Abalinx Newsletter 7

GRASS ROOTS POINT OF VIEW. During the past twelve months Grass root members and seasoned political campaigners of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party have expressed concerns that the organisation is weak, in disarray and lacking strategic direction.
Members are angry that inappropriate governance and alleged financial mismanagement have occurred under the leadership of Robert Clark. Members expected that the organisational wing of their Party would be run as a business with expected corporate accountability and responsibility. This is not the case.
Those recalcitrant members who undermined Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger expected many changes in leadership within the Victorian Division but did not have the desired outcomes as expected. With the resignation of Michael Kroger as president, Robert Clark as president lacks the leadership qualities of his predecessor who had the ability to look objectively at the organisation with a fresh set of eyes.
Robert Clark and his crew promised much and within twelve months turned a once vibrant Liberal Party into a cesspool of iniquity. We the grass root members believe there are many influencing factors impeding speedy and lasting reforming progress, which must be addressed urgently.
It is no use if grass root members are being intimidated, bullied, and ignored as volunteers and campaign managers. There are numerous instances where such incidents have occurred and yet they are being ignored by Robert Clark and his motley crew of sycophants. While Scott Morrison and his federal parliamentary companions are involved in the current Bushfire crisis, Robert Clark and his select group of ten have defied the Prime Minister and going ahead with early pre-selections.
Mr Ian Quick was certainly quick of the mark to sending his “QUICK EMAIL correspondence to members describing what he felt was in the best interests of Victorian Liberals. Robert Clark went on to make matters worse by sending his version of why pre-selections needed to be conducted early. All of this against the wishes of Federal parliamentarians, including the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. On reflection the current Victorian leadership has not been welcomed as far as increasing the Victorian liberal vote and the potential of winning the next State Election are slim indeed.
The younger Victorian grass roots members appear to be stronger than ever as several Victorian Senators and Members of Parliament are beginning to see via the results of the Annual General Meetings.
The Dark Side or those involved within the Janus Group of followers are seeking shelter with any group that appears to be gaining strength and as a result the Dark Side is losing its influence. It is no wonder that party members are dismayed at these events, feel disillusioned and are being encouraged to take a far more active part in working together for the Party to defeat the ALP at the next State election.
However despite all their good intentions the younger grass roots members face a current hostile administrative committee, led by a president (Robert Clark) who lacks the qualities and charisma necessary to lead the party forward. In fact his financial responsibilities are on the same level as his leadership responsibilities. Very low indeed.
At the State level, there is still dissatisfaction at the 2018 election loss, with little hope of regaining government in the next term. Anger still exists at how the “Mantach” problem and to those who allowed corruption to occur and not be detected by then incumbent office bearers.
The interaction formerly generated at the grass roots level, provided information, policy discussion and policy direction – all most necessary for the Liberal Party – and for our Ministers and local politicians to be aware of contemporary community feelings and attitudes.
At present, the various Standing Committees, committees, electorates and other entities appear to operate as isolated silos of information with little connection to each other, let alone a coordinated approach to strategic organisational management. It is probable that this factor along with a lack of financial governance and accountability contributed most of all to the root cause of an employee being able to defraud the organisation.
A new generation is waiting silently in the wings, willing to discuss with all members involved no matter their ideology, persuasion, left, right, progressive, traditionalist or conservative to provide alternative structures, and recommendations for change with the hope that they may assist in pushing forward a case for complete organisational review. Those that cling to power for powers sake are doomed to be ousted and relieved of their responsibilities. The Political cemetery is littered with the bodies of tyrants, vagrants, sycophants, Generals, Whisperers, Fumblers, Corrupters, Janus Group, Left wing Loonies, and Rainbow Warriors.
INTRODUCING “SUPER QUICK” DARK SIDE HERO OF THE YEAR Who is faster than a speeding bullet, can jump tall buildings, can fly without a parachute, strong as a mallee bull, afraid of conservatives, distributor & communicator of untruths & fibs, defys the Australian Prime Minister. Who is this individual that lives in his ivory tower. It is none other than that mighty super hero: “SQ” SUPER QUICK?
Joshua Anthony Frydenberg is an Australian politician who has been Treasurer of Australia and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party since 24 August 2018. A member of the Australian House of Representatives for the seat of Kooyong August 2010.
