Admin Committee help themselves

Admin Committee help themselves

What is going on inside the heart of the Victorian Liberal Party?

There are big happenings on the Administrative Committee, with Matthew Guy pushing for the Eastern Region preselection to be done as an inside job. The State Upper House Eastern Region covers the edge of Melbourne all the way through Gippsland.

It is well known that party leader Matthew Guy and party President Robert Clark are not on good terms, so Matthew Guy surprised all by proposing an Admin preselection.

Why do the majority of Admin want to bypass party members’ democratic rights? Because members in the Eastern Region won’t back hard leftie and new member Cathrine Burnett-Wake? Yet she is a preferable option to the dangerous and rogue candidate Steve Holland.

Members of the Administrative Committee had the opportunity to voice their views. It was certainly something controversial, with factional allies of Ian Quick turning against their master.

Who voted for an Admin preselection?

Matthew Guy. Matthew wants to minimise any bad press and media coverage, and he’s anticipating controversies if the members actually get to have their say.

Ian Quick. Ian is a hypocrite. He ran for Admin on the argument that Admin should not deny members their democratic rights. Ian should step down immediately.

The Federal Representative. Supported Matthew Guy.

Amy Johnson. Thinking about when she can appoint herself to a seat with an Admin preselection in the future.

Owen Guest. Going with the flow. Also likes colouring in with crayons.

Matt Makin. Following Amy, Ian and Owen’s lead.

Holly Byrne. Like Amy, she’s thinking about when she can appoint herself to her preferred seat.

Cass Marr. Recently became a Matthew Guy loyalist.

Karen Egan. It seems like that was the way things were going.

Shilpa Hegde. Needs Ian Quick to tell her what to do.

Making 10 votes for.

Who voted against?

Andy Masanauskas. He believes in democracy.

David Lau. Votes against Ian Quick.

Tamsin Lawrence. Thought deeply about the implications and saw it was right to vote no.

Anthony Mitchell. A rising light for grass roots members.

Russell Joseph. Didn’t want Steve Holland to run for Nepean, as he doesn’t want any competition.

Renee Heath. She wants fairness in preselections.

Robert Clark. Doesn’t like Matthew Guy and is willing to defy him and the slippery Ian Quick.

Making 7 votes against.

Michael Kroger thought the prudent course in such troubled waters was to abstain. There is no winner. He doesn’t want to go against Matthew Guy and he has run some Admin preselections in his day. But, at the same time, he remained statesman-like, his vote against would not have tilted the balance.

This outcome has smashed the hopes of Steve Holland, who knows that Admin are likely to be divided over two female candidates: Cathrine Burnett-Wake and Renee Heath.

It is anticipated that Matthew Guy and Ian Quick will both support social justice warrior Cathrine as political tectonics shift and there are merciless factional realignments.

The one person happy to do less work is State Director Sam McQuestin. Admin preselections are certainly a lot easier to organise.

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