Abalinx Newsletter 8

RESPONSE 1. Robert Clark in his email is trying to buy time. Even Robert can see that the requisitions for the special state council meeting will not go away. The requisitions will keep on rolling in; more quickly & with even more signatures. The rank and file volunteer membership have had enough of being treated with sustain by Robert and his supporters on the administrative committee.
Meanwhile, the Victorian Division is complete paralysed. Having been moribund for over one year, the Division finds now itself unable to function at all due to the state president’s and his supporters on the administrative committee’s unreasonable & unconstitutional intransigence. In the meantime, when are Robert Clark and his supporters on the administrative committee going to do something constructive about winning a federal election and a state election in 2022? (See Below for Robert Clarks email to members.)
RESPONSE 2. There are various claims and counterclaims regarding the pre-selections for the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party of seats held by sitting members. The Parliamentary Library has produced this fact sheet about the likelihood of Victoria being allocated an additional seat at the expense of Western Australia: https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/rp/rp1920/Redistributions46thParl I am assuming that the Administrative Committee is aware of this information because it would be inconceivable that they would be ignorant of such facts. The AEC and ABS will let us all know on 3 July 2020 or shortly thereafter if Victoria will indeed get another seat in the Federal Parliament triggering a complete redistribution and delaying the setting of final boundaries until mid-2021. This would require all pre-selections to be (re)conducted on the new boundaries (as it would be undemocratic to not allow a full membership plebiscite on the correct boundaries). This would not matter except for the allegedly high number of members who would all of a sudden become entitled to vote if contested pre-selections were opened and held later. These are the people who joined from mid-2018 to support the Liberal Party after Scott Morrison became leader and before the Liberals comprehensively lost the 2018 State election. Due to secrecy about membership numbers, I can’t tell you how many are in the Menzies electorate which is one electorate where the media believe a strong challenge is likely. It would also mean that people whose memberships are not renewed this year would cease to be members on 1 June 2020. It would eliminate a number of members cajoled by “exuberant recruiting” in an attempt to shore up the Turnbull group in the Liberal Party at the 2019 State Council. (See Below for Robert Clarks email to members.)

member’s contributions. By using the Abalinx ENewsletter charter as a guide, keep comments short and simple without provocation, malicious language or anything of a defamatory nature and they shall be published. Your views are important. Please address them to Abalinx ENewsletter at: [email protected] This is your chance to express your views. Contributor’s names will not be published if requested. All Abalinx ENewsletters may be found at abalinx.comThe following are but a few selected for publishing:

  1. Sent to Liberal Parliamentarians by Contributor: I agree that candidates should not be preselected early, that would be a mistake. The idea that a candidate should be on the ground, early is wrong .It only attracts the wrong type of candidate, a candidate who needs a “safe seat” to survive. The Liberal party already has parliamentarians of mediocrity, and all of them to be general, have no idea of how to win an election, and use a failed methodology. You would think that in the State of Victoria after so many losses that someone who knew how to win an election would be appointed as an election adviser and reform the existing political methodology that is a proven failure. It would be a good idea, erven if not practicable for all the current members to face preselection, so that a better quality candidate might apply… Please name one parliamentarian who was successful in private industry. 2. Why is the State Director Sam McQuestin at the Secretariat phoning around signatories to first requisition for special State Council asking if they were coerced into signing? And so the stalling continues. The Victorian Division is paralysed. If the Division was a government instrumentality (which it is not) it would be put into administration. External administrators would have been appointed by now. Meanwhile, nothing that will turn a vote for federal & state elections 2022 is happening. The Victorian Division is moribund. (See Below for Robert Clarks email to members.)
  2. This is the truth the party needs to hear. I applaud your work, well done. Thank you for your Newsletters. They are a breath of fresh air to many of us who remain silent. Describing what occurs behind the scenes is utterly disgusting and does not belong to decent people.
  3. Robert Clark and his supporters such as Quick, Armistead, Hutchinson, Guest and their group of supporters should resign immediately for the good of the party.
  4. The attacks on Peter Adamis and Abalinx E News are disgraceful. People should take a hard look at themselves. Last time I checked the Liberal Party was the Party for free speech. If those individuals criticising Abalinx for exposing home truths do not like it, then they would be better suited in a party which respects censorship – perhaps the Australian Communist Party! We are lucky diggers like the author of this newsletter fought for our right to freedom of speech and expression. Long may these rights remain in Australia and in the Liberal Party! Power to Abalinx and E News!
  5. When I joined the Liberal Party we fought the Labor Party, the Democrats, and the Unions. We were united and any disagreements were hammered out behind closed doors. The antics of Ian Quick and his emails has resulted in your E-Newsletters being published. I am not surprised at the back lash against Ian Quick. In my day he would have been suspended.
  6. We are in desperate need of a leader that will unite the Victorian Division, not destroy it as we are currently seeing the administration of Clark and his crowd of misfits. I am disappointed in Robert Clark, I always believed him to be a decent man and now find he is responsible for mayhem in Victoria. He must do the right thing and resign.
  7. How can Robert Clark and the Gang of Ten direct a special state council motion? The motion only permits Administrative Committee to set the date of the meeting, not make a ruling on the validity of the motion. What a disgrace. FEDERAL INTERVENTION NOW!
  8. The circular calling for applications for endorsement for the twelve Victorian Liberal held federal seats is out. What a farce! Issued to give the pretence of business as usual (It’s all under control, we’re in control, nothing to see here) the twelve pre-selections can only founder. They will be withdrawn as a result of the pending special state council meeting, and would have been made redundant as a result of the pending federal redistribution anyway. Hopeless!
  9. Well done to you Peter and whoever is helping you write your newsletters. I may not agree with all that you and your contributors have written, but I do congratulate you on exposing those intent on making changes to our organisation of volunteers. Robert Clark has forgotten that as employers we cannot afford to release our employees for long campaigns. The public will tire of being subjected to long campaigns.