Abalinx Newsletter 19

Generational change should not be a matter of when but how. Foundations and political building structures need to be implemented immediately to meet the future political challenges.
Potential leaders should be identified early, mentored, nurtured and provided with the appropriate skills and knowledge to take on the responsibilities of Government. The current leadership programme should not be influenced or managed by members of parliament but suitable skilled professionals drawn from the grassroots.
Major changes need to occur within the Young Liberals in order to make them less factional and more viable. They should be able to operate without interference, and without the influence of patron senators, but come under the direction of the President of the day. The Young Liberals require having their own constitution that mirrors that of the senior organisation, have their own bylaws and regulations to govern them, be open and transparent.
Age limits need to be lowered to be in line with other Divisions and also mirror those of the Greens and the Labor Parties. There should be a Young Liberals Executive that is comprised of a President, Secretary and Treasurer with the President being an observer rather than being a voting member of Administrative Committee. Executive holders are not to be candidates for an electorate as it will be a conflict of interest.
Political staff members should not as a rule hold any position within the party at any level as it is a conflict of interest and being a member at large is the best solution. This in effect will reduce the alleged “conflicts” amongst staffers who feel that they can operate with impudence at the system. It is envisaged that within ten years, the Victorian Division will see a major shift in conservatism and young Liberals fed up with the old guard and their factions.
Senior members of the party with lifelong political should be allocated to potential young and aspiring leaders. The senior members need not be drawn from retired parliamentarians but that a pool of suitable mentors is identified amongst the grass roots. This is good strategy but at the moment it is laced with a toxic strategy that may come back and bite them. However there is general conception amongst the more seasoned political observers and activists’ that that there is disarray and disillusioned Young Liberals.
Media and Communications committee has just been formed and seems to be setting out the same agenda as the Membership and branch development committee. Lots of photos on Facebook at events, but does the whole Admin Committee need to turn up? If a proper team approach was being used, responsibilities would be shared.
Grassroots member’s contributions whose skills and knowledge of information technology and social media exceed those of the staff at 60 Collins Street are not being utilised effectively. The world has changed whilst the Liberal party function with political and management mechanisms that belong to a bygone era. Social media has been overlooked on a massive scale. So much information is being pumped out by bloggers and activists that put the Liberal party to shame. The perception is that there does not appear to be a cohesive and up-to-date committee to oversee such matters.
A data base of member’s skills and knowledge would be of enormous value to campaigners and policy makers alike. They would tap into the grassroots experience based on their local knowledge of the electorate and put to good use. Acknowledgements should be followed up to ensure that their contributions were valued. This concept has merit and is used by many volunteer organisations to enhance their profile and image in the wider community. More to come in future ENews editions.
Allegations of intimidation are still being reported and yet those responsible do nothing. It is alleged that Bernie Finn has been advisred to tone done his verbal attacks on female members and to concentrate on his job. Can Bernie Finn do is the question? Those not on Facebook, or access to LinkedIn may find articles on Twitter and far quicker that SQ himself. Click on the icon and enter the world of singing whistle blowers or canaries. News letters may be accesed directly by clicking on the icon above. Hand held Mobile versions are available for those with standard laptops.
We are introducing another new concept to keep members up to date. It is called In the Boot, otherwise nknown as ITB. Our job is to keep you all in the loop so to speak. For those that don’t receive official notification through normal channels, this another format.

  1. The first is a reminder is the Annual State Council Meeting in May of this year.
    ANNUAL STATE COUNCIL MEETING. Members are advised that the 168th meeting of State Council will be held at the Moonee Valley Racecourse on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of May 2020.
  2. STATE COUNCIL MOTIONS. Motion forms and Supplementary Details Forms are available below or and can be downloaded from the Members’ Resources section on the Party’s website; with the closing date for submission of motions 12 noon, Thursday 26 March 2020. The Supplementary Details Form is required for any motions being submitted by a member with the support of 10 other members.
  3. EARLY PRE-SELECTIONS. Our second contribution is to remind all those on the dark side not to
    send out via email information relating to early pre-selections. You may send information for late pre-selections if you wish. A perusal of the constition does not prohibit members from sending candidates campaign brochures to others. However if you have been suspended or expelled, then this does not apply to you the readers.
    Don’t be naughty about and do the wrong the thing as it will attract those intent of creating names for themselves at the expense of others. To help those on the Dark Side we have republishied the State Director email, reminding us that its very naughty to publish any material regarding early pre-selections. We are trying to support the current State Director find his feet as he takes such matters very seriously.
    WORD OF ADVICE TO THE STATE DIRECTOR: Someone should advise the State Director that we are a political party and we are also volunteers. In the case of pre-selections, members must register to attend the Menzies preselection. Registrsation closes approximately at 9. 00 am on the 24 February . By that time members who have registered are able to access a copy of the candidates statement by the members website. However if a member wanted a printed copy they would have to contact the membership department at the Secretariate.

Therefore at that moment is what is being reported in news media and what has been sent by the candidates to the members can be quoted by others. This does not convene members conduct during any pre-selectionlet alone an early one created by Robert Clark, Ian Quick and theirvmates on the Adminsitrative Committee.