HISTORY: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? THE MANTACH PEOPLE Where are they now? Where are their friends? Remember Damien Mantach, the former Victorian Liberal Party State Director who stole $1.5 million from the Victorian Division 2010-14, and who shares responsibility for the catastrophic 2014 state election loss. Released from prison November 2018. Today: Damien is “seeking new opportunities”. Every organisation/executive/committee has an informal “inner executive”. The Mantach period inner executive consisted of: Damien Mantach, Tony Snell, Frank Greenstein, Peter McWilliam, Caroline Elliott, and “Ex-officio” Scott Ryan. Only Tony Snell has ever accepted responsibility for the appalling and unforgivable failings of this period. Andrew Abercrombie, Treasurer during Mantach period. Member, Liberal Party State Finance Committee – didn’t see anything. Following the Mantach fraud, famously declared that he viewed his role as Party Treasurer as “purely ceremonial!” Remarkable! Presided over Party trading losses of $7 million 2010-14. Today: Andrew Abercrombie has gone missing. Tony Snell, Victorian Liberal Party President during the Mantach period. Member, Liberal Party State Finance Committee – didn’t see anything. Very embarrassed and very apologetic. Scott Ryan (the “General”) counts Snell as a “great mate”, as he does the Mirabella’s, Finns, McWilliams, Mulholland’s etc. There seems to be a theme here. Today: Tony Snell is very seldom seen. Frank Greenstein, Vice President during the Mantach period. Member, Liberal Party State Finance Committee – didn’t see anything. Instrumental in $700,000 being wasted on the disastrous 2014 Sam Ozturk for Yan Yean campaign. (Sam’s never been seen since) Scott Ryan number one devotee. Active supporter of Robert Clark, Bernie Finn, Cathy Finn, Karina Okotel, Sali Miftari, Jacky Douglas, Mirabella’s, Mulholland’s, Russell Joseph, Grant Hutchinson, Peter Angelico and Co. Long-term mentor to, and promoter of, Sean Armistead – “We like Sean!” was/is a constant refrain. Self-appointed talent scout for prospective candidates and committee members. Responsible for numerous dud candidates including Ben Collier, John Hsu and Chris Jermyn. Self-appointed Liberal Party multi-cultural guru – how can anyone forget Frank’s big multi-cultural dinners? Today: Frank Greenstein is making a big comeback, particularly in the west of Melbourne. Peter McWilliam, (former Sydney-sider) Vice President during Mantach period. Member, Liberal Party State Finance Committee during a Mantach period – didn’t see anything. Alleged that Tony Snell’s supervision of Damien Mantach was inadequate, thus allowing Mantach to commit fraud. That’s “mates” for you! Instrumental in $700,000 being wasted on the dismally failed 2014 Sam Ozturk for Yan Yean campaign. Scott Ryan devotee. Active supporter of Sean Armistead, Bernie Finn, Cathy Finn, Jacky Douglas and Co. Today: Peter McWilliam is still active in the background. Scott Ryan, Senator during a Mantach period. Didn’t suspect anything. Very close to Damien Mantach. Controlled the numbers at State Council, State Assembly and pre-selection’s during Mantach period 2010-14. Self-appointed go-to-person during the Mantach period. Controlled the Victorian Division. Hence the name the “General”. How Scott must long for those days! Remember all those guest appearances in person and by video (while also present) at numerous State Assembly meetings 2010-14! Today: Scott Ryan is back in business following 2019 State Council/AGM. However, his numbers collapsed at the recent Mirabella Vs Henderson Senate preselection. Ominous signs.
Fiona Ogilvy-O’Donnell. Member Administrative Committee during Mantach period. Didn’t see anything. Today: Fiona Ogilvie-O’Donnell is seldom seen. Noni Bartlett, Member Administrative Committee during Mantach period. Didn’t see anything. Today: Noni Bartlett is very seldom seen. Caroline Elliott, Vice President during Mantach period. Member, Liberal Party State Finance Committee – Although she is alleged to have said she knew about Mantach she didn’t do anything. Scott Ryan devotee. Keen supporter of Sean Armistead. Today: Caroline Elliott keeps a low profile. Fran Henderson, Member Administrative Committee during Mantach period. Didn’t see anything. Following discovery of the Mantach fraud, was heard to declare loudly that she is “Very proud!” of her time on the Administrative Committee. Good grief! Active supporter of Scott Ryan, Robert Clark, Sean Armistead, Bernie Finn, Cathy Finn, Jacky Douglas, Karina Okotel, Bill Rizopoulos and Co. Mentor to young left-leaning members e.g. Sali Miftari, and particularly staffers e.g. Charley Daniel. Today: Fran Henderson is an armchair commentator – “Ask Fran”. Always on Facebook. Joshua Morris. Member Administrative Committee during Mantach period. Didn’t see anything. Sponsored by Frank Greenstein, Caroline Elliott, Fran Henderson & Co. Almost invisible as Upper House Member for Western Victoria Region 2014-18. Lost his Western Victoria Region seat at the 2018 state election. Identified as a “rising star” by his sponsors! Very keen to make a return to the Victorian Parliament in 2022, or perhaps even the Senate. Today: Joshua Morris is a staffer and an active supporter of Amy Johnson, Bernie Finn, Cathy Finn, Cassandra Marr and Company. Conclusion. While the Mantach people and their friends prefer to think that memories of their shameful period have faded with the passing of time, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, memories of the Mantach period have been refreshed under the current shambolic Clark/Quick and Co leadership. And they have only been in office for one year!
