opinion of the antics of these persons who are breaching their fiduciary and moral obligations to the membership at large. As office-bearers of the Party holding a position of great trust, they should be open to robust criticism and welcome active member involvement. Instead, they are hurtling the Party towards an abyss. It horrifies me that their twisted interpretation of the Constitution is such as to preclude any right of the membership to hold them to account and overturn their factionally inspired destruction of the Federal Parliamentary Party. It is they, not I, who are bringing the Party into disrepute. It pains me that a professional such as you is forced to act against the interests of the Party by the vindictive petty little Idi Amins who have temporarily levered themselves into positions of ostensible authority. I look forward to the State Council meeting where they will be consigned to a sad footnote in the otherwise proud history of the Victorian Division of which I have been a member longer than almost all of them. Yours sincerely Peter Adamis Director Abalinx & Associates
To ensure transparency and fair play, we seek member’s contributions. By using the Abalinx ENewsletter charter as a guide, keep comments short and simple without provocation, malicious language or anything of a defamatory nature and they shall be published. Your views are important. Please address them to Abalinx ENewsletter at: [email protected] This is your chance to express your views. Contributor’s names will not be published if requested. All Abalinx ENewsletters may be found at abalinx.comDue to an increase in feedback we have incorporated as many feedback comments as humanly possible. We apologise for not including everyone’s contributions.

  1. Grant’s Liberal Party friends are: Karina Okotel, Joshua Bonney, Bill Rizopoulos, Kyle Hoppit, Christine Stow, Jan Millard, Moira Deeming, Andrew Deeming, Bernie Finn, Cathy Finn, Scott Ryan, Michael Horner, Frank Greenstein, Fran Henderson and Anthony Mitchell. Grant appears to have little knowledge of, or commitment to, Liberal ideals.
  2. Grant has a particular interest in the West, where he hangs around in Maribyrnong and Essendon in particular, with Billy the branch-stacker Rizopoulos. Often with Karina Okotel and Joshua Bonney in toe.
  3. Thank you for your Abalinx ENewsletters without which members wouldn’t a clue what’s happening in the Liberal Party today. The Party’s official bulletin In the Loop has never been much good, but lately it has become a repetitive and stale. Week after week the same tired old notices reappear. Keep up the good work!
  4. If what you have written about Karina Okotel and Grant Hutchinson is true, surely they should be expelled from the Liberal Party for bringing the Party into disrepute.
  5. Grant was sponsored into Liberal Party committee work, and subsequently the administrative committee as Metropolitan Male VP, to fill a casual vacancy, by Karina Okotel. Grant won the casual election for VP late 2018 as the Karina Okotel candidate, whereby Karina stitched up an unholy preference deal with the Scott Ryan faction and Quickie to get Grant up. Three more unlikely bedfellows one couldn’t imagine. Surprisingly they are still all together to this day.
  6. Thank you for your ENewsletters, especially the ones about Karina Okotel and Grant Hutchinson. I have been a party member for a long time and have worked at most levels, including as a candidate. I have contributed substantially in time, money and other resources, and to think that people like Karina and Grant have conducted themselves in this appalling way disgusts me enormously.
  7. Heard that Senator Scott Ryan’s Australia Day barbecue was cancelled due to a lack of interest. The Senator’s staff have been phoning around members who registered to attend, advising them of the new date of Sunday 8 March. They have also been phoning regular attendees who hadn’t registered, asking why not, and encouraging them to register for the new date. Meanwhile, for anyone confused, Australia Day is still on 26 January!
  8. Disappointed to read what is happening in the Liberal party I must say. We should be united and working together and not at each other’s throats.
  9. Ever since Abalinx ENews has been created, social media groups have stopped communicating because they fear they have been infiltrated. I guess that what happens when members become angry hurt and let down, they retaliate to those intent on creating mischief. Ian Quick is one of them. He should just go away and leave the Liberal party.
  10. The ongoing failure of the Admin Committee, and the State Director, to schedule the Special State Council meeting, following three requisitions, means that the Party is in a permanent state of paralysis. 11. Tired of the current Admin Committee, and the parlous State of the Party, State Assembly delegates are considering demonstrating their disgust by staying away from State Assembly meetings until the state council special meeting is held.
  11. To think that Karina Okotel, Joshua Bonney, Grant Hutchinson, Bill Rizopoulos and crazy supporters, were plotting to take over the Liberal Party and turn it into their own rabid right wing ultra-Conservative Party. Frightening!