Abalinx Newsletter 13

From: Sam McQuestin
To: [email protected] Date: 31 January 2020 Dear Mr Adamis I again remind you that as a member of the Liberal party you are bound by the Party’s Code of Conduct. You are hereby instructed to remove from your web site, or any public platform, forthwith all material that is, or may be considered to be defamatory, denigrating or harassing of other Party members or otherwise in breach of the National Code of Conduct, and to cease sending any further such material to Party members. The National Code of Conduct can be found here. Again I ask that you familiarise yourself with the code ensure that your actions are not in breach of the code. Regards Sam McQuestin State Director ===========================================================================

From: Abalinx ENews
To: State Director Date: 31 January 2020 Dear State Director I am very confused by your email. No one has had the courtesy to contact me and point out to me any comment about them or a colleague they find incorrect or in breach of the Code. Please advise with specificity the particular comment or comments that you have been instructed fall(s) outside the rights of all members to engage in robust exchanges of views and expression of honestly held opinion. Please state explicitly for each comment the person you believe the comment relates to, their role in the Party, the provision of the Code that the comment infringes and what it is about each comment that causes it to fall outside the National Code of Conduct. Please explain why it does so and what could be done to alter the comment so it does not breach the Code. It seems to me that in circumstances where a special State Council is being convened to consider whether it lacks confidence in the Administrative Committee that it would be completely at variance with the intent and purposes of the Constitution for vigorous animated debate to be curtailed. I am all in favour of the Code protecting those without a voice or power but it ought not be used by the powerful or in authority (or pulling the strings behind the scenes) to stifle criticism of their actions. This would be breathtakingly hypocritical, completely at odds with its stated objective and offensive to party members. If my written comments have hurt the feelings of anyone who falls within the category of an innocent victim, I will promptly and wholeheartedly retract any comment and apologize for it. Yours sincerely Peter Adamis Director Abalinx & Associates
It has been alleged that as that a female adviser left a State parliamentarians electorate office as a result of harassment and bullying issues by two male colleagues. One colleague is now working at the Administrative Tribunal and the other has found employment elsewhere. Some are rewarded and others left out to pasture.
All of a sudden the political social media chat groups went quiet. I am not surprised. Had they not realised that they had been infiltrated some months before. Have they not heard what a honey pot is? Don’t they realise that there are numerous pseudo profiles in existence.
ENews has been advised that there is a problem in McEwen. There are some people fence-sitting and causing grief. There is one lady in particular who runs a “very successful” International Women’s organisation, but it is not registered.
It does look like she is desperate to suck money out of any source she can. She has got herself elected into a responsible position that enables her to extract membership details and use them for commercial business purposes.
We believe that she is working to get people onto Scott Ryan’s group. She is definitely in cahoots with Dingo that country canine. She appears to dislike the General, and prefers Super Quick and the Fumbler. It was so good to tip Bernie Finn out of the Sunbury SEC.
A member who reported the abuse directed at him over the past Electorate year did not receive a response at all from the Secretariat. Another example of poor governance on the part of Robert Clark and his gang of ten. Grant Hutchison aka the ‘Prophet’ has continued to contact members of the party drumming up support the distribution of the ENewsletters. The responses he expected from members were not compatible with his ideology and political views. Members are questioning the wisdom of the President and that of the Liberal party’s Treasure regarding financial investments. Just who is running Victoria/ One thing that comes up at some meetings is the sale of 104. Mr. Robert Clarke was presented with a gift of $37 million. This money has not been wisely invested, and interest gained from the funds, does not cover the rental on 60 Collins Street. Thus, it is no longer $37 million. Members are perplexed at remarks made when Robert Clarke took over, that the Victorian Division was “bankrupt”. This is of course, if you don’t count the $37 million for 104 and the funds that Michael Kroger got from the Cormack Foundation for breach of contract. The “new” offices are only a temporary measure as the lease expires around June, this year. Members are not impressed with Robert Clark and his clowns who vision. It looks like the good ship Victoria has lost its moorings.
To ensure transparency and fair play, we seek member’s contributions. By using the Abalinx ENewsletter charter as a guide, keep comments short and simple without provocation, malicious language or anything of a defamatory nature and they shall be published.
Your views are important. Please address them to Abalinx ENewsletter at: [email protected] This is your chance to express your views. Contributor’s names will not be published if requested. All Abalinx ENewsletters may be found at abalinx.comDue to an increase in feedback we have incorporated as many feedback comments as humanly possible. We apologise for not including everyone’s contributions. Only 4 candidates for the plum No. 1 Eastern Metropolitan Region Upper House vacancy! (Formerly Mary Wooldridge) What does this say about Robert Clark’s Victorian Division? Moribund! Where will Robert Clark and his gang of ten find candidates to fill all the federal and state seats in 2022? Impossible! The battle will be between Nick McGowan and Asher Judah. My money is on Asher who has worked hard in the electorate. Nick McGowan was given a cushy job and now he wants his third crack at a seat. As you are probably aware by now, the Special State Council meeting, as advised by Clark yesterday, won’t amount to much. Allowed: motion to scrap federal preselection process; motion to support good governance; motion of no confidence in Administrative Committee. Disallowed as unconstitutional: motion for Administrative Committee members to vacate positions; motion to elect new Administrative Committee from the floor. Brilliant just brilliant, thank you for highlighting the abuse of power, the intimidation and harassment of women in the party. Good on you for having the courage to stand up to the Administrative Committee. The Constitution is being interpreted by Daryl Williams, Chairman, Constitution Committee, on behalf of Robert Clark, to suit Clark’s purposes. For the Party to find itself in this appalling & desperate situation there’s something terribly wrong with the President, Administrative Committee, Chairman of the Constitution Committee and the Constitution itself. What is Keith Wolohan doing in challenging Kevin Andrews? Is he not better off in a State seat. Wolohan is not suited for the seat of Menzies and he is certainly not an Andrew Hastie or is he trying to emulate him.
“This bloke had just arrived from South Africa.(Frank Greenstein) He was not even an Australian citizen and was probably quite happy to work under the apartheid government oppressing black people —and he is recruiting the same types to one of the branches in the Caulfield area, which I found bizarre”. Andrew Jackson, Ex Liberal party Member and a past Australian Defence Force Officer dated 30 October 2008 Louise Staley should be concentrating her focus on identifying and shaming those members of Parliament responsible for the bullying and harassment of women in the party. A motion of no confidence in the Administrative Committee may be carried and the Administrative Committee will continue on their merry way doing what they do best; destroying the Liberal Party! Appalling! What you write is all fine and good, in hindsight but the grass root volunteer base was rudderless, lacked leadership and electorate’s closed shop, put up cultural and societal barriers and each had their own small kingdoms so to speak. Why has Karina Okotel all of a sudden stopped going to meetings. Has she and the Okotel faction gone underground into the catacombs. Where is her brother Joshua, Scott Ryan, Frank Greenstein and Grant Hutchinson? There is an old saying: ‘that a person should not be throwing stones at glass houses’. In this case the galls house is the current Administrative Committee hidden from view in 60 Collins Street. Now it seems that because of ENews letters being distributed the Administrative is being tagged with the brush of ‘who is calling the kettle black’ Good to see that political brawling amongst the factions has not died out. Life would be dull without them. Remember what that ex-Prime Minister Turnbull once said: “There are no factions in the Liberal party”.