Abalinx Newsletter 5


We could not leave the year 2019 without going out on a good note. Therefore a special Festive season ENewsletter to whet the appetite of all members. Abalinx ENews wishes to thank all the contributors for their support and for providing the information. This is your ENewsletter. Special thanks to Ian Quick for his inaccurate assessment and analysis and we wish him well in his endeavours. The “Quicker” he and his mates resign the better.
Governance. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have mismanaged almost everything they have touched, including: an expensive investigation, into four Party members, (the recommendations of which were ignored) resulting in the eventual failed motion to suspend one of them at State Assembly; expenditure on consultants to find new office accommodation, only to reject the recommendations and move just around the corner; expenditure on investment advice, only to ignore the same; expenditure on a world-wide search for a new State Director, only to appoint someone from across Bass Straight.
Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have presided over the most chaotic and shambolic annual general meeting season in the history of the Victorian Division. Their inability to manage the AGMs where democracy has been circumvented to suit their factional purposes has been shameful. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee (particularly Ian Quick and Russell Joseph) have brought the Victorian Division to its knees over the unnecessarily early federal pre-selections (commencing in January 2020 for an election mid-2022 or later!) purely for their factional purposes, and to meet the demands of a certain nervous Victorian Senator.
Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have talked ad-nauseam about setting strategic directions, strategic plans etc., and have established multiple panels, committees, sub-committees, boards, taskforces, research groups etc; however, to date they have not produced anything of substance, other than some wish-lists, to guide the work of the Division in the lead up to the 2022 federal and state elections. Membership. Robert Clark and factional his supporters on the Administrative Committee have presided over the largest decline in Party membership in the history of the Victoria Division. Although Marcus Bastiaan and Paul Mitchell who increased the membership, the Victorian Division now is at its lowest membership ever.
Participation. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have seen membership participation plummet, as evidenced by the failure to reach a quorum at the last two meetings of State Assembly. Membership participation is now at an all-time low. Members are voting with their feet; to stay away.
Financial Management. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have massively mismanaged the Victorian Division’s funds. The Division has posted a trading loss for the last five months exceeding $500,000. They have left the $37 million proceeds from the sale of 104 Exhibition Street in the Party’s day-to-day trading account thus forgoing investment income of more than $1 million.
Fund Raising. Robert Clark and his factional supporters have not raised any funds. They have been resting on their laurels following the sale of 104 Exhibition Street, ($37 million) and in the knowledge that there will not be any elections until 2022.
Office Accommodation. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee chose not to make a decision about long-term office accommodation, opting for yet another non-decision, taking up temporary rented accommodation at 60 Collins Street. The Victorian Division is effectively homeless.
Policy Devcelopment. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have talked a lot about policy development, however beyond establishing multiple committees, little has happened.
Communication. Robert Clark introduced an occasional email update to members, which has been generally well received. However, an objective assessment of the update would find that it is repetitive, and full of uninteresting and uninspiring administration.
Advancement. Robert Clark In light of his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee cannot possibly expect to advance to re-election at the 2020 AGM/State Council. The best they can do is resign/retire gracefully before the members run them out of town.
Federal Election 2019 – Victoria. Robert Clark and factional supporters on the Administrative Committee believe that through their good work, the Victorian Division performed well at the 2019 federal election. So much for spin. A more objective assessment is that the Victorian Division only won twelve seats, and as such was the worst performing division in the country. That the Victorian Division did as well as it did, is largely down to the then Acting State Director Simon Frost, who elected not to see out his secondment following the election citing a difficulties working with a hostile Administrative Committee. There’s an enormous amount of work to be done to improve the Victorian Division’s performance.
Victorian State Election 2022. Robert Clark and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee have chosen to largely ignore the 2018 State Election Review, (Nutt Report) preferring to continue to bemoan the election loss and blame anyone and everyone. Spreading the blame is the order of the day!
