Bigmouth and Sukkar exposed at last

Bigmouth and Sukkar exposed at last

Bigmouth and MP Michael Sukkar have been exposed for their part in the factional manoeuvres within the Victorian Liberal Party.

The media showed Sukkar with bible in hand walking around Canberra as part of a media tell-all about factionalism, forcing Malcolm Turnbull into damage control on behalf of the party.

In a bid to distract attention from their activities, targets are being painted on Liberals who are facing a series of important preselections, which is exacerbating party divisions.

With Bigmouth’s factional ally Tim Smith departing under a cloud in Kew, a range of candidates are being promoted by the factions, with Jess Wilson receiving a lot of attention as the centre-right candidate. Other less credible candidates are also looking at the range of seats currently available.

Meanwhile right factional operative Cynthia Watson is said to be assessing her own levels of support for a possible role in a winnable seat.

With decisions to be made for various key seats in coming days, it couldn’t be a better time to be alive in the party.

“We are not immune from the cut and thrust of adversarial politics,” one senior Liberal explained. “But party members need to remember that we have rules, and unhelpful commentary in the media should be avoided.”

There have previously been concerns expressed about the role Bigmouth has played in the Victorian Liberal Party, with his connections to Federal MPs Michael Sukkar and Kevin Andrews exposed in the media. Questions have also been raised over leaked statements highlighting their willingness to take on Ian Quick’s faction.

Understandably, the Liberal Party has had weeks of bad press, including reporting over the rejection of the French submarine deal, unfavourable news coverage of several Victorian State MPs, negative coverage over James Paterson’s refusal to appear on ABC TV and now these revelations which have forced Malcolm Turnbull to come out in defence of the party.

Party members Kerri White, James Moody, Michelle Brewty, Michael Rixon and many others are doing their part to promote the role of women in politics despite the negativity.

A number of members have also privately complained that factionalism is destroying the party.

“We are damn well angry it has come to this,” one member said on condition of anonymity. “Members have repeatedly tried to find out just who is pulling the strings on all of this f–– nonsense.”

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