Abalinx Newsletter 4

CHAOS, MAELSTROM AND POLITICAL STORMS. Christmas can’t come “Quick” enough for Robert Clark and his rag-tag band of backers on the Administrative Committee. The Victorian Division is imploding through hopeless and hapless leadership! I am told by sources in the know, so to speak, that this was to be expected of course as seven of the fourteen directly elected members of the 2019 Administrative Committee have lost their seats to Labor at the 2018 State Election. Robert Clark lost to Labor, Ian Quickie was a poor candidate, Russell Joseph, Cassandra Marr, Amy Johnson, Sean Armistead Matt Makin fall into the same category. Members have since put two and two together and have come to the conclusion that the above members (with the exception of Robert Clark) of the Administrative Committee do not have any political credentials or political integrity. One senior Liberal described them as losers, but I have been around long enough to realise that calling them losers is a bit harsh. I would have used the words “lacking political experience” rather than losers. What are we doing asked the senior Liberal? I don’t know the answer and I was not in a position to vote for or against. All that I know is that they undermined the past President, Michael Kroger and Matthew Guy. The Annual General Meeting season has been, and continues to be, disastrous for Robert Clark. The select few on the Administrative Committee, some staff, and the usual political “sycophants”, “Janus assassin”, “whisperers”, “generalissimos”, “fumblers”, “has-beens” and “wannabees” have much to answer for. The list is endless. There have never been so many Annual General Meetings rescheduled, cancelled, and relocated to achieve the desired results. Complaints from members are generally being ignored, and if heard dismissed, by the current Administrative Committee. Robert Clark and the Administrative Committee is being held accountable, accused of the same actions as that of their predecessor. It has now been alleged that Robert Clark and his motley crew will allow only those Annual General meetings that are compatible with their political strategy and in line with their faction’s favour. ESSENDON AND THE WEST. In a recent example, sources indicate that the Secretary of Essendon SEC Michael Horner, a staffer in Senator Ryan’s office, called the Essendon AGM without any reference to the SEC Chairman. Following a complaint from the Essendon Chairman, Robert Clark ruled that the Secretary’s notice of the Annual General Meeting stands. Is it because the Secretary got his out first and does this imply that “First in Best dressed”! If that is the case then it would appear that any member can call an Annual General Meeting anytime! Such is the importance of the Annual General Meeting to the “Generalissimo” and the Fumbler that it is to be held at a Moonee Ponds address. RELIGION AND POLITICS ARE NOT GOOD COMPANIONS. Authorities have it that Bill Rizopoulos methodologies of alleged branch stacking at Maribyrnong and Essendon has now become quite a problem for the Victorian Division. More so for Robert Clark and his cohort of political wannabees and has-beens when it was officially brought to their attention earlier this year. What was Robert Clark and company reaction one may ask? Did they choose to turn a blind eye or merely go with the flow? Now it has now been revealed that most of Bill Rizopoulos are from the congregation of the Avondale Heights Coptic Church. Many of them are from far distant suburbs. Bill Rizopoulos Coptic folk, when attending a local meeting of new Party members recently, were allegedly heard to say: “We’re not interested in the Liberal Party! We came to discuss God”. To make matters worse Bill Rizopoulos Coptic supporters advised him that he had said that they could talk about gay conversion theory amongst other matters. Fortunately for Bill Rizopoulos, Karina Okotel’s brother Joshua Bonney was in attendance and he was able to calm them down on this occasion. It has also been discovered that most of these members have signed up as discounted party membership rates as students, unemployed, pensioner etc. The question is whether this a classic branch stacking strategy. The Liberal Party is a broad “Ecclesia” (Church) and accepts any members who believe in its values. Having said that, readers should note that I am certainly not against God or a person’s religion as I as religious as the next bloke. It’s just that I am not amused by those who ram their particular belief down my throat. In fact the above story reminds of another group that met for the express purpose of praying to drive out the demons of other Liberal Party members because they were not compatible with their religious beliefs. Where will it all end is the question? The sooner these members are removed from any position of responsibility the better.
