Abalinx Newsletter 14

QUICK NEWS VERSUS ENEWS A GRASS ROOTS RESPONSE Quick Liberal News V’s Abalinx ENewsletter. Party Vice President Ian Quick has a colourful history of producing “Quick Liberal Newsletters”, first as an ordinary Party member, then as an Administrative Committee member, and most recently as Vice President. Over the years, Quick Liberal News has carried much criticism of the Administrative Committee, and particularly Party leadership, including the following: “Is this the ALP”; “More like the ALP”; “is this the ALP or even worse?”; “…..are we now like the ALP”; “….members verbally abused, harassed and intimidated “; “…..members are legitimately afraid to discuss issues”; “The Party is being ripped apart by people who want control at any price”; “Fair and transparent processes have been abandoned”; “Member Farming” and so on. Quick having joined the ranks of the Administrative Committee, and most recently as Vice President, has not held back, providing much commentary from inside the Committee. Most recently Quick distributed yet another missive “Quick Federal Update” where he pontificates endlessly on the virtues (according to Quick) of the extraordinarily early federal pre-selections, including: “… (Federal) MPs have become addicted to not having to face the members…..”; “…..Federal MPs want to put their own factional shenanigans ahead of the Party’s needs….”. All this from his position of Vice President. Wow! Quick even went to the extent of contributing to an Australian Financial Review article “Vic Liberals being ‘ripped apart’ by faction fight” where he was quoted as saying “Many members have lost faith in Party processed” and “I have produced three newsletters… sent to thousands of people in the Party, and not a single thing I’ve written has ended up in the media”. Really Ian! Unbelievable! Somehow, Quick appears to be immune from Party proceedings for his commentary, and exempt from admonishment. How can this be? Especially when Peter Adamis is being hauled over the coals for his Abalinx ENewsletter? Hardly seems fair, particularly when Quick, from his exalted position as a member of the Administrative Committee, and Vice President, is one of the judges and executioners. Please explain! More about Mr. Ian Quick soon!
SQ the fox says he needs more time to fix the Party up! Clark and his gang of ten clowns have hatched a plan to postpone May 23-24 State Council & AGM to November. Why not when they can have the Constitution interpreted say what they like? SQ says the Party will be unrecognisable when he has finished.
Rumour and innuendo continue to swirl around a certain long-standing Upper House member, having a propensity to attend ultra-Conservative rallies for young activists at home and abroad
Heard on the grapevine that the Fumbler wants to stay on for two more terms, making 30 years as an MP. While his recent 20 years as an MP Big Birthday Bash was a big of a fizzer, with Mrs Fumbler struggling to sell 100 tickets (5 for each year of “service”) and only two MP’s turning up, Fumbler says he has more work to do. In fact, he says he has only just begun! Hold on to your seats! Word reaches Abalinx Offices that the Mornington Peninsula Seagull may be moonlighting as a land developer down that way. Is Seagull the new John Woodman on the Peninsula? Does Seagull have Accreditation to act as a developer? Is Seagull using Liberal Party contacts amassed when he worked as an Electorate Officer to conduct his new venture? Surely not! Avid readers of In-the-Loop will have observed that local Branch, SEC and FEC fundraising has almost ground to a halt. Is this another indication of how badly the Victorian Division is performing under Robert Clark and his clowns on the administrative committee? How will local state and federal campaigns in 2022 be funded if no money has been raised locally?
Avid readers of In-the-Loop will have observed that local Branch, SEC and FEC fundraising has almost ground to a halt. Is this another indication of how badly the Victorian Division is performing under Robert Clark and his clowns on the administrative committee?
The Rainbow Warrior has a list of 250 members he wants investigated and suspended. It seems to be common knowledge now. Particularly since the rainbow Warrior has added the names of the requisitions. He says they (we the grass roots) are disloyal. What is he, judge, jury and executioner? What a joke this clown is!
More recently the rainbow warrior has added the names of the Special State Council Meeting requisitions to his list for investigation and suspension, making his list about 400 members! State Council delegates should prepare for some very, very long State Assembly Meetings! Crazy stuff!
Investigations into the alleged money laundering schemes and misuse of Liberal party campaign funds is still under way. Members of interest are being contacted individually. Researchers are compiling the evidence
Allegations, of links between a member in the East, challenging a long sitting Federal member and that of the Opposition Leader. It smells of a conspiracy. More to come. ABALINX ENEWS LETTERS ARE IN RESPONSE TO THE IAN QUICK EMAILS TO MEMBERS FOR HIS ALTERNATIVE VIEWS
Imported from South Africa, Frank Greenstein works his magic on locals at Footscray Luna Festival yesterday. Frank loves nothing more than a good multicultural festival to harvest support for Scott Ryan’s faction! Little do Frank’s new friends know that they will be used as pawns in his renowned factional shenanigans?
