Abalinx Newsletter 6


  • Robert Clark. President. Age: 62 Bio: Member of parliament 30 years, Minister 4 years. Tall timber in the forest of deadwood. Employment: Unemployed.
  • Owen Guest. Treasurer. Age: 47 Bio: Failed candidate for McNamara, plays royal tennis, best friend of Mantach ally Caroline Elliott. Employment: Unemployed
  • Ian Quick. Male VP.
    Age: 62 Bio: Mantach factions lead leaker and briefer. Coveters the seat of Kooyong, spent five years undermining Matthew Guy, Josh Frydenberg and Michael Kroger. Employment: Unemployed.
  • Holly Byrne. Female VP.
    Age: 44 Bio: Often seen but seldom heard. Close ally of Mantach numbers man Frank Greenstein. Employment: Immigration consultant
  • Amy Johnson. Female VP.
    Age: 32 Bio: 5-minute Liberal, extreme left-wing councillor focused on recruiting Turnbull Liberals. Employment: Unemployed.
  • Matthew Makin. VP Male. Age: 45 Bio: Self-described corporation and governance expert with several failed ventures under the belt. Coverts Western Region seat. Employment status: Unemployed
  • Sean Armistead. General Male Admin. Age: 43 Bio: Failed Frankston candidate, long time Mantach ally, often found lurking around the Melbourne branch and Young Liberal Annual Ball. Coverts senate. Employment: Part time checkout assistant at Blockbuster Video. 8. Cassandra Marr. Female General Admin. Age: 35 Bio: 5-minute Liberal, failed candidate for Sunbury. Works for the well-known bully and harasser Bernard ‘fumbler’ Finn. Employment: Staffer
  • Karen Egan. Female General Admin. Age: 60 Bio: Failed candidate for Northern Region, failed publican. Employment: Unemployed.
  • Russell Joseph. Male General Admin. Age: 60 Bio: Staffer turned failed candidate for Nepean. Coverts Flinders. Employment: Unemployed
    While the Prime Minister Scott Morrison is out supporting those fighting the fires, members must remember that Robert Clark was part of the do nothing Baillieu Government. Robert Clark as part of Baillieu’s government did not increase hazard reduction burning sufficiently and therefore is personally to blame for the bushfires. He has no credibility on this issue and should be called out on it. Members are wondering where Robert Clark and his Administrative team are doing to support Victorians fighting the fires. It is the belief of many members that Robert Clark and his Administration is more interested in attacking party members and briefing journalists against Michael Kroger and Josh Frydenberg than he is in briefing journalists in support of Scott Morrison. No leadership from the Admin Committee. Robert Clark is more interested in preselection stacks and starting fires in the Victorian Division than stopping the real fires that are taking lives and destroying the livelihoods of our strongest supporters.
  • NAME AND FAME PEOPLE OF INTEREST ENEWS will periodically display members whose actions are not in the best interests of the Liberal Party.
    GRANT HUTCHINSON Shooting to Liberal Party recognition after his narrow loss in the Evelyn preselection, Grant Hutchinson worked to make a name for himself as an earnest and honest broker. Seeking out any opportunity to enter himself into any decision to dispense his legalistic wisdom. To many early on Grant came across as an odd but reasonable fellow. As a self-promoting committed Christian, he struck up a close relationship with Karina Okotel and the evangelical religious right within the Liberal Party, hosting and funding summer camps with fellow evangelical activist Kyle Hoppit and various other younger religious Party Members. Many former supporters of Grant’s could not accept his reasoning to challenge Tony Smith, the Speaker of the House, and due to this and other issues he lost his converted Vice Presidency at last year’s State Council. Grant however remains active, working the delegates in Casey ever hopeful of an early retirement. Nothing wrong with ambition if you are capable, that is the question hanging over Grant Hutchinson’s head.
