Bill Rizopoulos threatens news website

Bill Rizopoulos threatens news website

Bill Rizopoulos, a factional branchstacking friend of Karina Okotel, Bernie Finn and Robert Clark has threatened a news website calling the service “a bunch of idiots”.

In the bizarre rant, Mr Rizopoulos wrote that, “You guys are only damaging the party. We are losing members because of your factionalism, and bullying and standover tactics, which I witnessed firsthand last week at an AGM” in a Western Metropolitan area electorate.

The message was sent several weeks ago, but only recently has been brought to general attention.

“The only way to deal with control freaks like you is to remove you all,” wrote Mr Rizopoulos. “I hope the current admin with the obvious exceptions you’ve not mentioned kick you all out and then maybe we may have a small chance of winning the next election.”

The claim that the news website is run by “control freaks” and other indecipherable references to some but not other Victorian Liberal Administrative Committee members are to be expected from the heated Mr Rizopoulos.

He further threatened that if the Administrative Committee did not act against either the website or certain Party members, he was willing to resort to violence himself. In an unprintable threat, he went on to describe something happening to “your heads”.

A view has formed that Mr Rizopoulos should be referred to the Liberal Party’s disciplinary tribunal.

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