Shameful, maybe, but it’s nothing new as many a young Liberals have found out that once their use by date is over, Frank is not there for them.
Christine Stow is not happy at all with the attention and her words alone demonstrate her annoyance. Well done Christine. You tell them. Don’t let the ‘guys’ bully you. Double standards or what! How come Peter Adamis has fallen foul of Clark’s Administrative Committee for his ENewsletter, when Ian Quick and his Quick Liberal News get off “Scott” free? What gives here? Political immunity? Witness’s protection? Fair go Clarky!
The Fumbler’s an unappreciative snivelling squealer! When the Fumbler was under the pump during Michael Kroger’s presidency, he ran squealing to Michael Kroger seeking support. Michael Kroger did the right thing as President and supported the Fumbler to the hilt.
Ever since Michael Kroger’s retirement the Fumbler has viciously derided his service to the Party at every Party gathering he attends and all over Facebook. That’s appreciation or you! The Fumbler’s all class!
Missing Persons! Has anyone seen: Karina Okotel, Joshua Bonney, Grant Hutchinson, Billy Rizopoulos, Michael Horner, Chrissie Stow, Jan Millard, Marijke Rancie, Moira Deeming, Andrew Deeming, Fran Henderson, Frank Greenstein, Sean Armistead, Peter Angelico, Holly Byrne, Peter McWilliam, Ian Hocking, Cassandra Marr and Hamish Jones? They all seem to have vanished. Their friends may be looking for them. They’ll likely turn up at Scott Ryan’s Great Australia Day Barbecue in March. Yes, that’s right, Scott Ryan is having Australia Day in March! (Someone forgot to tell Captain Cook!) In my view as President, the behaviour of the organisers of these multiple requisitions is becoming increasingly wild and irresponsible. Robert Clark 29 January 2020.
Ms Okotel refuted claims the Liberal Party had a problem with women, but insisted officials had to do more to respond to complaints. 1 August 2019
There are no factions in the Liberal party. Malcolm Turnbull.
It is often observed that the Liberal Party is a broad church. Robert Clark
GRASS ROOT OPINION. Concerned Liberal members in the West are perennially dismayed when the announcements of Patron seats for Senators is delivered to find that Sen Scott Ryan is again allocated to some west metro/regional areas as patron. For how many years has this been the case and for how many years has he been the glaring missing quantity in the west? His Moonee Ponds office is a ghost house, the one staff member there famous for spending his days becoming expert in ‘Game of Thrones’.
Does the Hon Senator even know the way to Melbourne’s west is the common cry??? He’s made a couple of VERY rare appearances over his parliamentary terms when called on by The Fumbler to appear as speaker at an event, he gives a potted delivery then is widely famous for having to depart as soon as possible. Even where an event is held in his own office, he’s mostly notable for his absence or leaves immediately after his ‘few words of welcome’.
Where was the Hon Senator during all recent election campaigns in the west? You would consider wouldn’t you that, given his own vote result is dependent on raking in the federal numbers, that he would show a least a modicum of interest, even perhaps turn up once, or be in touch with campaign organisers to offer support …. You guessed it, it never happens!!!! Not only is he a blank space, it translates to his office as well. A hard working campaign committee member tells the story of how very hard it was to prize an item from the Hon’s office to use as a raffle prize. The answer was… ‘Oh, our cupboard is bare, we’ve had so much going on we haven’t had time to do anything about such items.’ It was also devilishly hard to get some help in the middle of the pre-polling period in a federal election, the booth’s a stone’s throw from the Hon’s office, when we’d run out of absentee voter guides …. Seemed to take the office about half a day to print a few.
The Fumbler’s record in this regard is worse actually given he doesn’t have to be away for his job. Campaigning groups and local activists never have to be concerned about The Fumbler missing an opportunity to join in campaigning events and tasks, he happily misses all of but has been known on an occasion or two to notify folk with an apology as he has ..’a family emergency (the family apparently is always suffering one serious crisis or another), or ..’I’m out campaigning in Sunbury’ where he was never seen by the way, we’ve checked.
There have been a few rare occasions when he’s arrived to join in at a campaigning location, manages a quick photo opportunity then has to fly as he has …. yes, another family emergency ….we know then that the “Review’ publication must be needing a few more mug shots to fill its empty spaces… spaces which would nicely match it’s empty, banal rhetoric and meaningless reporting anyway . His other favourite escapism, as it’s been reported, is to turn up for the usual ‘hellos’, and then be seen sitting in his car around a corner with his coffee and the paper.
