Abalinx Newsletter 15

IAN QUICK SPECIAL EDITION This week’s ENews Letter 15 is a special edition on Ian Quick. His beliefs, sayings, quotes, tantrums and idiotic statements deserve to be published again and again so that members within the Victorian Division are refreshed of the shenanigans carried out by Ian Quick.
ENews Letters are as result of Ian Quicks Emails to members. Nothing has been done to or to Karina Okotel or Ian Quick reprimand them for them for political disloyalty to the Liberal party.
WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT QUICK? This is the most frequently asked question asked at all Liberal Party meetings and events. Members are tired of Ian Quick’s domineering demeanour, intimidation, bullying, lecturing and his infamous Quick newsletters. Ian Quick expounds an opinion on every subject imaginable, particularly on all matters relating to the Liberal Party. Members have had enough of Ian Quick. Members ask “What has Ian Quick contributed to the Victorian Division?” The answer is not much of any value. Locally, Ian Quick drove the members of Burwood SEC mad with his domineering and insufferable style. Following the loss of Burwood at the 2018 Victorian state election, under Ian Quick’s chairmanship (SEC and Campaign Committee) he quickly transferred out to Hawthorn SEC. Word has it that a huge sigh of relief was breathed at a Burwood. One can only imagine the response from Hawthorn SEC members. Ian Quick has been / is a member of almost every Liberal Party committee known to man and woman, including of course, the Administrative Committee, where he is Metropolitan Male Vice President. He dominates all committees on which he sits, boring members to tears with his self-styled encyclopaedic knowledge on every topic imaginable. Ian Quick’s hobbyhorse is the Party’s Constitution though, which he elaborates on at every available opportunity, and with great verve. The only problem is that he frequently interprets the Constitution to suit his own purposes at the time. A particular current case in point concerns the requisition for a Special State Council Meeting. Ian Quick is vehemently opposed to members exercising their constitutional right to hold a Special State Council Meeting. How dare they! Ian Quick has an unfortunate inability to listen to anyone but himself, leading to poor decisions, particularly on any committee that he chairs. State President, Robert Clark, indebted to Ian Quick for his election as president via the Quick block of votes, (and Scott Ryan and Karina Okotel blocks) has compromised his ability to lead the Party to such an extent that anarchy now prevails. Robert Clark has been known to refer to Ian Quick as an expert on the Constitution, ICT, Property and Finance, to mention just a few. Ian Quick has established a Party member data base, illegally, and inclusive of almost all members of the Victorian Division, from which he distributes his Quick Liberal News. He has used his Quick Liberal News extensively to denigrate fellow Party members, and particularly the Party leadership. He commenced his commentary as an ordinary Party member, continued as a member of the Administrative Committee, and more recently as Vice President. Why stop now?
From time to time there has been the added confusion of multiple Quick publications: “Quick Liberal News”, “Quick News” and “Real Quick News” etc. For a while there it seemed that even Ian Quick was confused about which was which! As readers of this lowbrow commentary we certainly were! It is the Quick Liberal News that most infuriates Party members though, producing the questions: “How does Ian Quick get away with it?” and “What is being done about Quick?”
It is now being alleged that as a result of Ian Quicks emails to members, membership has fallen to an all-time low. From approximately 12,000 in 2018 it has now dropped to approximately 8,000 members.
It is alleged that Robert Clark and his gang of ten through their witch hunts, investigations, and un-Australian political actions have failed in their duty as office bearers.