HOLLY BYRNE Slipping onto the Administrative Committee in 2017 Holly has flown under the radar for some time. Formerly working as a staffer for Kevin Andrew’s she jumped ship to join the leafy street faction in Higgins. Holly has an inner-city network, sprouting from her expensive schooling and well networked family. Today Holly organises State Council delegates in Higgins, McNamara and Kooyong for Frank Greenstein, between fetching coffees for Georgie Crozier. Unfortunately politics is not always what it seems Holly. Good luck to Holly, learning the factional ropes. We hope she does not get entangled.
OWEN GUEST This indoor hat wearing, inner city crooner is the son of James Guest – the former member of Monash Provence and the lucky recipient of the Guest family fortune. While Own tries hard, he doesn’t cast the shadow his father did. Owen lives in a mansion next to mum and dad, while ‘managing’ the family fortune, that had Labor amused as he played the ‘small business Liberal’ during his tilt at McNamara. Owen’s closest friend and confidante of Mantach ally Caroline Elliott and Mantach numbers man Frank Greenstein. Owen’s recent achievement is recruitment of Mum & Dad’s friends to the Liberal Party, & not knowing To invest $38,000,000.00 Liberal Party money for 12 months.
SCOTT RYAN. Some say you should save the best till last. Not in this case. Scott Ryan has made a career of knifing fellow Liberals like Tony Abbott. As the most active leaker and briefer in Federal Parliament Scott’s reputation is recognised nationally. Getting his start in student politics Scott almost came unstuck after a run in with former Treasurer Peter Costello.
Years later after being resuscitated by Michael Kroger he was at it again. Manipulating the preselection system during the 2008 organisational reforms to ensure he could beat the popular Helen Kroger. As Scott’s current Senate term draws to a close, the Liberal Party won’t miss the quixotic musings and savage knife work of this soon to be “former”.
NATIONAL CODE OF CONDUCT. It is pleasing to see that there is a National Code of Conduct in place. However I wonder how many have breached it already in the past and continually to do so. Will this put a stop to harrassment in the workplace and stop the dilly dallying or worst still abuse of power. The current crop of at the helm within the Victorian Division have much to answer for. They seek out those who do not agree with them and attept to suspress their freedom of speech. Over the next few months leading up to the State Council in 2020 mebers will be advised of the corruptive practices and fraudulent concepts that have eroded the trust of members.
The following examples are but the tip of the iceberg at the moment and go to the heart of the problems we face today. I am certainly no saint and I can tell you that when I reach the Pearly gates I have some quick explaining to do. Still, I beg the question whether such a code of conduct will bring back the respect for our politicions or are they aimed at the rank and file as a means of controlling behaviour.
Somewhere, sometimes members will read in the news of political bush fires being extinguished by those engaged in dousing the fire with gifts, promises and being placed in lucrative positions worth thousands of tax payers dollars. We read about those members and staff given plum jobs at a time when they not even qualified for the role. Have members been offered plum jobs to keep them quiet, and who is responsible for making such deals and lucrative positions.
In my time as a political activist, I have seen cases of alleged corruption at its best and often wonder why and how. The recent publicised case of Bob Hawkes daughter coming out in the news media seeking damages from her fathers estate is not new but it does highlight the erroneous and insididous activities that go on behind closed doors and within the corridors of power. Let us not kid ourselves that it does not happen behind the Victorian Division walls of respectability. Some time ago, allegations of sexual harrassment and even alleged claims of rape were running through the long corridors of power. From time to time we heard of staff being molested and yet all goes quiet after a period of consternation, bickering and deals made behind closed doors. A hint to where such matters occurr are easy. Monitor the staff that leave of their own accord or are forced to leave for one reason or another.
There are some members that could certainly take a leaf out of the Code of Conduct and apply it to their person. I am appalled by the lack of respect demonstrated by the few bad apples within our parrty that give it a bad name. The current crop at the helm led by the Panda is not condusive to the well being of the rank and file. I have been around long enough to witnes the erosion of Liberal Party values and beliefs that mad this Division great. The sooner Robert Clark and his sychophantic cronies come to realise that they are not welcome nor respected the better. Better for all if the resign by their own hand.