    KARINA OKOTEL Some would refer to Karina Okotel as the traitorous disgraced former Vice President. Others just refer to her as Karina. Know nation-wide as the grinning assassin after attempting to knife senior conservatives Michael Sukkar, Peter Dutton and Mathias Corman, she is today known as the grinning assassin after her 88-12 defeat at Federal Council. While few today seek her association, she remains active supporting her former mentor, turned enemy, turned reluctant rescuer Frank Greenstein. Around the Western Metro Karina has been quietly redoubling her efforts doing what Karina does best; meeting and greeting large numbers of Party members on behalf of Frank and her Mantach faction allies. Many questions remain regarding the conduct of Karina and her troubled brother Joshua Bonney, all of which have been covered up by the Clark/Quick Admin.
    BILL RIZOPOULOS Having finally found something that he is good at, Rizopoulos has been busy stacking new members, many of them his fellow countrymen, from all over Melbourne, into Maribyrnong FEC, and Essendon SEC, far exceeding the trigger point for an investigation by Party HQ. With the AGM season over, and Bernie Finn and Scott Ryan’s numbers on the 2020 State Council, and likely in turn, the 2020 Administrative Committee, diminished, their backers on the Administrative Committee overlooked Rizopoulos’s branch stacking in Maribyrnong and Essendon. What a difference a year or two can make! Meanwhile, Rizopoulos, a self-styled fanatical religious and political operative, (some say nut-job) working from a den at back of his tyre garage in Sydney Road Coburg, with the help of State President Robert Clark, has been busy building his own brand and the Rizopoulos Faction in the West, holding evening soirées in Footscray with free-flowing good quality wine from a very generous sponsor.
    Robert Clarks Praetorian Guard? How does a relative unknown member make a name for themselves in today’s political world of technology? Does they stand out in all kinds of weather handing out How to Vote Cards on behalf of a Liberal candidate? Does they stand up at State Assembly and State Council to debate a motion? Do they character assassinate others to climb the social ladder”? Do they spread malicious and biased rumours to gain an unfair advantage? Do they bully, intimidate and harass members to get their way? Or are they just happy to belong to the Robert Clark Praetorian Guard? Questions that can only be answered by observation and monitoring an individual’s actions. These questions of course may fit anyone seeking high office, power and influence. Since the letter was received it is alleged that Robert Clark’s Praetorian guard of Ian Quick, Grant Hutchinson and Sali Miftari have hit the phones coercing and “bullying” petition signatories to withdraw their support. Complaints have been written to the Party’s disputes committee as to how a suburban lawyer Grant Hutchinson, and ‘International Strategic Consultant’ Sali Miftari received the names and contact details of petition signatories – considering neither are on the Party’s Administrative Committee. This again represents yet another breach of process by Clark and his cronies. Recently a well-known bully and abuser took to Facebook to defend his former colleague Robert Clark, staff member Cassandra Marr and fellow Admin conspirators.
    The members post evokes the usual windmill of rage and idiocy. Attacking Petition Signatories as playing “Silly games” and of disloyalty to the Party. If it weren’t so hypocritical it might be funny. Sean Armistead, Holly Byrne, Owen Guest, Members of the Janus Group, Whisperers, Fumblers, Rainbow Warriors, Sycophants, Wannabes, Lefties and others of their ilk are likely candidates for Robert Clark’s Praetorian Guard?
    “ROBERT CLARK’S LETTER TO THE VICTORIAN DIVISION AND THEIR ANALYSIS”. Has Robert Clark shot himself in the shoe by taking on too much? Has he demonstrated the leadership necessary to lead the Liberal party to Government? Is Robert Clark the leader or is he being fed information contrary to the interests of the Victoria Division. So many questions that go unanswered and Liberals are being held hostage to the numerous political innocuous activities of Robert Clark and his company.
    In the lead up to last year’s Christmas Liberal Party Members received an extraordinary letter from President Robert Clark. Described to me by a concerned Party Member as “Clark’s thousand-word (529) suicide note” the document is riddled with lies and deception. We can only provide the information and it is up the members of the Victorian Division of the Liberal party to separate the wheat from the political chafe. Some of the claims are examined below along with the review and analysis by our team.
