Bernie Finn’s new low

Bernie Finn’s new low

Maverick MP Bernie Finn has gone to new lows slamming the entirety of Victorian police.

In a new low that might be now as low as Melbourne’s sewage system, Bernie Finn took to facebook and proclaimed his hatred of Victorian Police and slandered the name of every last officer.

In a prudent move, politically astute MP, Brad Battin, openly answered Bernie on his own facebook page and criticised his attack on Victoria police.

Other MPs soon joined in, ensuring that Bernie Finn will be the most loathed MP in the Victorian Coalition for the rest of his short career.

Bernie Finn blocked numerous Liberal Party members who expressed their opinion against his horrendous statement. Bernie Finn has hypocritically stated that he supports free speech, yet he is trigger happy banning people from his facebook page.

Rather than point to the absentee police minister, the Labor appointed commissioners and bad eggs among the police rank and file, Bernie Finn has unwisely attacked the whole force. He may as well be on the side of Black Lives Matter, who also publicly attacked the police. Bernie Finn’s anti-police sentiment is precisely the opposite of conservative and sensible right wing supporters of law, order and authority. Finn is a fake conservative and could reasonably be interpreted to be supporting violence against all police.

Bernie Finn has no nuance and no political antenna. Instead of criticising the actions of individual police officers who engaged in unjustified brutality and those who should be reported to the ethical standards authority, Bernie Finn has slandered every highway patrol, small town and office cop who has had nothing to do with the questionable actions of a relative few police officers.

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