Report Summary. Robert Clark in the lead up to State Council Elections in June 2019, he and his factional supporters on the Administrative Committee, and their broader factional member supporters, sold the proposition that they would unify and unite the Victorian Division, and implement good governance. As it turns out, they have managed to divide the Party more than ever, and have made a complete mess of the Party’s governance.
WHY THE CHAOS. Why are these people Ian Quick and company blowing, causing havoc, creating a political civil war and dividing members. The local gossip or take on this is that over in the East where the Conservatives are found there is a chap who is mates with Ian Quick. This chap has apparently asked, discussed or influenced Ian Quick to change the timing of the preselections. To do so will thereore ensure that at least 60 members who would have been eligible may not be if the preselections are held early. If this is the case, does this mean that Ian Quick is seeking the job as the members Chief bottle washer or janitor in his mates office. I say this because Ian Quick is certainly not qualified for the job. The Victorian Division of the Liberal Party is on fire as the AGM season winds up for 2019! AGMs at Nepean, Maribyrnong & Essendon blew up last night (Wednesday 18 December 2019) like nothing ever seen before. It is alleged that at the Nepean AGM 2018 candidate, Russell Joseph, verbally & nastily abused local Party stalwart Robb Hampson, prompting a walk out of members. The meeting was disbanded. While at the Maribyrnong & Essendon AGMs, held in Senator Scott Ryan’s Office in Moonie Ponds, Bernie Finn MP verbally attacked Party stalwart Diane Plim with a most unparliamentarily and misogynistic spray of abuse which will be the subject of multiple complaints by multiple witnesses to multiple authorities. At the same meetings, new Member & a Bill Rizopoulos stack, (of which there were 20/70 present), Sandy Spanos attacked Senator Ryan alleging that the AEC, for which he was formerly responsible for, is corrupt. Spanos alleged that the AEC is complicit in multiple voting at multiple polling booths in the Maribyrnong Electorate. Ryan responded angrily that he would not tolerate such allegations in his Senator Office. Spanos stood her ground. The Victorian Division under Robert Clark’s hapless, inept, careless & at times destructive, leadership & Quick’s malevolent behaviour, is in chaos & burning to the ground. The Special State Council Meeting cannot come soon enough to stem the rot.
QUICKS NEWS – FACT OR FICTION. Just when all was going well, we find that Blake Young the Vice President of the Young Liberals was being intimidated or threatened with a six month ban or expulsion which was later withdrawn. All because this bright young man had the courage to write a letter to the Administrative Committee. On the other hand we have that “God like Hermes” (Ian Quick) sending out his messages to Liberal Party members on Administrative matters. Mr Ian Quick has not realised the enormous harm that he is doing by stealth and that his hypocrisy has not gone down well. As such members have been compelled to respond in kind to Ian Quicks email shown below.
IAN QUICK FICTION 1. It has been a long time – more than a year – since I last sent out a newsletter. Until recently, there hasn’t been much of a need, as we have a much better Party President – Robert Clark.
FACT. Robert Clark has no experience in running the Party organisation, Clark was always going to be out of his depth. However, no one could believe that after one year, has already become the worst President in the history of the Party.
IAN QUICK FICTION 2. However, members have been contacting me asking why some Federal MP’s are showing so much interest in frustrating this Admin’s decision to restore party democracy and have candidates in the field as soon as possible for the next Federal Election – something every post-election review recommends. On the face of it, their response doesn’t seem rational – as we can’t reasonably wait till after the next redistribution (finishing sometime late 2Q 2021), and many target seats could do with a candidate now. After all, there is a reasonable chance we will have the next federal election 3Q 2021!
FACT. Ian Quick, the post-election review recommended hundreds of changes which you and the rest of Robert Clarks Admin committee have failed to act on. Nowhere in the Nutt or Kemp reports does it recommend preselecting candidates two and a half years before an election. Ian Quick is not interested in Party democracy.