    I’m writing to inform you that Party yesterday received a requisition under the Party’s constitution from a number of State Council members seeking to require the Party to hold a special meeting of State Council within the next few weeks. The requisition. The requisition seeks to have State Council pass a motion to prevent the Party from starting or continuing any pre-selections for the next Federal election until after 1 October next year. Together with the requisition, its organisers have also submitted another motion that has apparently not been signed by the supporters of the requisition, and which seeks to substitute a date of 1 September instead and make other changes to the original motion. It is, of course, the right of any 50 State Council members to sign a requisition and to require the Party to incur the costs of holding an additional State Council if they consider it justified. However, both the timing and the terms of this requisition are most concerning, as is the confusion and uncertainty created by its proponents submitting two different motions. Timing. The organisers of the requisition have chosen to lodge it on the last day before the secretariat closed for the Christmas-New Year period. As a result, secretariat staff risk being forced to cancel or reschedule their holiday plans in order to make the extensive preparations required for the holding of a State Council. As well, the timing chosen to lodge the requisition may require the State Council to be held at a time when large numbers of delegates are away on vacation. If so, this will deprive many delegates of the ability to attend and vote, thus undermining both the fairness of the timing and the legitimacy of any resolution that may be passed. Blocking all pre-selections. The terms of the requisition seek to prohibit the Party from starting to preselect any candidates for the next Federal election until after 1 October next year, and to require a halt to all current preselection processes. This applies not only to current Liberal held seats, but to potential target seats such Corangamite, Dunkley, Indi, McEwen, Jaga Jaga, McNamara and Isaacs, as well as the traditional Labor seats that we need to seek to win over time. It is difficult for me to see the logic of simply forcing a seven or eight month deferral of pre-selections, unless it is a prelude to further attempted deferrals or other changes. The main result achieved by such a delay, on its own, is to prevent the Party from being able to complete pre-selections for candidates for target seats until into 2021, even though the next Federal election could well turn out to be in late 2021. Pre-selections at which ordinary Party members decide who the Party’s candidates will be are a vital part of the democratic structure of our Party, but a full and open pre-selection process for all seats takes many months to complete. We cannot afford to risk a repeat of what happened last time, when pre-selections were deferred for so long that pre-selections for Liberal held seats had to be scrapped, and pre-selections and endorsements for other seats were late and rushed. VICTORIAN DIVISION REVIEW & ANALYSIS Timing: Robert Clark and his Admin cronies were made aware that their decision to hold early pre-selection’s was strongly opposed by the entire Federal Party for months.
    Robert Clark and his Admin cronies were also aware of the petition’s circulation two weeks prior to its submission. Of course, what is “most concerning” is Clark’s arrogance – to expect that defying and demeaning the Prime Minister and Treasurer would result in any other outcome.
    Blocking All Preselection’s: Preselection’s are not being “Blocked” they are being run after the draft redistribution boundaries are set.
    “It is difficult to see the logic” as to why Robert Clark wants to run pre-selections in seats that will almost certainly have changed their boundaries in six months, meaning that it is possible that those preselection’s will have to be rerun on new boundaries a matter of months later.
    “We cannot afford to risk a repeat of what happened last time”: Robert Clark digs deeper into his pit of hypocrisy; reaffirm his opposition to last elections reindorsements – DESPITE ROBERT CLARK BEING PRESENT AND VOTING IN FAVOUR OF THOSE SAME REINDORSEMENTS ON ADMIN IN 2018.
    “We have been going backwards in Victoria over the last 20 years”: This is perhaps the only honest comment made by Robert Clark. We all note that during those years you were the member for the very safe Liberal seat of Box Hill. Our Party spent a decade plus out of government because of chronic underperformers like you, and now you seek to educate all of us as to how we can win. The statement is as extraordinary as it is exasperating.
    Next Steps: Robert Clark lies again. He and the new State Director both sought oral advice from Constitutional Chair Darryl Williams on the day the petition was submitted. In both cases Darryl is understood to have said petition was constitutional.
    The State Director then communicated to the current Admin Committee confirming the constitutionality of the petition and seeking to hold the meeting as soon as possible. Robert Clark has now subsequently unilaterally overruled the State Director and his Constitutional Committee Chair seeking to thwart the process and buy time.
