Last week historic sexual harassment allegations were published involving Administrative Committee member Sean Armistead. This Friday at the close of Administrative Committee nominations Sean did not re-contest his position on the Party’s Administrative Committee.

Sean Armistead was the candidate for Frankston as part of Denis Napthine’s team in the 2014 election.

Shortly after the story broke Sean Armistead directed former Melbourne University Liberal Club (MULC) President Andrew O’Shea to strip Facebook of the official event photographs. Within hours close to 100 photos were deleted alongside a range of comments. 

So far Party President Robert Clark has resisted calls to investigate allegations. President Clark counts Sean Armistead as an ally on the Party’s divided Administrative Committee, and has privately played down the young women’s complaints. 

In Canberra however the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office has contacted former Melbourne University Club executive members seeking further information.

According to a well placed Canberra source, the personal secretary to the Prime Minister Yaron Finkelstein is aware of the allegations and the office has approached several Federal members seeking clarification on Mr Armistead’s ongoing position within the Liberal Party. 

Yaron Finkelstein

Sources close to Sean Armistead confirm that his supporters are troubled by the allegations, however maintain that Sean was unaware of the complaints’ existence until now.

This view has been contested by a former Melbourne University Liberal Club executive member. The former executive member called the claim “laughable”. Having been strongly of the belief that the initial motivation of the club was to cover up the allegations. 

Neither Sean Armistead or the Liberal Party has responded to requests for comment. While Mr Armistead has stood down from the Party’s Administrative Committee, Party supporters are split on their view as to whether Sean will be investigated.

One well placed member noted that the allegations occurred at an event hosted by a university club rather than the party organisation. In trying to defend the Party’s unwillingness to investigate, the member suggested questions ought to be put to the Melbourne University Liberal Club. 

In the days following the publication we have received additional allegations involving Sean Armistead. While the Liberal Party refuses to investigate, our investigation is ongoing.

This publication has been contacted by several commercial news services seeking further information. In keeping with the wishes of the young women at this time we will not be sharing further details from either complaint.

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