It is alleged that that Ian Quick and Sean Armistead aspire to the Presidency and if not successfully preferred the role of State Director. A bit farfetched and beyond their capabilities. Allegations of misconduct are rife within all major parties and although the Liberal party has embraced the National Code of Conduct it appears that it should be reviewed. Marija Taflaga and Katrine Beauregard of the ABC discussed the reasons why in their article some six months ago. Yet nothing appears to have been doe to alleviate the concerns women have in the Liberal Party. Liberals have requested that the National Code of Conduct be reviewed. THIS ABALINX ENEWS LETTER IS IN RESPONSE TO THE IAN QUICK EMAILS TO MEMBERS AND HIS DESTRUCTIVE ALTERNATIVE VIEWS
ABALINX NEWS LETTER TEAM CONDUCT A ‘QUICK’ ANALYSIS OF EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE ABALINX ENEWS EARLY PRE-SELECTIONS The Abalinx ENews team met to discuss who the most despised member of the Administrative Committee was. To decide the winner, Abalinx ENews conducted an ‘Early Pre-selection’ to ascertain who would be the winner. Mind you there were many contenders and besides the President, Sean Armistead, Amy Johnson, Owen Guest and Holly Byrne, Ian Quick by far deserved to be crowned with ‘D’ tag. The twenty Abalinx ENews delegates having been advised in advance attended the meeting at an undisclosed location the ‘Early Pre-selection. After a few sherbets for medicinal purposes only the discussions took place. The delegates analysed and took into account all of the Ian Quick emails, the Abalinx articles, listened to various acrimonious testimonies by the delegates and considered the recent actions of Ian Quick on the current Administrative Committee. The articles by Abalinx written in the year 2018 after a string of emails were despatched by Ian Quick revealed the character of Ian Quick. It appeared that the articles were written specifically for a whole new generation of young Liberals who were monitoring the battle raging within the Liberal Party. A List of those are articles are shown below: A. Ian Quicks skill with the quill B. The black fox – Ian Quick C. Quick to be investigated D. A Quick Response E. Liberal Ian Quick threatened with expulsion Never before in the history of the Liberal Party had there been such acts of devilry, disloyalty and undermining of a leader of the opposition (Matthew Guy and that of the President (Michael Kroger). These articles obviously affected the voting and it was not a difficult choice to make. Although to be fair, there was one who voted for the President, Robert Clark. Still one vote out of twenty is a very good effort on the part of Robert Clark. A pity that these votes were not a State Election preselection, Ian Quick would have won hands down.
Many members had stories of problems in their area of the party, but say if they speak out they will be verbally abused, harassed, and intimidated. Ian Quick
I find it appalling that the party has got to the point that members are legitimately afraid to discuss issues. Ian Quick
This is the party of free speech and responsible behavior – why is it that we now seem to be more like the ALP with intolerance for members asking questions or wanting proper processes? Ian Quick
This is definitely not the party I and many others joined, which is why quite a few members have told me they are not planning to renew their membership over the coming weeks. Ian Quick
So many Victorian members are now feeling powerless in their own party. Ian Quick
It’s about proper governance, accountability and the duty for all of us to ask probing questions – even where they are uncomfortable. Ian Quick Many people are appalled – and for often conflicting reasons. But if we as a party don’t care for the rule of law. Ian Quick But with pre-selections now not in the hand of the membership in Victoria, instead in the hands of a small number of “faceless men”, serious questions need to be asked on how that may have influenced votes in Canberra. Ian Quick
I think it is a new low point, but stand to be corrected if members want to send my what they think the lowest point of this (used to be) wonderful Victorian Division of the Liberal Party. Ian Quick
State Assembly is a significant body in the Party; indeed it has some powers that Admin does not. The Constitution governs key elements of State Assembly, and also gives it power to make ‘Standing Orders’ to govern how it runs. Ian Quick
The Constitution requires a meeting to be held every two months, with notice to go out 7 days before hand, and creates a ‘Steering Committee’ to effectively run it. Steering Committee calls the meetings, and also sets the agenda, as per the Standing Orders. Ian Quick
I could fill this entire newsletter with a report of the meeting, but instead want to concentrate on some of procedure issues that concerned me. Ian Quick
I may address other issues in a future newsletter, but I want to see if they get resolved before commenting on them.
Ian Quick Being a party member was always (well, it used to be) a two way street – you give your time and money, and the party gives you a say in pre-selections and the members of parliament should listen to you. Ian Quick
If you have an opinion about what is going on in Canberra, or in Victoria, contact your local Member/Candidate and let them know your views. Ian Quick Contact members of Admin (all their details are on the party web site). Ian Quick I find this all a very sad comment on the state of our party. Ian Quick
Don’t accept any of these deflections as an answer, and don’t let the topic be changed! Ian Quick
I have produced three newsletters (this is the fourth), sent to hundreds of people in the party, and not a single thing I’ve written has ended up in the media. Yet (for example) a meeting of just 4 senior members ended up in a full featured article in the newspaper. Ian Quick Where does that leave the rest of us? Should we use the media as a tool in the internal battle over the control/future of the party? Certainly, Admin and the Parliamentary party haven’t seemed to have a problem with. Ian Quick I was getting tired of being compared with some Chilean dictator (I prefer El Presidento, for life), so I thought I would take on the role of Saddam’s Comical Ali instead (circa 2003). Ian Quick I am taking a lot of flak for killing democracy in the party, so want to make up some excuses and try and redirect to another topic. Ian Quick Oh shit, I just realised most of you are probably hearing I cancelled party democracy for the first time. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent this email. Ian Quick
Unlike many other parts of the constitution that (unfortunately) rely on common sense and normal processes to say that the party can’t do the opposite. Ian Quick This is being done by Admin so it can be a factional pick into a guaranteed spot in parliament. Another nail in the party democracy coffin. Ian Quick He is the one who has just done something unprecedented in the history of State Assembly. Ian Quick
Ideas that are not compatible with ones actions tend to become lost in the wilderness.