How sad it is to relate such dismal accounts from the west but all true. We lament, then dream of the day when we may have at least one parliamentary member in the west who actually DOES SOMETHING IN THE WEST!!! At the moment this space is glaringly BLANK!!
A major question arises regarding the possibility of Robert Clark’s and the Rainbow Warrior’s plan to use State Assembly to prosecute recalcitrant members when Clark’s Assemblies are now famous for not being able to raise a quorum … but then of course, he’s very famous for fudging this as well, disguising the fact very cunningly, hiding his embarrassment behind a smoke screen provided by SQ who is known for his quick draw out of the holster to secure from computer attendance data translated into a scribbled note to the El Presidento who then proceeds unabashed, unashamed from the podium ignoring calls to reveal attendance numbers.
On another famous occasion, El Presidento shot to stardom by cancelling State Assembly in his opening welcome, cunningly forgetting to mention that a quorum hadn’t been reached and smugly announcing he’s now determining that the meeting would be an ‘informal gathering’ . Members were further disillusioned, especially those who’d travelled long distances to honour their obligations as delegates, believing that El Presidento may be turning on a happy event with Christmas festivities and even a happy hour as Christmas was so close, but no, Christmas or well-wishing wasn’t part of his remit.
In fact not one mention of thanks to hard working, sacrificial volunteers was to be heard let alone wishes for their well-being or enjoyment of end of year festivities. Does El Presidento ever show any bonhomie or pleasure in associations with members? Has anyone ever seen it? Is this one of the many missing ingredients marring his presidency??
It has been raised with El Presidento repeatedly that if he focuses on anything, he should focus on stopping the leaks to the press so evidently coming from the Admin Committee. A member reports that when she raised this El Presidento replied ‘Yes, this should be stopped, I can’t have this happening in my presidency!!’ So what was his focus then, was it looking after Party interests …. Clearly not!
Bullying and sexual assault allegations have plagued the Liberal Party for the last year. Senior officials deny they have a “woman problem” but concede the party’s culture needs to change. They say adopting a code of conduct shows the party is committed looking after its members. Parliamentarians and people in positions of influence, whether they like it or not have a responsibility to demonstrate the very values created by Sir Robert Menzies post World War 2. The Liberal party has strayed much from its original mooring and like a lost ship it needs to be salvaged before it sinks in the depths of political oblivion. The allegations of disgraceful behaviour are like an iceberg. An iceberg of gigantic proportions and larger than the one that sank the Titanic. In this case the Iceberg is heading towards Robert Clark and his gang of Ten on the Administrative Committee supported by members of the Constitutional committee. Robert Clark has a mere four months to clean their act up before they are removed unceremoniously from the positions of responsibility. Our women, young Liberals and staffers are at risk by those intent on preying on them. The National Code of Conduct has come at the right time, but many are questioning how it will be enforced. Women in particular are being targeted by males and men are being intimidated and threatened by those in powerful positions. The Liberal party across the nation needs to clean up its act before it is too late. The following allegations are but the tip of the iceberg. We have had instances where some brave women have come out and spoke against sexual harassment and intimidation, only to be spoken to by others that it was not in the interest of the party. But then again there were other women in strong and entrenched positions of power and influence that failed miserably to stand up to the bullies in the Liberal party. These powerful women had the opportunity and yet did not do what was the right thing. I guess that power and influence are seductive political drugs, difficult to be weaned off. Like Cocaine, morphine and other drugs of dependence, it takes a strong will and courage to tell it as it is. I am not convinced that the National Code of Conduct is enough and that more is needed to weed out the undesirables that bring the Liberal Party into disrepute. I am not saying that we should forget about the past, but merely learn from that such behaviour will not be condoned. We must keep in mind that although many are too embarrassed to report them, we must stand by those that do. If we fail to support them, then we fail to do our duty as a member of this society. The following are but some of the incidents that have occurred. 1. A former Young Liberal member, said that in 2015 a Liberal staffer forced himself onto her in her home. 2. Former high profile parliamentarian accused of sexual harassment, pleads not guilty to the alleged assault by a female admirer. 3. State Parliamentarian accused of unwanted advances onto a female member of his staff. Member of Parliament denies allegations. 4. Bullying and intimidation of a former female adviser to a high profile parliamentarian. Female adviser unable to find employment as she is black listed. 5. State Parliamentarian found drunk and disorderly in a public place. Threatens to destroy the Liberal party hierarchy. 6. Secretarial staff have been intimidated and threatened in the past by members and parliamentarians. Volunteer campaign managers have been threatened and intimidated whilst operating out of the Secretariat. 7. Parliamentarians found in excess of the legal requirement whilst at the wheel. Not once but twice and three times.