As the 2019 Annual General Meeting season draws to a close, the “Generalissimo” and his mate the “Fumbler” are pulling out all stops to shore up as many state council and State Assembly delegate positions as they can. In a recent example, it is alleged that Senator Scott Ryan’s staffer Michael Horner, acting as Returning Officer, was “sprung” handing out several more ballot papers than there were eligible voters in the room! (Cast our minds back to a time when Charley Daniel, a former Scott Ryan staffer, was good at this too!). Sources close to senior members advised that Blake Dunn, Secretary of Nepean SEC, recently distributed an error laden notice for a deliberately rescheduled AGM, either to confuse members or render the AGM invalid. Another piece of juicy gossip is that the “Whisperer” is now making overtures to some of his formerly aligned political party activists who jumped when told to. However despite those overtures they are becoming a minority and will soon be relegated to the political desert of oblivion. A sign that their reign is over.
SOCIAL MEDIA SNIPPETS. Occasionally the ENewsletter will include snippets taken from Social Media outlets. Readers can make their own minds up what the snippet is all about. In this case the jury is out whether Amy Johnstone is being mischievous, malicious, facetious, or just plain capricious.
It is alleged that Amy is in fact being a bully and is harassing the elder members of the party for reasons known only to her. I don’t know what to say to these accusations, but if one reads the comments in the social media snippets they may have a different point of view.
ADMINISTRATIVE BUREAUCRACY. The Liberal Party is drowning in administration, red tape and bureaucracy! More reports, reviews, strategic directions, more strategic plans, research, more committees, forums, standing committees, more expressions of interest (what happened to the last lot?), revitalisation, ideas, policies, charters, procedural rules, forms etc., and to top it all off, the pre-eminent committee of all time; the Council of Central Committee Chairs (C4)! Sir Humphrey Appleby has nothing on our Clark! Death by committees and inertia! Jan Cooper may have good intentions and does what she can to bring about what she believes is best for all Liberals. Her comments on social media above can best describe the current Administrative committee. How will any of this nonsense contribute towards winning the Federal and state elections in 2022? One year gone and the clock is ticking! The old truism holds true here: if you are failing and don’t know what to do, form another committee or two! If Robert Clark re-read his latest circular, surely even he would see that it is a load of bureaucratic twaddle! Thank goodness it’s nearly Christmas! We (including Robert Clark) need a much earned break after digesting all of that trivial nonsense! WOMENS QUOTA? Mary Woolridge has come out to state that she is resigning. Using her resignation to attack the Liberal party in a subtle manner stating that the Victorian Division should consider a Woman’s Quota. What utter drivel. Our women in the Victorian Division of the Liberal party are extremely mature, highly intelligent, strong willed, compassionate and ambitious. They win pre-selections based on merit and not on a quota system as indicated by Mary Woolridge. Honestly Mary Woolridge has much to offer still and yet she resigns because she does not like being in the political wilderness. John Renyard above on social media believes that “good Liberal women are overlooked”. I am not too sure about that given the past history of our women in Victoria. Having said that, I must say that as much as I like Ted Baillieu, it was unfortunate that in 2018, he leapt to the defence of former Federal Victorian MP Julia Banks, who announced that she was quitting Parliament after being bullied and intimidated by her colleagues amid the chaos of the leadership spill. Interesting to see where Ted Baillieu’s support was. After all we all know what Julia Banks did after she quit the Liberal Party just ask the members of Flinders. Furthermore, I am not convinced that Mary Woolridge point of view has resonated well with rank and file. Why did she wait until she announced her resignation to come out in support of women? Her comments are inappropriate and a slap in the face for our women who have worked hard for all Victorians. It’s a shame that Mary Woolridge has forgotten about the women who took up a political career. The women below are those who strived to represent Victorians: Dame Ivy Wedgwood, Dame Marie Breen, Dame Margaret Guilfoyle, Gloria Joan Child, Dorothy Goble, Jeannette Patrick, Prudence Sibree, Marie Tehan, Lorraine Elliott, Ann Henderson, Jan Wade, Denise McGill, Leonie Burke, Kay Patterson, Karen Synon, Andrea McCall, Joan Chambers, Judith Troeth, Frances Bailey, Sharman Stone, Sue Wilding, Hilda Baylor, Janice Kronberg, Wendy Lovell, Kelly O’Dwyer, Lorraine Wreford, Deanne Ryall, Helen Shardey, Andrea Coote, Wendy Smith, Elizabeth Miller, Maree Luckins, Rosemary Varty, Heidi Victoria, Louise Asher, Sophie Mirabella (nee Panopoulos,) Christine Fyffe, Inga Peulich, Helen Kroger, Jane Hume, Sarah Henderson, Donna Bauer, Donna Petrovich, Cindy McLeish, Georgina Crozier, and others.
