Bernie Finn disciplined

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Bernie Finn disciplined

Disgraced upper house MP Bernie Finn has been thrown out of the Victorian State party room by Matthew Guy and Mitch Catlin.

For years, Bernie Finn has taken to social media, ranting about internal party matters, degrading women and mocking political opponents with vile language.

Many of the things Bernie Finn has put into writing or is recorded as saying cannot be reproduced because of their harmful and unrepeatable nature.

The fact that party members have been lied to and asked to support Bernie Finn in the lead up to his disciplinary meeting is deeply unsettling. Party insiders are surprised at the extraordinary lengths Bernie’s few supporters have gone to in order to shield him from being disciplined.

Bernie is in no way sorry for his actions. Instead, he has lied to Christian leaders and freedom proponents, claiming his is the victim of a vast, evil conspiracy.

Anti-Liberal forces and pro-left operatives within the party have been quietly moving to protect Bernie, and have been spreading counter narratives to defend the disgusting behaviour of this Member of Parliament.

While it is true that Bernie Finn does stand against abortion, this should not be used to whitewash his bad behaviour and questionable actions.

Several months ago, Bernie Finn had this to say about a former female staffer in his office, “I’m informed the horrid stench in the electorate office is a result of rats. Very odd. I thought she left last year. What she’s doing, and has done, is beyond the pale. Treachery of the first order.”

Is Bernie Finn a fraud? Is Bernie Finn a bully?

Michael O’Brien, Karina Okotel, Cathy Finn, Robert Clark and Bill Rizopoulos try to claim that Bernie Finn is the victim, that he is being attacked for his insensitive views on abortion. This is complete propaganda. Bernie Finn has said and done terrible things. That’s why every Liberal, every conservative, every moral person and every MP must accept that it is just that Bernie Finn be booted.

Bernie is not sorry. He’s actually proud of his bad behaviour.

“I’m a conservative Christian,” a party member wrote in a private chat group. “Finn has done the wrong thing. Anyone who is trying to defend him either is terribly naive or has an agenda to spread lies.”

“This is whole issue is nothing to do with Bernie’s views on abortion,” another senior party figure explained. “This is about party discipline, respect and behaviour standards. Bernie is a politician, if he tells you he’s being kicked out for his views on abortion, you need to read between the lines, it’s probably nothing to do with that. What is he covering up? Senior party members know what Bernie’s been up to, they just don’t want to say it because they know Bernie will try to sue them for defamation.”

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