IAN QUICK FICTION 3. So what’s going on? Why are some of them having issues? The answer is simple: after pre-selections were cancelled in 2018, some MPs have become addicted to not having to face the members in a preselection again. Delaying pre-selections (as in 2018) is a tactic to end up cancelling pre-selections. There are two underlining (and largely factional) reasons behind the hostility to Admin’s decision:
FACT. Ian Quick is holding preselection’s later in the year so it seems and is not cancelling them. Ian Quick has taken it upon himself to be the spokesperson for his rag tag of sycophants who have hoodwinked the members into believing him. However as life is what it is, history will soon unravel the likes of Ian Quick and his crew.
IAN QUICK FICTION 4. The pre-selections need to be held after State Council next year (May) as then “they” will control Admin and simply re-endorse sitting members like they did last year (which was supported by all sitting members – what a surprise) – ignoring the constitution amendment to stop this happening. They want to wait till after redistributions have been done, so then the Federal MPs can carve up existing seats between themselves, rather than submit themselves to the members – which they can do easily via Admin if they control it.
FACT. Ian Quick should know that Federal Members and the Administrative Committee have no power to carve up seats and appoint candidates, nor do they have the power to “Cancel pre-selections”. Ian Quick should cease hiding behind the constitution. No one likes a hypocrite. Members are hoping that Ian Quick is correct and that by May 2020 he and his mob will no longer control the Administrative Committee.
IAN QUICK FICTION 5. Note that winning more seats is nowhere on their agenda. If we want to win Indi, Dunkley, Corangamite, to name a few, we need candidates there as soon as possible. Delaying them to 2021 is political idiocy. The key problem here is a number of Federal MP’s who want to put their own factional shenanigans ahead of the party’s need to win more seats. No wonder we have gone from 19 federal seats in Victoria in 1996 to 12 today – and leaving preselection to later isn’t going to solve this imbalance!
FACT. Members are asking Ian Quick whether he ever make it to Indi, Dunkley or Corangamite during the last election campaign, or only this year during his own State Council campaign.
The “Key Problem” is that Ian Quick is putting his own factional shenanigans ahead of the Party’s need to win seats then he goes around blaming others for doing exactly the same thing. What a hypocrite.
IAN QUICK FICTION 6. Ironically, when Michael Kroger opened up sitting member state seats on the 21/11/2016 (ie two years before the last state election), and then actively ran a candidate against the sitting Member in the most marginal Melbourne seat – nobody had a problem! And in 2018 when federal pre-selections were cancelled, fed MPs said it was “a matter for the Party”! Josh Frydenberg had no problems challenging the sitting member for Kooyong (Petro Georgiou) in early 2006 – 19 months before the next federal election – so why would he be worried about something similar, in the same timeframe, happening now?
FACT. Ian Quick is seeking to open preselection’s 30 months before the Federal election, not 19 months. It is no wonder members are wondering what the main problems are why so quick about. The State Pre-selections were opened 24 months before the State Election as there are 128 seats to pre-select, considerably more than the 42 Federal seats requiring preselection. FACT. Ironically it was Michael Kroger the past President who ensured the Victorian Liberal Party Victorian Divison remained financially stable and removed the corruption.
IAN QUICK FICTION 7. And don’t Federal members know that ringing up party volunteers and abusing them is not how to get what they want? Haven’t they noticed the new National Code of Conduct, which applies to them? The contempt some Federal Members are showing volunteer party members is breathtaking. The choice is simple: We can do the pre-selections now, via plebiscites to let members decide, and get candidates into seats we need to win, or we can do them later and Admin will make the decision, and it will be close to impossible to win more seats. That is the choice.
FACT. Doesn’t the State Vice Presidents know that Ian Quick sending the Liberal Party members wide emails and attacking Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is not how to get what Ian Quick wants? Has Ian Quick read the Administrative Committee’s code of conduct? Perhaps the section relating to publicising Administrative deliberations to non-Administrative members or the entire Liberal Party database which he is emailing is not compatible with one another. Ian Quick, the Administrative Committee and Robert Clare have run what is considered the least democratic in the Liberal Party’s history. Now Ian Quick goes even further by misleading the entire Liberal Party’s membership about the preselection time table.
