Abalinx Newsletter 3

STATE ASSEMBLY. The Victorian Division is in meltdown! State Assembly no quorum 15 November & 6 December. On Friday night, State Council was advised of a change of venue. Robert Clark advised the small gathering that as the meeting was unconstitutional it was to be considered an informal meeting. This is an embarrassment and another nail in the coffin for his leadership. One is led to believe that there was such poor numbers that the meeting lacked a quorum. This is not the first time so it seems. Members were angry, upset and as a result left the meeting in disgust. Therefore it came as no surprise that State Assembly ended in uproar resulting in Clark shutting it down without any Christmas & New Year greetings! Sen James Paterson when asked about extraordinary early federal pre-selections replied that since he is not up for preselection he would not comment.
Sen Sarah Henderson on the other hand provided comment explaining that the early federal pre-selections are unnecessary, unhelpful & opposed by the Prime Minister. It is alleged Ian Quick flew into Sen Henderson in an intimidating, bullying & threatening manner. Senator Henderson sought a right of reply, only to have Robert Clark hastily & rudely shut the meeting down. This is not a good outcome for Robert Clark and his Administrative Committee and a good demonstration of incompetence and inept. Has the Victorian Division become a liability, can it rise from the depths it has fallen, will it remain in the shadows and worse of all, will it become the “poor arm” of Australian Liberals? Food for thought!
THE GREAT DELEGATOR. Robert Clark has become the great delegator. Unable to make decisions and lacking the vision to lead the party to government. He is being advised and counselled by a group that lack the wisdom and political experience to navigate the current political failings within the Victorian Liberal Division. As the State President he commenced proceedings at the recent State Council crying out to the political wilderness the loss of the 2018 state election. His remedy was to announce more committees, including a new committee to oversee the existing committees which one would think was the role of the Administrative Committee.
His long winded dissertation attempt at justifying the very early opening of preselection’s for federal seats, against the wishes of many, including all Victorian sitting federal members has not gone down well at all. The State President’s lengthy and complicated explanation/justification for early preselection’s left delegates and members more confused and frustrated. In the meantime, the Division is trading with a $100,000+ net loss. 5 months July to November a $500,000+ loss! No fundraising of any significance during Robert Clark & Company’s reign. Members are angry regarding the decision for extraordinary early & unjustified federal pre-selections. The Prime Minister has declined invitations to major Victorian fundraiser until the Division gets its house in order. Scott Morrison questions, how can his government be returned in 2022 when the Victorian Division is on fire? Without positive changes in the Victorian Division, history will judge Robert Clark leadership whilst President harshly.
ROBERT CLARK SHOULD RESIGN. Swapping John Howard for Kevin Rudd was never a good idea. Swapping Kroger for Clark has been a disaster. With no experience in running the Party organisation, Clark was always going to be out of his depth. However, no one could believe that after one year he has already become the worst President in the history of the Party. He has set up a record number of committees which is about his only claim to fame. We are drowning in meetings, reports, minutes, drafts, agendas, venues etc. etc. This is what Labor governments do when they have no idea what to do. Perhaps the biggest debacle is the war he has started with Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg and all the Federal MPs over early Federal Pre selections. I thought we were supporting Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberal Party. I didn’t realise we were actually opposed to him. This fascicle situation has embarrassed the whole division and humiliated Clark and his small band of supporters including Quick, Russell Joseph, Sean Armistead, Holly Byrne and Matt Makin. The hatred of the Clark regime by Liberals across the country I’m told is partly the reason Karina Okotel got smashed for Federal MP 82-29. Clark even managed to humiliate Michael O’Brien along the way. Trying to suspend former MP Adam Kempton, spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on legal reports which were then rejected, presiding over a collapse in fundraising are just some of the legacies of Clark and co. Clark should do the decent thing and resign immediately.
MCNAMARA ELECTORATE RECRUITMENT (MELBOURNE PORTS). Would it not be nice to be an “Owen Guest” at the recent McNamara’s recruitment night held at an exclusive address hosted by Own Guest; a six months Party Treasurer. The guest speaker was Tim Wilson who allegedly attacked conservatives and traditional members within the Liberal Party. There was a luke-warm response from a group of Malcolm Turnbull’s supporters including Holly Byrne who was in attendance. Party Treasure Own Guest and other former Malcolm Turnbull worshipping faction operatives. This group are allegedly running a campaign to convince older wealthy Liberal voters of left wing persuasion to organise and vote against conservatives and subservient Liberals. OWEN GUEST SHOULD RESIGN. Someone called Owen Guest is the current treasurer of the Victorian Division. After Kroger sold the building for $37m. According to The Age the money has been sitting in the bank at 2% interest for the whole year! Financial people tell me the stock market has gone up over 15% meaning the bumbling and indecision over where to invest the money has cost us over $4m in lost income. Well done Owen and Robert. Branch members fight hard for every dollar they raise yet Clark and Guest have cost us $4m because they didn’t seem to know how to invest our money. This is appalling, bordering on disgusting. Perhaps in one of his boring newsletters Clark can apologise to the Branch members, explain how he and Guest have so mismanaged our money and on what date they will both resign. Preferably before Christmas. According to The Age they still haven’t received the $1.8m promised by Cormack which was half the overdraft. It’s unbelievable that Clark and Guest can show their face at any Liberal Party meeting given the carnage they have wreaked on the Victorian Party.
QUICK NEWS. It is exactly 12 months since Ian Quick was threatened with expulsion and it would appear that he has made his mark within the Liberal party. He has kept the members informed of Administrative Committee decisions and one wonders whether his actions were in the spirit of Liberal Party values and beliefs or whether there were in his interests? However we must give credit where it’s due; he has certainly worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that his group of acolytes and sycophants ensure they remain in control. Three examples of Ian Quick:

  1. The First example is: At the recent State Council where members who attended, snickered under their breaths when Ian “Quick” began to raise the concept of the Four Cs’, namely: Culture, Conduct, Compliance and Complaints! Few members could imagine a less suitable person to conduct such a session. Some members laughed openly at Ian “Quick” and called him a hypocrite.