PETITION. With members believing that the current leadership is unsustainable, and that the Party can’t afford to wait until the May AGM/State Council, calls are growing for the requisitioning of a Special State Council meeting early in the New Year, the purpose of which would be to dismiss the Admin Committee and elect a new one. This petition is gathering momentum and soon the results of it will be known. I am sure that in due course members will hear more of this in the near future. I on the other hand believe that should a Special meeting of State Council be called upon, only the current 2019 State Council delegates will be considered. However that is not to say that other non-delegates cannot sign the petition to add value and weight. I am told that all members of the Liberal party are encouraged to sign.
EARLY PRESELECTION’S AND CAMPAIGNING. Irrespective of the Tony Nutt post-election report, forget about the numerous committees, put aside the lost revenue, the lack of leadership, the cronyism and the instability caused by early pre-selections, it would appear that the gutless pseudo social media profile Dingo Alfred Jmes has finally made sense. Will this mean that electorates in the East will suddenly become an attractive option for those seeking high office early than expected. Watch this space for inside deals, surprise candidates, members retiring, shifting of alliances, generational change and pressure being placed on incumbent members and those non performers.
PAST CAMPAIGNING METHDOLOGIES. As for the past two election campaigns, let us not kid ourselves, members have come to the conclusion that the American style of campaigning is limited and that the public prefers to see their members rather than receiving electronic campaign material. The electronic concept has its place but not at the forefront. Such campaign methodologies belong in the background silently gathering campaign intelligence and supporting the candidates. Michael Sukkar’s campaign methodologies are proof of how a campaign should be conducted. Delegates and members departing the recent State Council at Ballarat, commented that it is difficult to see how the Victorian Division can ever win another state election based on current settings. New State Director Sam McQuestin from Tasmania must be wondering what he has taken on by transferring to the Victorian Divison.
REMOVE POOR PERFORMERS. Well is this not exactly what the past President Michael Kroger stated all along. Let the truth be known shall we and call a spade a spade. After all the past twelve months has not been a bed of roses has it? Non performers should resign early and make way for new blood and not hang onto electorates fumbling about or having barbeques each New Year to demonstrate their alleged or perceived power and influence. Take a leaf out of “Dingo Alfred Jmes social media comments above and do the right is the message to all non-performers.
INTIMIDATION AND THREATS. It has been reported that an alleged offence may have occurred. If this is true then the matter and the matter has been brought to the attention of Robert Clark. If not then it is a matter for the Police. The alleged offence apparently involves an SEC Chairman and a member of the Administrative Committee. Both members are being accused of issuing blackmail and threatening emails to members. Those affected members believe they have no option but to go to the police. This is not the Liberal party that I joined.
MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. As this is the final ENewsletter for the year, I wish to thank all the contributors from across the Victorian Division. No matter which group, faction or Liberal community one belongs to, I wish all good Liberals a very Merry Christmas, a very Safe, Happy New Year. Stay strong always and be of good cheer. 2020 is a new year, a year of change.
ENEWSLETTERS SUBSCRIBERS. Although the original subscriber’s data base of 12000 was contaminated in 2018 and destroyed; it is now being rebuilt with support from many sources. This week’s additional data was added from sources in the public domain.
It has taken ten long months to rebuild it and we are continually adding more members. Members wishing to subscribe/unsubscribe may do so by request via email at [email protected] ENewsletter may be obtained at abalinx.com under the menu ENews. This ENewsletter is about allowing members know what is going on within their electorate and in their name. Their contributions are all appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read it.