Faceless men don’t like being held to account – but I’m certainly not going to stop no matter how loudly they complain. Ian Quick
Certainly if you wanted a say in key pre-selections, there is not much point being here under the current management. Ian Quick
I was told by the president that I had no authority to move a motion on Admin, and that he as Chair rejected it. Yet Admin members in his faction have moved circular resolutions! Ian Quick
First of all, I would like to thank Russell Joseph who is hell-bent on the truth about him not getting out and keeps trying to get my accounts closed down what he fails to realise we have a membership 1,782 and so its like door after the horse has bolted, and I have many accounts.
Ian Quick
What do we do now the party has become, for all practical and ethical purposes, the ALP? When we have gone from the most democratic division of the Liberal Party to probably the least? Ian Quick
When factional loyalty counts for more than competency or work done for the party?
Ian Quick
I have complained to the State Director. Who did nothing! Ian Quick
If you have a problem keep raising it until you get an answer relevant to the problem. Ian Quick
What do we do when the President of the party deliberately withholds information from the members, and lets the meeting drag on to the point that people he doesn’t want voting leave? Ian Quick What do we do when the President and ruling faction have seemingly no interest in anything resembling respecting members and proper processes? Once again, he’s treating us all with absolute contempt. Ian Quick
I find it almost unbelievable that the President and Admin are going with a fabrication about records been lost, and then blatantly ignoring the constitution.
Ian Quick
I, and others, have requested that the President should appoint a different Chair to Steering Committee (as he has the power to do), preferable somebody who knows what the rules are and is prepared to follow them. He has so far declined to do so. Ian Quick
I’ve been getting quite a few phone calls from confused members since the President sent out an extraordinary email a few hours ago.
I have asked the Party President to do something about the abuse I received. So far I have had no response or any sign of action. Ian Quick
The decision was planned for a year ago and you should all just get over it. Ian Quick
As usual we try and make ENews as interesting as possible. In this edition of ENews from around the State we have selected Peter Angelico. Tim Wilson and Amy Johnson to take out the grapevine prizes. After much discussion with our contributors It was not easy to distinguish between the three who got the first bottle of wine from the grapevine. As such it was decided that all three contestants should be awarded a bottle each. Well done Peter, Tim and Amy. PETER ANGELICO. Peter Angelico proves yet again Liberal Party was right not to pre-select him or endorse him over the years of failed political activism. Peter in his usual tactless manner took to Web Warriors to unload on two of the government’s popular ministers, Josh Frydenberg and Michael Sukkar. He and his mate Steve Holland made themselves look pretty foolish last week after having their mates on Admin like Sean Armistead brief journalists about Steve Holland the ‘Wonder Kid’ intention to challenge Frydenberg and Sukkar Predictably Stevie and Angelico didn’t see their sabre rattle through; in a similar way to their own political careers. We wish them well in their endeavours to recruit the remaining members of the Angelico family to the South East Business Branch.
TIM WILSON. Tim Wilson staffer Daniel Elberg made quite as stir on the Caulfield Young Liberals Face book page (during office hours) attempting to rally naïve young Liberals to support his employers factional electoral ticket. Members over the years have grown tired of local MPs having their staff do the grubby and muddy of politics.
Maybe Tim Wilson should spend less time in Sydney and more time in Goldstein. We wish Daniel all the best cutting his teeth for the Turnbull Left Faction of the Victorian Division Liberal Party. A bottle of red for Tim Wilson’s efforts. Keep up your carbon footprint Tim.
