Australian bureaucracy

Australian bureaucracy

Strange things are going on in the Canberra bureaucracy when MPs who question the misinformation around COVID-19 are rebuked by government bureaucracy, the same bureaucracy which has signed a contract with a Chinese data company to store information for the Department of Defence.

Left-wing and China-friendly social media platforms have also ramped up their efforts to censor and ban anyone for questioning the prevailing misinformation spread about COVID-19. Social media has recently banned an Australian MP, after social media giants have de-platformed a wide selection of critics of China, ranging from Donald Trump to grassroots campaigners. Hypocritically, pro-China politicians are not banned, even though they may overtly break the “rules” such as call for violence and support vandalism.

Government bureaucracy in Canberra has become over bloated and political. The recent example of their signing up to a Chinese data storage company to store military information beggars belief. Questions have also been raised about the Tax Department’s storing of its sensitive personal information on foreign owned data services.

Australian citizens have started to realise that the government bureaucracy has become their enemy. Some are even contemplating civil disobedience. Concerned citizens are finding themselves having to break the law because the rules or measures are contradictory to our traditions and higher principals.

The need of government bureaucracy to respect our freedoms of thought, conscience and religion implies a natural right of the citizen to breach any law that is inconsistent with the ordinary exercise of her fundamental legal rights. This act of civil disobedience could operate as the means by which the concerned citizen can expose what might be regarded as an intolerable violation of fundamental legal rights.

In the face of the overstated COVID-19 pandemic the Australian government bureaucracy arrogated far-reaching powers to itself and adopted numerous draconian measures that have seriously affected the enjoyment of our fundamental rights and freedoms.

All the pandering to China, sweet deals and censorship on contradictory opinions is not in our national interest. Bureaucracy is not our friend at the best of times, but in these worsening times, its wrath against citizens is being felt, and it is incumbent on our federal leaders to see this currently left-leaning state of affairs severely trimmed.

The current bureaucracy favours a left-wing view, and this has become the new normal.