    Bernie Finns Fanatic supporters. As a long-time supporter of Bernie Finn, I am somewhat disappointed that he went over to the “Dark Side”. I often wondered when he jumped ship from being the bright Morning star to the “Death Star of politics”. The diminishing cesspit of delusional, dissipated and disastrous Finn supporters went especially mad when egged on by the ‘Fumbler’. The most shocking comment goes to local council hopeful Phil Darth who was threatening to get physical and “Smack” new members he determines are “stacks”. Another consistent contributor David ‘Dingo’ Everist – father of newly employed Victorian Farmers Federation staffer Charles Everist – added his dim-witted insights, and the embattled former McEwan Chair Liam Sheehan compared new Party Members to “faecal ooze leaking from the glove puppets”. Good to see the ’Fumbler’ surrounds himself in likeminded friends.
    MEMBERS CONTRIBUTIONS. To ensure transparency, fair play, we seek member’s contributions. Keep them short and simple without provocation and malicious language and they shall be published. Your views are important. Please address them to Abalinx ENewsletter at: [email protected] This is your chance to express your views. Contributor’s names will not be published if requested. All Abalinx ENewsletters may be found at abalinx.com
  • Sunbury Falls! One by one the dominoes have been falling for the Finns in the west. No amount of propping up by Senator Scott Ryan, his staffers and the inept State President Robert Clark, seems to be enough to save the Fumbler. 2. The Great Petition! Defend his former colleague Robert Clark, (“With Clarky”) staff member Cassandra (Don’t call me Cassie”) Marr and their Administration. 3. Robert Clark email! What a disgrace! Largely written by Clark’s right hand man Ian Quick. (Mr Quick doesn’t like that name for some reason!) President Clark lectures members (volunteers!) telling them that the requisitioning of a Special State Council meeting is provided for in the Party’s Constitution, however Members who exercise this provision are troublesome and should go away. 4. Power surge! It is alleged that Sean Armistead was trying to lock out members by forcing members to register beforehand on the premises of “buildings safety”. On reflection it appears that they used the same excuse last year to lock out voters. We find it hard to believe in this day age but wonders never cease. The impossible may be possible and maybe people can be fooled all the time.
  • Social media butterfly! Ian Quick is on Facebook now! He said he would never join Facebook. He always said people who use Facebook must never mention him or include photos of him. He berated people who accidentally posted photos of him & asked the Liberal Party to take action against those who did. “The party is being ripped apart by people who want control at any price,” failed vice-presidential candidate Ian Quick said in a personal newsletter distributed to party members. 6. The Final Question – Who will be our White Knight? If ever the Victorian Liberal Party has needed a white knight it is now. Captain Robert ‘Ahab’ Clark’s cloak of political madness is ripping apart the Victorian division. With our Party more at war with itself than ever before. Clark’s refusal to schedule a Special State Council will possibly result in an additional motion to spill the Party’s Administrative committee, and failing that the Party will almost certainly be taken into Federal Administration. So who will stand tall and ensure members have their say? This responsibility surely falls upon the shoulders of the newly appointed State Director Sam McQuestin – who by the end of January will be empowered by the constitution to call a special State Council meeting with or without Clark’s support.
  • Lost but not forgotten! Never before have the democratic rights of Members been so trampled upon. This isn’t the Liberal Party we once knew; once one of the largest and most successful volunteer organisations in Victoria.
  • Incompetence. In less than a year President Robert Clark and his inexperienced and incompetent supporters on the Administrative Committed, aided and abetted by a collection of former Mantach people, including Sen Scott Ryan, the Finns, Frank Greenstein and Company, have brought the Victorian Division to its knees. Mismanagement abounds!
  • Unsolicited calls. Following receipt of President Clark’s most recent circular, (ramblings) probably drafted by Quick, backed up with unsolicited telephone calls from Quick, Miftari and Hutchinson, urging Member signatories to the withdraw their names from the requisition, Members (volunteers) are left wondering what the hell is happening?
  • The party is being ripped apart by people who want control at any price,” failed vice-presidential candidate Ian Quick said in a personal newsletter distributed to party members. Who is calling the kettle black Mr Quick?