THE DARKS SIDE. The Dark Side of Victorian Politics. Hidden out in the West of Melbourne reside the Dark side of Political Wannabees. Organised, orchestrated and supported by none other than the High Priest (Lord Sith of Politics – aka The General), that recalcitrant general of the dark art. Operating in shadows and darkness of the political jungle swamps, these monks of the Dark Side are afraid to come out into the open lest they become exposed to the sun’s rays and be condemned to political oblivion.
The High Priest has gathered about him the Sycophants, Whisperers, Recalcitrants, Political Wannabees, Left Wing Progressives, Looney Lefties, Janus Group, Villains, Hangers on, Groupies, Drongos, Enforcers, Intimidators, Rat bags, their hero Super Quick (aka SQ), Dingoes, Corrupters, incorrigibles, Assassins and the Fence Sitters.
Every month they meet in the office the High Priest (The General) and with nothing else to do on a constructive level, they plot and plot and plot even more on how to erode the good work of the Conservatives. Their objectives are simple: Introduce chaos, strife, uncertainties, fear, and political uncertainties in order to gain and retain power at any cost.
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  1. As a long-time member of the Party I am horrified at the actions of the State President and the Admin. Committee calling for applications for pre -selections with the intention of holding pre-selections for all seat in Feb/Mar. This I patently ridiculous when, not only, redistributions have yet to be finalised but all Federal & State sitting politicians oppose it.
    I understand the funds for the sale of 104 (thank you Michael Kroger for negotiating such a profitable deal) are sitting in a bank account earning possibly just 2%. The local share market has risen by some 20% this year so surely a proportion of those funds should have been invested in the market. Obviously the Treasurer is not up to the job. Why aren’t the funds being managed by a professional body such as the Future Fund or at least the expertise of Peter Costello being utilised. Robert Clark is obviously not up to the job and the sooner the Feds step in the better.
  2. Robert Clark, Ian Quick and Company have “disallowed” the requisition for a Special State Council meeting on a technicality. They don’t appear to believe in democracy or the will of Party members. I gather another requisition for a Special State Council is being prepared, and I guess it will be along the lines of a motion of no confidence in the State President and the Administrative Committee. What a mess! Clark is hugely out of his depth and Ian Quick is desperately mad. 3. The pre-selections may need to be held twice if the boundaries in Victoria are altered during 2020. It looks like Victoria may pick up another federal electorate in late 2020, so it makes sense to defer pre-selections until well into the year if not early 2021. I am very surprised that Robert Clark is not aware Victoria might get another seat. 4. Employer is not going to be happy when advised by an employee that they intend to stand for pre-selection. The message given is there is no long term commitment to the employer. The employer may not share the same political leanings and it is likely a valid reason could be found to terminate employment. Our Constitution demands that pre-selected candidates live in the seat, how is that possible if the boundaries haven’t been finalised? I understand research has been done and there is absolutely no correlation between early pre-selections and success at the ballot box. I could go on. 5. It appears that 50 members can call for a Special Meeting of State Council, as per the Constitution, however it will only proceed if the State President / Administrative Committee agree. This is hard to fathom when State Council, is the Party’s ultimate governing body. To a lay person, it appears that there is a conflict within the Constitution regarding the role of the Administrative Committee and the role of State Council. In the meantime, Robert Clark, Ian Quick and Company (the famous 10) are being most disrespectful to the spirit of the Constitution, the Victorian Division, MPs, and particularly the volunteer Members, treating them in this appalling manner. They may live to regret their dictatorial and ham-fisted approach.
  3. Karina Okotel has published a “stinging” religious response to Abalinx ENewsletter 6 on Facebook. She has few supporters. However if people knew what others have endured over the past year, they would find the Abalinx newsletter, tame indeed! Karina Okotel has infuriated members with her constant barrage of wanting to save people with her religious dogma. She has much to answer for. Disloyalty, causing mayhem and disunity, leaking to the press, spreading malicious rumours and untruths. So much for her alleged Christian attitudes and undermining Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger. Her brother Bonney has also much to answer.
  4. Early pre-selections have never been successful. They have been tried in the past and have failed. Candidates and campaign volunteer teams suffer from stress, overwork and suffer personally and finally as a result. Return to the days where Branches were the eyes and ears of the Liberal Party. The reforms of Kemp have done absolutely nothing to bring the Liberal Party to government.
  5. I look forward to the ENewsletters. Each time one arrives I make a nice cuppa of coffee, sit in a quiet place to read the latest news.