Another Green Left infiltrator exposed

Another Green Left infiltrator exposed

Robert Durkacz is an active participant in the Victorian Liberal Party’s Web Warriors facebook group. He has been exposed as an agent of other political parties as now operating for Georgie Crozier and Frank Greenstein.

Mr Durkacz, who is one of the members of the Liberal Party recruited as part of a factional hard left push, has a very elusive online presence. Other than his running for the Moreland Council in 2020, little can be discovered about him online.

The little amount of information and blog posts available are very telling. Although elusive, Mr Durkacz’ online presence is very unLiberal. Mr Durkacz has a mere five facebook friends. One of them is known left wing recruit and fellow agitator Jo Fallshaw.

Mr Durkacz appears to harbour very questionable views about Israel and the Jewish people.

In one document from 2020, Mr Durkacz states, “Because of the commonwealth government’s lack of credibilty [sic] on climate change, councils and other bodies are right to get involved.” This attack on the Liberal federal government is concerning.

On one of his websites, Mr Durkacz states: “‘Brunswick News’ is a new online news site created by Robert Durkacz, with news and views from the neighbourhood, but extending to national and international affairs. It’s very ecumenical, with links to Greens MLA Tim Read and ALP Federal MP Peter Khalil. They even give Brunswick Residents Network a plug, which is a sign they have their finger on the pulse!”

These highly controversial statements should be sounding the alarm.

Mr Durkacz also has a lot to say in support of mandatory COVID vaccinations.

Why are left wing agitators and infiltrators being allowed to run around like wolves in the Liberal Party? Why has the Administrative Committee supported recruiting these members with dangerous views and bad motives?