AMY JOHNSON. Country Vice President Amy Johnson weighs in on the debate on pill testing. An enthusiastic supporter of pill testing Amy attempts poorly to persuade South Eastern heavy weight Inga Peulich on the merits of State selected ecstasy. Perhaps Amy’s enthusiasm has been stirred on by the raucous rabble of the reprobates she brought to the Ballarat Annual General meeting late last year. We are all ecstatic.
Inga Peulich on the other hand, bless her soul is a champion for all the right causes and it’s a great pity that she lost her seat in the last State election. She still has much to offer the Victorian Division. COMPASS STATE TALES At the recent Romsey-Lancefield General meeting. All the barrels were loaded and almost all attendees paid out one member for refusing to sanction a McEwen pre-selection. The music went back and forth. After the meeting this member approached another member (Richard Cranium – aka RC) and advised him that he would be at his place to pick up another trailer on Wednesday. RC told him that he could not go to his place, and besides the trailers were not there. The member asked where they were and he replied that they were not at his place. The member told him that he would be having the trailers sign-written, and he told me that he refused to allow me to sign write the trailers. The member reminded RC that they are not his trailers and that he would be at his place on Wednesday to collect one or two and the number plate for the trailer that I now hold. It appears that the discussion got rather heated by RC and his son. The member reminded RC that the trailers are to be registered according to the law. (For their use). RC and his son strenuously insisted that they do not have to be registered, to which the member replied that he was the one who was advised by Police that they needed to be registered. The son of RC responded that Police do not know the law. The member left in disgust at the lack of cooperation and will now be making additional enquiries regarding registration.
ELECTORATE OF FLINDERS. As members down South we must say that what you (ENews) write is hard hitting and goes to the core of much of the Party problems.
The leadership is weak for sure and the November 2018 coup on the Administrative committee left members floundering and the Party with weak new leaders.
Many of us who were in attendance at the Recall Annual General Meeting held at Flinders (Rosebud RSL) last Thursday night witnessed that Ian Quick was again the Returning Officer (RO) as he was on the disastrous night in late December.
At that time Ian Quick and Russel Joseph tried to engineer an invalid State Council delegate election. In all our years as members we have never seen a greater debacle. Four acknowledged Liberal members in the area applied to stand but had their names omitted from the ballot paper (that we had all seen the day before) and was in the e-mail correct. We advised Ian Quick immediately we saw the omissions and he must, as the Returning Officer, stop the ballot as it was invalid. He refused. A lot of letters went into the Secretariat the very next day and as such they had to redo the ballot last Thursday night. We could not believe it, but Ian Quick was nominated by the Chair to be the Returning Officer yet again. Robert Clark spoke also. Suffice to say, that evening, Russell Joseph’s hold on power was broken as a result of member’s dissatisfaction with his actions. Yes we have real problems in this Party and no one is leading. We believe that many of the people at the helm have really lost the plot. It’s the Labor Party which we are fighting against yet we expend so much energy and money fighting each other. And for what? Ian Quick on the other hand has stated in one of numerous emails to members that he has “never heard of another AGM where this has occurred. Normal practice is that the meeting is opened, there are reports, it is then handed to a returning officer who does the election, which may include candidate speeches before the voting. In this case this did not occur, with many members coming, voting, and leaving before the meeting”. What utter rubbish, Mr. Quick. No wonder he is being ridiculed and made a fool of in ENewsletters. A good response to Ian Quick. GRASS ROOTS LETTER 2. Robert Clark and his gang wait for the Big One in May! In what will prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the inept, hapless, and now malevolent, Robert Clark, and the gang of ten clowns on his Administrative Committee, the signatories to the requisitions for a Special State Council Meeting will likely now revoke their requisitions. Robert Clark, his clowns, and the discredited Constitution Committee, have (mis)interpreted the Constitution to suit their own scurrilous and devious aims. They have defied convention. And they have, contrary to the Constitution, disallowed the motions of substance, thus rendering the Special State Council meeting impotent. What a disgrace Robert Clark and his gang of ten are! Who would have thought that Robert Clark would turn out to the leader of what may be termed a “junta-like” operation that is the Administrative Committee of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party? It now remains for the State Council delegates to pass judgement on President Robert Clark, Vice Presidents Ian Quick, Holly Byrne, Matt Makin and Amy Johnson, Owen Guest, Sean Armistead, Cassandra Marr, Karen Egan and Russell Joseph, at the Annual General Meeting / State Council in May. Bring it on! Looking forward, the new leadership must work to strengthen the Constitution to ensure that a gang of ten cannot capture the Party by means of a coup-like operation like this ever again.