From: Liberal Party of Australia (Vic Div) Date: Mon, Feb 17, 2020 Subject: Members conduct during pre-selections To: Members (Liberal party Victorian Division)
Dear Members,
With a pre-selection process having commenced in the Legislative Council seat of Eastern Metro region and the Federal seat of Menzies it is timely to remind members of the Party’s rules around conduct during pre-selections. One particularly relevant section of the Party’s Constitution I draw to the attention of members is 21.12 which reads;
(a) No Member or Party Officer shall make or cause to be made any public statement regarding a preselection or endorsement unless expressly permitted by the Constitution or any rules determined by State Council.
(b) A Member or Party Officer may make or cause to be made an official statement on behalf of the Party regarding a preselection or endorsement if expressly authorised by the Administrative Committee to do so.
(c) An applicant for endorsement may announce publicly the fact of his or her application for such endorsement and may provide biographical details contained in his or her application for endorsement.
(d) No Member of the Party shall circulate or cause to be circulated any material of any sort whatsoever which – (i) may; (ii) could; or (iii) is designed to; influence any Preselector to a Convention as to how that Preselector should cast his or her vote at such Convention unless expressly permitted by the Constitution or any rules determined by State Council. The mechanism for dealing with complaints arising through this process is outlined in clause 27.6 which reads;
(a) Any member of the Party may complain to the State Director in writing if such member believes that:
(i) an applicant for preselection; or (ii) any person acting with the express or implied concurrence of such applicant for preselection; or (iii) a Preselector at such preselection; has been guilty of conduct gravely detrimental to the Party and which is calculated or likely to affect the outcome of such preselection.
(b) Upon receipt of such complaint, the State Director shall investigate the same and shall report to the Administrative Committee, the results of such investigation. (c) Upon receipt of the State Director’s report, if the Administrative Committee is satisfied that there has been conduct which is gravely detrimental to the Party and which is calculated or likely to affect the outcome of such preselection, by any applicant for preselection, or any person acting with the express or implied concurrence of such applicant for preselection, then the Administrative Committee shall have the power to exclude such applicant for preselection from that preselection convention and from any other preselection convention for which that applicant has nominated.
(ca) If the applicant has already been chosen by a convention, then the Administrative Committee may refuse to endorse such applicant. If such applicant has been endorsed by the Administrative Committee, then the Administrative Committee may set aside such endorsement.
(d) Upon receipt of the State Director’s Report, if the Administrative Committee is satisfied that there has been conduct which is gravely detrimental to the Party and which is calculated or likely to affect the outcome of such preselection by a Preselector to such preselection, then the Administrative Committee shall have the power to disqualify that Preselector from continuing as a Preselector to such preselection and the Preselector’s position shall not be filled by any other member during the currency of such preselection.
(e) Prior to taking any decisions pursuant to this Clause, the Administrative Committee shall give any Member against whom it is considering exercising its power under this Clause the right to be heard. (f) The Administrative Committee shall not exercise any of the powers given to it pursuant to this clause, save and except by a motion voted upon in secret ballot and which is carried by two thirds majority of those members of the Administrative Committee present and voting.
Pre-selections are a hugely important part of the Party’s process to choose those who represent us, and safeguarding the integrity of that process is a matter that I take very seriously.

Occasionally we receive innocuous and silly emails at Abalinx ENews. Some are of an entrapment nature, others are sales, non-profit organisations, dating websites and bogus messages from the Tax Office. The best of course are our ‘Nigerian friends’ promising millions upon millions of dollars hidden away in a vault left behind by their colonial masters.
All that they want is your personal details so that they can deposit money into your account. Today, We would like to share with you all another method which I call political entrapment. One can ignore and then have no right of reply if it is used politically against you, or you provide a suitable response to ensure your integrity and credibility. I call these “Come in Spinner” email. The following correspondence is but of those.
From: Dale Clisby To: Peter Adamis Date: 17 February 2020. Hey Peter, Thanks so much for expressing your interest in volunteering online for the Greens! My name is Dale and I’m the coordinator for our digital volunteering team. We’re really excited to be starting our online volunteer program and would love you to be involved. You’ll be helping spread the Greens message online, engaging in exciting new campaigning techniques in the online space. Come join us in the new ‘Greens Online Action Team’. Thanks, Dale.
From: Peter Adamis To: Dale Clisby Date: 17 February 2020. You’re pulling my leg? RIGHT! I never volunteered for the Greens. I have no faith in the bastards. I don’t know where you got your information from May I suggest you remove me from your data base? I don’t appreciate phishing email exercises. I have been a Liberal supporter all my life. Have a nice day.
From: Dale Clisby To: Peter Adamis Date: 17 February 2020. Someone entered your email into our web form, you’re not on any database, this is a human answering emails that come in from the online volunteer form. Id suggest changing your email or being more careful with who has your information. Thanks.
Liberals in general have burned too many good people in the past and as such members believe that best result is to hold what we have with not much attention to gaining more seats.
The grass roots membership needs to be reengaged and provided with the appropriate tools in which to contribute to the party.
Reforms have failed as they have alienated the members from contributing at the Branch level. This negative environment needs to be reversed immediately.