IAN QUICK FICTION 8. Why are we doing the current timetable? 1. We have to win more federal seats. We had 19 liberal held federal seats in Victoria in 1996. We have only 12 today, even though Victoria has more seats.
FACT. Ian Quick and Robert Clark appointed Grant Hutchinson to recruit and secure the preselection of candidates at the last Federal election. Six of those candidates quit before the election leaving the Party without candidates in major marginal seats. Not a good track record I must say. Even the Whisperer was better. POLITICAL CYBERWARFARE- Ian Quick was proven to have leaked insistently during the 2018 State Election campaign undermining Party Leader Matthew Guy and Party President Michael Kroger, and who can forget Quick News circulated to thousands attacking the Party. I guess Abalinx ENews is the result of Ian Quick cantankerous ravings. Therefore it is fair to ask why Ian Quick is so concerned about the Party’s electability now.
IAN QUICK FICTION 9. To win more seats, we have to have candidates on the ground early. That is, earlier than we have done in some other elections. Post-election reviews keep pounding the fact to get candidates earlier, and I’ve never met a candidate, running for a seat we currently don’t hold, who didn’t say more time would have been better. No one has to quit their job to campaign! We need candidates to organize around, both for votes and fund raising. Note: Labor is already campaigning in some key seats!
FACT. The only campaigning Ian Quick is interested in is the State Council. To be honest members are beginning to question Ian Quicks credentials on campaigns. I have been a campaign Manager for some 25 years and in all that time, I have never seen or heard of Ian Quick being involved in any campaign, seen him man a booth, door knock, hand out How to Vote cards in an electorate or raise any money.
IAN QUICK FICTION 10. Sitting MPs are always done first. It provides certainty to the party and candidates. The idea that an MP might go “rogue” if defeated is merely an argument never to have challenges, as that idea intensifies closer to a poll! Furthermore, it is insulting to think any Victorian MP would betray our party like that.
FACT. Ian Quick, this is an easy one which can be best described as: Julia Banks betrayed the Liberal Party Victorian Division and the throughout Australia
It is insulting to members to receive such emails from Ian Quick and it is an affront to member’s intelligence.
IAN QUICK FICTION 11. We can’t wait till after the next redistribution. We don’t know if there is going to even be a redistribution until June 2020. By the time it is finished it will probably be May/June 2021. The next fed election can be between 7/August/2021 and 21/May/2022. The South Australian election is in March 2022, and the Tasmanian one will be April/May 2022. We potentially have no time to do member plebiscite preselection’s between the finish of the redistribution and the calling of an election. Even if we do have a couple of months spare, depending on who is running Admin, it will be used as an excuse for Admin to do them instead of the members (as Admin did in 2018) – and still be too short a time to have candidates in the field if we want to win seats.
FACT. Ian Quick should know that the request from the entire Federal Membership is to run preselection’s in October 2020. Misleading members about a date in 2021 could be seen as “gravely detrimental”, a term Ian Quick has used to justify his failed expulsions and suspensions of factional foes. Politics is politics and as such Ian Quick must realise that sooner or later his reign will come to an end. His thoughts and those of his recalcitrant sycophants will soon come to an end. The youth of today are not the same as that of Ian Quicks generation and seek integrity, honesty and a fair playing ground.
IAN QUICK FICTION 12. The redistribution is unlikely to be significant. The last redistribution (2018) created one new seat, and juggled the existing ones around. No existing EC was changed to the point that it was deemed to be not a continuing EC, not one. And the average 2PP change was 1.2% (some up and some down). Stories going around the party of a possible ‘5 seats being deleted’ are just made up stories with no factual basis.