  2. The Second example is: Ian Quick has been so keen to assist the Secretariat that it is alleged that he has been ringing many if not all electorates, offering his vast experience and requesting to become the Returning Officer. Suffice to say many have kindly refused his offer of support. It is further alleged that a number of electorates have complained about a number of Returning Officers actions at Annual General Meetings. None of which have been responded to we are led to believe.
  3. The Third example is: Last weekend at the Flinders AGM, Ian Quick was seen to arrive early and offered his services as the returning Officer, only to be told that it was taken. He remained to observe the destruction of his supporters and was seen to depart quickly and quietly with Russell Joseph for what must have been a long and sobering journey home.
    What was the Party leadership thinking one may ask? Who can forget “Quick News” and other toxic media commentary? Ian Quick with his Quick News emails undermined and challenged the integrity of Matthew Guy, Michael Kroger and Josh Frydenberg. Yes Ian Quick is certainly not leaving the grass to grow beneath his feet. Is his mentor the “Whisperer” or has he taken the mantle of mischief for himself? It comes at to surprise to the elders that Ian Quick and his emails is the author of an administration; that is seen as floundering, lacking moral fibre, seeking scapegoats, conducting useless investigations, poor or no investments, and finally creating disunity within the rank and file members. Menzies had he been alive would have given Ian Quick his marching orders.
    GOLDSTEIN. Tim Wilson is an interesting and perplexing character that some members believe does not fit in with the Liberals values. However based on his performance I believe that Tim does reflect some Liberal values depending on what values members consider important. A charming chap, with some radical ideas, whose views and positions have reversed the full spectrum of national policies from his days at the IPA campaigning for free speech and against climate change. Tim Wilson now bemoans the Religious Freedom Bill (RFB) and demands action on climate change. He campaigned to win his seat by two votes, promising much and yet after five years as the candidate has failed to graduate from the back bench. I believe this an important point if we take into the equation Andrew Robb, and David Kemp, Ministers in their first term.
    FLINDERS. Flinders AGM on Sunday 1 December at the local Liberal watering-hole, The Rye Hotel, produced back-to-back wins for Greg Hunt’s team and the good people of the Peninsula. It is alleged that Russell Joseph in Flinders spent some two months telling members that he would challenge Greg Hunt., telling anyone who would listen that Greg Hunt was the problem. Russel Joseph blamed Greg Hunt, Michael Sukkar and others about toppling Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister. It appears that Russel Joseph (coveted Flinders), Peter Angelico (coveted Dunkley) Regan Barry, Jack Cook and others brainwashed young Liberals are working together with the aim of destabilising Flinders and Dunkley electorates.
    Is it their aim is to discredit Scott Morrison and his team, hence the reason Greg Hunt was challenged by the renegade Julia Banks, another of Malcolm Turnbull’s acolyte. Suffice to say, long-time and acclaimed Flinders Chairman Peter Rawlings didn’t pull any punches calling out recent negative commentary and divisive conduct from a cabal so-called self-styled local leaders. The turnaround at the Flinders AGM went to show that organisations can only run on negative activity for so long. Russell Joseph and his small group of supporters were soundly defeated in every position they stood for and Russell Joseph withdrew rather than being challenged by long time activists.
    KEEPING THE POWDER DRY. Grass roots members have come to the realisation that there is no room for complacency and that it was imperative that the Liberal party within Victoria recovers, reinvents itself and rebuilds to recover electorates lost to Labor. As a result, there is a grass roots revolt that is silently gathering momentum. Take for example what has happened in the electorates of Gembrook, Latrobe, Bruce, Deakin, Gellibrand, South Barwon, Scullin, McEwen, Higgins, Gippsland South and others yet to come. There is an obvious purge being conducted against recalcitrant and renegade members whose values are not compatible with the Liberal party. Given Liberal Party beliefs and values, there is no room for pseudo Liberal Party self-styled “Generals”, “Fumblers”, “Whisperers”, “Janus acolytes”, and Sycophants; who have nothing better to do than to undermine the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party. Their actions and indecisions are damaging and eroding the good work of the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his team.
    RENEWAL IN THE WEST. A coalition of Liberals who have had enough of stagnated electorate leadership by the “Fumbler” have gathered around Jenny Matic and other activist Liberals. They are taking the management of their electorates into their own hands. Jenny Matic, a long time Liberal and political activist is different, enlightening and a breath of fresh air; attracting new members who are looking for a new way of doing things. While the incumbent “Fumbler” continues to stir the pot in the West, members are no longer interested in his patronage and he may be forced in self liquidation. Once a bright Liberal young star, the “Fumbler” has lost his shine and it is time he fell into a black hole.
    SCOTT MORRISON LEADERSHIP TEAM. On a much brighter note, it is pleasing to point out that in Saturday’s Australian, the Scott Morrison Leadership Team is shown. The full story can be obtained from the Australian at the following link: Scott Morrison and his inner circle.
    STATE COUNCIL SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES. The pervading theme of State Council was one of mourning the loss of the 2018 state election over and over again. Feedback from members of the recent State Council was not good at all. Members have described the Tony report as utter drivel and “Delegates were left wondering what happened to the Nutt report on the 2018 state election”. “Is Nutt is acting like an emu with his head stuck in the sand dunes”. “Is Nutt’s report to be shelved/ignored like so many other recent reports to the current Admin Committee? No wonder members are giving Tony Nutt’s report a shellacking.