  1. Liberal Party members accosting female staff at local restaurants in the Melbourne City area after attending State Assembly meetings. 9. Two women who say they were sexually assaulted while working for senior politicians have blasted the Liberal Party’s culture, as pressure grows for action on a long-awaited review ordered in the wake of last year’s federal leadership turmoil. 10. Former Liberal senator says party must reform after ‘deplorable’ sexual assault allegations.
    Clark may struggle for a quorum at State Assembly on Friday night. Delegates are tired of Clark and can’t wait to see the back of him and the clowns he calls the Administrative Committee, in May.
    He has failed to achieve a quorum at the last two meetings and things aren’t looking good for Friday night. Added to this, Delegates are still furious about the rude manner in which Clark abruptly and rudely dismissed Senator Sarah Henderson at the December State Assembly meeting.
    Since the agenda for Friday night features an introduction to the new National Code of Conduct, Delegates are incredulous to think that they are to receive a lecture on “…..treating others with dignity, courtesy and respect, enabling everyone to contribute in a cohesive manner to our objectives as set out in our Constitution ….. Free from discrimination, vilification, bullying, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour”.
    Meanwhile, Clark and his gang of ten supported by the Constitutional Committee have complaints regarding inappropriate conduct piling up at 60 Collins Street, and no credible and transparent process in place to manage them. Appalling!
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    Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg certainly have their hands full – there’s the drought; the bushfires; the Corona virus and the Victorian Division to contend with! Welcome to 2020!
    Since I have been receiving Abalinx ENews Letters, I have not laughed so much. Keep up the good work. Don’t let them get to you, keep exposing them for who they are.
    I used to be a member of the Liberal party for many years and left in disgust. It is good to see that some has the courage to stand up to those in power and tell it like it is.
    Robert Clark does not deserve to be President. He had a good job as the Attorney General and lost his seat. Why did he think that he could become President? What did he think he was going to do? Change the world. He has now sullied his once squeaky clean image by surrounding himself with a bunch of no bodies.
    Another political activist who tried to infiltrate the North was Jacquie Douglass. Jacquie Douglass underestimated the Northern alliance held together by Peter Adamis and instead ended up working for Craig Ondarchie. Jacquie Douglas attempts to reconcile herself with those of different ethnic cultures and communities failed because of her alleged hostility towards new arrivals and as such used them instead. These new members quickly woke up to her and dumped her and paid only token friendship towards her.
    Having exposed the internal manifesto of Scott Ryan and his acolytes, Liberal party members should be asking questions what they knew about, the alleged corruptive practices, the alleged hidden financial ‘money laundering’ and the manipulation of candidates and a generation of young Liberals. The case of the State Director, Damien Mantach’s previous misdemeanours, but employed him anyway. The deliberate erosion of Party membership and working towards concentrating power in the hands of a few.
    Members must look forward to the May State Council elections and reflect on the above and consider carefully who they should endorse as the next President and a new Administrative Committee. Choose wisely or see another eight years in political purgatory.
    If I were to pinpoint where the good ship Liberal party Victoria left its moorings and shifted away from port, I would say it was when Jeff Kennett lost the election back in the nineties. When Jeff Kennett lost the Frankston by-election as a result of my mate Peter McLennan passing away on the eve of the election, (Peter was the member for Frankston).
    Christine Stow was one of their political spies who tried to make out that she was a political activist and who was year after year denied any responsible position or role in the North. Finally she decided to move onto pastures more suited to her political preferences. Preferences that were controlled by none other than her political mentors, Scott Ryan and Frank Greenstein and her mate the Fumbler.
    Just what are all these Committees created by Robert Clark and his Administrative Committee think they are doing. What has happened to the Candidates program is it going the same way as the young Leaders that was used by Scott Ryan and Company. In my time we had qualified people with experience in life, political, training and campaigning techniques. Our role was to identify, those capable of meeting campaign schedules, ability to find solutions, follow the advice of their mentors, spoke well, presented themselves in manner that was acceptable to their electorate and able to absorb information and work well with people. What is in place now is jobs for the boys and girls only good for pasting stamps on envelopes.
    We can thank Robert Clark for another twelve years of opposition. Well done Clarky. You had help from you friends on Admin to assist you.
    Don’t know who you are at all, but what you are doing is helping me understand the mechanisms behind the veil of secrecy that is currently being displayed to those of us who are volunteers. Thank you.