FACT. The truth is that a new seat will be added in the North West, and an additional seat may or could be added in the South East. This will displace almost every electorate in the state. How would Ian Quick know more about the AEC than our Federal members? Maybe he doesn’t know better and this is all a ruse to achieve some other objective or mission he has set his mind upon.
IAN QUICK FICTION 13. Given all that, Admin has sensibly
decided to do the sitting members next February 2020, so that we
can then move on to the target seats in the following months.
Those targets will be done on a case by case basis, in consultation
with the respective FECs to make sure that they are ready to have
a preselection. This would result in us having candidates in target
seats in the first half to mid next year – to give them somewhere
from a year to a year and a half to campaign. We can then move
on to longer term target seats (late next year, unless some seats
are ready earlier), followed by (whenever appropriate) the seats
with very large margins sometime before the next election.
FACT. One asks of Ian Quickie whether the Federal Members,
Federal Secretariat and State Secretariat have a better idea on the
election campaign plan. After all it was it not Ian Quick, Robert Clark
and Grant Hutchinson who lost 6 candidates on the way to the
election. I am quite sure that members do not want a repeat of the
What Ian Quick has failed to realise is that Long term campaigning
is a drain on resources, the wellbeing of volunteers is at risk, funds
and fundraising difficult and sustaining a long campaign does not
produce the results indicated by Ian Quick.
IAN QUICK FICTION 14 If we want to win more seats, nobody
has put up a credible alternative to the above. We should have
candidates in the field for at least 12 months before the first
possible date for an election (Aug 2021), and FEC’s need a
candidate to organise around. To get that to happen we have to
start with sitting MPs at the start of 2020. Anything else is political
FACT. Using the words “Political idiocy” is unbecoming of an
Administrative Committee member and it smacks of elitism. It is not
the embers who started the “Civil War, it is Ian Quick, Robert Clark
who are waging a political battle with the Prime Minister at time
when we need to be united with Scott Morrison. Shame on Ian
Quick, Robert Clark and the rest of their political cartel..
FACT. If Ian Quick truly wanted to win more seats, he would spend
less time playing internal factional games and putting his alleged
campaign and organising talents toward fundraising, recruitment
and campaigning.
ENEWS will periodically display members whose actions are not in the best interests of the Liberal Party.
ROBERT CLARK SHOULD RESIGN. Swapping John Howard for Kevin Rudd was never a
good idea. Swapping Kroger for Clark has been a disaster. With no experience in running the Party
organisation, Clark was always going to be out of his depth. However, no one could believe that after one
year he has already become the worst President in the history of the Party.
He has set up a record number of committees which is about his only claim to fame. We are drowning in
meetings, reports, minutes, drafts, agendas, venues etc. etc. This is what Labor governments do when
they have no idea what to do.
SEAN ARMISTEAD. As a Rainbow Warrior, Sean Armistead is taking members for granted! Members
laughed when one of his cronies advised him on social media to run for the President of the Liberal party.
Sean Armistead is the same bloke who accused another Liberal veteran member of wrong doing and
complained on social media that his complaints were ignored. This chap has much to learn and is not
learning that he is being rejected.
It is alleged that Sean Armistead is trying to lock out members by forcing them to register beforehand on the
premises of “buildings safety”. From someone who is a university qualified EOH&S consultant this is utter
clap trap. On reflection it appears to me that they used the same excuse last year to lock out voters.
IAN QUICK. I believe that Ian Quick latest efforts warrant a motion at the next State assembly to: to
be suspended in the same manner as Blake Young was initially suspended. That that Ian Quick has a
history of disloyalty to the Liberal Party, the Constitution and certainly to the platform of the Liberal Party.
In addition Ian Quick should be suspended as guilty of conduct gravely detrimental to the best interests of
the party.
Ian Quicks emails have done enormous damage and he needs face the members and explain why he is
sending out emails. Furthermore why is it that he has made himself the spokesman for the Administrative
Committee when traditionally that is the role of the President. I wonder whether it is because of poor
leadership that Ian Quick believes he can fill the vacuum.