Bernie Finn’s racist attack


Bernie Finn’s racist attack

Bernie Finn has taken to social media to give explosive racist commentary on local party members in his area.

Party members took screenshots in disbelief at Mr Finn’s callous racist comments about “ethnic minorities” in the Liberal Party whom he racially slurred with the highly offensive and charged accusation of using “dark arts”.

While Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has publicly ruled out kicking out Bernie Finn, privately fellow MPs are perplexed, disgusted and appalled at Mr Finn’s racist attitudes and name calling of party members. Many newer ethnic members in the party are Indians, although there are some from Muslim nations, Asians and Africans.

The term “dark arts” is well known to be a pejorative description of foreign cultures. Mr Finn’s commentary is a world out of place with the accepted standards of modern society.

There are some who speculate that Bernie Finn is angry that Indians and other minorities not supporting him. It is also known that some have openly stated that they have found his behaviours to be out of place with traditional and conservative attitudes.

It is believed that Mr Finn’s racial attack on his own members and constituents is part of the broader problem Bernie Finn has around working with people in general. In recent times Bernie Finn has made a number of alt-right comments that have been since deleted from his social media, including degrading comments about a former female staffer and sickening attacks on party members complete with unsavoury name-calling.

“Unfortunately Mr Finn thinks he can slam Indians and then delete his comments,” a party member stated. “It appears Mr Finn believes there is a racist minority in the Western Metro who will keep him in power.”

“Personally, I think Bernie is losing his mind,” a senior party figure explained. “We know he was very close with a Sri Lankan woman at one stage. Now he is throwing out racially charged comments. It is very inconsistent, let alone highly inappropriate behaviour from anyone, particularly an MP!”

Bernie Finn has not apologised for his latest rant, but often will double down and attack people who call him out for his toxicity.

“I really don’t think Bernie Finn is going to survive 2022 politically speaking,” an insider said. “I fully expect Matthew Guy to once again tell Bernie Finn to zip his lip.”

Screenshots of Mr Finn’s racist comments have been circulated privately through the Victorian Liberal Party.

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