Obviously, you have to be fractionally aligned with the President to be able to move a motion on Admin. Ian Quick
We note that senior members of the Administrative Committee now admit the real reason for the accelerated preselection timetable has always been to support particular factional candidates (in particular for the electorate of Menzies), by disenfranchising hundreds of party members who would have been able to vote at pre-selections held later in 2020 or 2021. Andrew Asten
When will Christine Stow learn that not all social media friends are truly friends but individuals wearing masks and invisible cloaks. How many of them are pseudo profiles and how many have infiltrated her circle of social media platform. Best to test them all and then realise that what one sees is not what they seem. Just trying to be helpful that’s all.
It seems that being personally abusive to party members is fine, but raising issues that need discussing is a problem. Is this the ALP? Ian Quick
Are they Climate Change protesters or merely fed up Liberal party members. The sign says it all. “Robert Clark and his gang of ten must resign now”.
GRASS ROOTS LETTER 3. Branch Stacking – A point of view or a matter of who is calling the kettle black. Branch stacking despite the apparatus put into place to stop such practices is still going on in a subtle yet devious way. But what is stacking really all about members ask. Is it about members of parliament afraid of being challenged, or is it merely god strategic play by the challengers. There are positives and negatives for such actions and it would depend upon who you prefer to believe. If a member of parliament does his or her job well then there would be no need for alleged branch stacking to occur. To obtain another point of view I researched and fond that Ian Quick, current a member of the Administrative Committee had a point of view regarding branch stacking. “What is Stacking and why it is bad for the party? Wikipedia (again) has a good definition (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branch stacking) but a summary is joining up party members whose whole engagement with the party will be turning up to vote (or proxy their vote to someone else) at AGM, preselection’s, State Council etc. It’s pretty clear who these new members are, they won’t respond to phone calls or emails, don’t come to branch or EC meetings, don’t come to fund raisers etc. In itself that might not be ‘Branch Stacking’ – we have quite a few members who want to belong to the party but don’t have time to be actively engaged – however the difference with these members is they will come to meetings when there is a vote on, and will vote a factional ticket.” Ian Quick March 2018. In view of Ian Quicks point of view, I find it odd that he has not targeted Bill Rizopoulos an alleged branch stacker in the West and asked him a few poignant questions regarding his recruiting activities over a sudden surge in new members. Maybe its farming as Ian Quick has so famously put it in one of his numerous “QUICK EMAILS”. Whatever the case may be, this is an excellent demonstration of who is calling the kettle black by Ian Quick. Do as I say not as I do is another saying that can best describe. GRASS ROOTS LETTER 4. ENews Letters may be a good response to Ian Quicks emails, yet they don’t seem to publicise what is exactly that must be done to rectify or bring about unity within the Liberal party. It is true that ENews Letters are exposing the inadequacies and poor leadership of Robert Clark, but what is the alternative. I have yet to see any solutions being offered in return. True occasionally a writer has contributed some information regarding the party structure and the need to bring together the diverse opinions of the many under one umbrella, but it is not enough. Readers would like to see concrete policies and strategies that will unite the party and not concentrate so much on the inadequacies of the current administration, poor as it may be. Yes we have seen a decline in membership, yes we have more factions than before, yes we have issues of financial shortfalls and finally we have failed to see events to raise funds for the elections in the future.
You may be aware that the Administrative Committee has taken a series of extraordinary positions, to rule out the substance or the whole of each of the three petitions. To be clear, the constitution does not give the Administrative Committee any power to do this – they have been doing it for their own reasons. They have even gone so far as to refuse a validly-submitted motion to spill the roles of the Administrative Committee, and have confirmed that even if a no-confidence motion was passed in relation to the Administrative Committee, they would ignore it and refuse to step down. This is truly extraordinary. In this context, they are proposing to hold a special meeting of State Council to consider only the residual matters of the petitions, which would have no practical effect for the Liberal Party whatsoever. This would be a waste of time and resources for the party, and is not something we should support. Therefore in our view, and the views of many of you who we have spoken with in recent days, we should revoke the petitions, and instead allow party members to cast their judgment on the conduct of the relevant members of the Administrative Committee at the next annual elections in late May 2020.