Admin in decline


Admin in decline

The Victorian Liberal Party’s Admin Committee has met, and has discussed a range of plans for the party.

Importantly, everyone is invited to tell Senator Jane Hume what they think about the recent federal election campaign. Confidential emails can be sent to [email protected] listing your name, state, electorate, role in the election, supporting documentation and all your many insights and views on what was bad, good or should be improved. This opportunity is available for all of June, and Senator Jane Hume is eager to read all submissions.

Ian Quick is ready to boot members out of the party’s online membership management system database, restricting access as part of his crackdown on party members having access to contact data and electorate positions information.

Robert Clark reportedly is well rested despite the election loss, as he has been barely seen for the past month. He was not ready to inspire anyone to renew their party memberships.

Anthony Mitchell ensured that he was perceived to be seen as being on the front foot after his political counsellor, Karina Okotel, recently emerged from the woodpile and tried to rally support for disgraced MP Bernie Finn.

Michael Kroger was judiciously careful through the Admin meeting, and anyone who knows the great man will know how keenly he feels the political loss of his long time friend Josh Frydenberg.

Sam McQuestin readily agreed with every suggestion made in the meeting knowing that his days are numbered. He also reported that the Liberal Party now owns a broken truck, which has been used as a mascot for the election campaign.

Matthew Guy stamped his foot down telling the committee that they must do what he wishes now that the federal election is over. His recent victory over Bernie Finn was not a matter of discussion.

“The admin meeting was awkward, surreal and surprisingly uneventful,” an insider said. “I don’t think anyone really wanted to be in the meeting. I imagine Ian Quick was daydreaming about tracking senate preference flows.”

“This was the one meeting where you didn’t have to say anything,” another person said. “Robert Clark is a defeated man. There are big changes coming. Everyone could sense it. Like one person wrote, ‘Bring on State Council’.”

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