Abalinx Newsletter 2

Preamble. This week’s ENewsletter is an alternative point of view. Therefore it is important to note the distinction between what is fact and that of the fiction being heralded by party hacks as the truth. Tony Nutt Post Election Report. Liberals expected a new beginning and recommendations that would unite the party and therefore an independent review was required, not those of a biased investigator. The following comments are the view of a number senior aggrieved Liberals: “What a lot of unmitigated rubbish. Rehash of Kemp’s report.” One must “remember that it was Kemp/Snell/Ryan who collectively destroyed the structure of the Victorian Division at Costello’s bidding, “There is nothing of substance in Tony Nutt’s report and certainly does not provide the vision expected from someone who has been a former Victoria State Director.” “Tony Nutt’s report on the 2018 state election loss will be remembered for its long-windedness, without addressing the “nut” of the problem.” “The matter of a former State Director inappropriate use of funds had no bearing on the election and Nutt’s report is garbage”. Over the years Liberals have watched former Premiers and members lose their seats on. For example Ted Baillieu fell into office in 2010 because as John Brumby said, Labor had too much wear & tear. Baillieu & Co didn’t have an agenda/program on assuming office & failed to develop one in office. Inertia set in. Napthine with less than 2 years as Premier, was unable to rescue the hapless government. As history shows, went to the 2010 state election without an agenda, the 2014 election without an agenda & then the 2018 election still without an agenda. This way, the state MPs in fact were very lucky and fluked the win in 2010 & lost in 2014 & 2018 through their own complacency & inactivity. State Assembly – Low Quorum. Reliable sources indicated that the recent at State Assembly on Friday night 15 November, attendance was very poor and one of the lowest seen since Robert Clark took office. Senator Scott Ryan as the guest speaker may have perhaps been the reason. In fact one senior Liberal advised that the low attendance is an indicative of Senator Ryan’s poor stocks in the Party today. Most attendees were Senator Scott Ryan’s diehard fan club. I am of the belief that the Constitution where it is stipulated that a quorum is 60 delegates, of whom at least 20 must be country delegates, seeking an assurance that the quorum was met. Unfortunately this was not the case. Questions are now being asked as to whether a quorum was present. A New Horizon – Perhaps. I am on record stating that a generational change is required. The Liberal party in Victoria will be struck with an avalanche of new generation of members. However, history has clearly demonstrated that youth that is not regulated and guided end up being a problem. Members of the new generation are fed-up with the continual battles of the old guard and are not happy that new concepts, ideas and thought processes are being denied a voice. One begs the question why then roles of the Federal/State Committee training has been given to Liberal Party Headquarters without any consideration for the involvement of volunteers. The Liberal Party has a dearth of highly qualified people with political and training experience, yet are not being considered. The new generation are keeping their powder dry waiting for the moment to wrest control from the negative elements and sycophants that have infiltrated the Liberal Party. This new generation are of the belief that the political paradigms of the past were found to be wanting and are keeping the powder and horn dry. Cash flow and stopping the decay. That having been said, members are reminded that it was Michael Kroger the past President, who resolved the building issue and left 37 million in the bank for party. He took on the group Cormack with his own money for the party and won money which should have been the party’s and no one had done so previously. He settled the Mantach issue when it was not handled by any President before him and resolved the decadence and decay within the Liberal Party in Victoria.
Senator Scott Ryan. Senator Ryan went out on a limb supporting Greg Mirabella in the recent Senate preselection and lost to Sarah Henderson. Senator Ryan’s status as a powerbroker (“General”), has fallen from grace and supporters are melting away. He is not looking good at all and soon he will be facing a preselection of his own. A preselection where he will be going against Sarah Henderson for the number one Victorian Liberal Senate spot. It must be noted that Sarah Henderson inherited the Number One sport on the “relocation” by former Senator Mitch Fifield). Liberals are tired of Senator Ryan and his preoccupation with the “black arts” of Party politics locally and in Canberra. Locally, Senator Ryan has led a very ordinary group of ineffective party members and has “duchessed” numerous underwhelming members into leading roles in the organisation, candidate, and in turn some into parliamentary positions. In Canberra, Senator Ryan has played leading role in federal leadership spills, including Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, which were not well received by Party members. In the meantime, it is of interesting to note that Senator Ryan has not delivered anything of substance to Victoria, Australia or the Liberal Party. While he currently holds the prestigious position of President of the Senate, this is purely a ceremonial role and it is evident that he prefers to focus on Party politics. His recent symbolic move to vote against the Government last Thursday is one example that he has lost the plot. This action has not won him any friends in and outside Canberra. Therefore, based on his performance or rather lack thereof, it is clearly time for Senator Ryan to retire gracefully before he is removed.
Western Region. The rank and file have been saying that they are tired of the local member who lost touch with the electorate. Members have gone as far as stating that the member’s spouse is unwelcome at meeting. Northern Region. Privately, members in the Northern region have become fed-up with the Administrative Committee poor handling of Annual General Meetings and are seeking to redress matters. Members in McEwen, Scullin, Calwell and Jaga Jaga are not happy with the current administration and are calling for change. Maribyrnong & Essendon. It is alleged that Bill Rizopoulos, Chairman Maribyrnong FEC with support from Karina Okotel, Grant Hutchinson, Bernie Finn and Scott Ryan & staffers have stacked 40 plus new members into Essendon SEC, and more into Maribyrnong FEC, many not local. The stacking far exceeds the 5% in any one month threshold, thereby triggering an investigation as prescribed in the Constitution. Hence it has been officially brought to the attention of the Secretariat and discussed at Admin, where it was resolved not to do anything about it. There may be other ways to address this matter, together with Bill Rizopoulos and others nefarious activities. More to follow. State Council – November 2019. The recent State Council has been described by one senior Liberal as a “Love in” festival. (A “Love in” is a meeting of self-glorification and praise of one another). The exception was Josh Frydenberg who rallied the troops to promote the values that made Victoria great. Josh Frydenberg paid tribute to his fellow Federal Victorian Liberals colleagues such as: Tony Smith, Scott Ryan, Michael Sukkar, Katie Allen, Kevin Andrews, Alan Tudge, Gladys Liu Greg Hunt, Dan Tehan, Jane Hume, Jason Wood, Russell Broadbent, Tim Wilson and James Paterson, and David Van. Robert Clark on the other hand played down any tensions between Federal MPs and decisions made by the current floundering Administrative Committee and appeared unmoved by attempts to change his mind. Attempts to find a peaceful solution to the bitter war of words between the Administrative Committee and that of the Federal MPs failed dismally. Many members are angry that they were denied a vote on the candidates for this year’s election campaign and are asking whether it is time for a change in the leadership. The Administrative Committee performance to date is questionable and members are looking forward to the 2020 State Council. This is another nail in the coffin for Robert Clarks diminishing leadership assets. Michael O’Brien display of leadership was welcomed and is being labelled as a man of ideas and creative concepts. More to follow.