BOMBSHELL: Crozier behind Lobster insider hit job


BOMBSHELL: Crozier behind Lobster insider hit job

Victorian Liberal MP Georgie Crozier has landed herself in more strife. Liberal insiders have alleged Ms Crozier was behind a backroom plot in attempting a political assassination insider hit job on then (and now recently reinstated) Opposition Leader Matthew Guy.

Worse, documents sent to the anti-corruption watchdog were alleged to have been forged by Ms Crozier herself, namely the letterhead and signature of Matthew Guy.

Flashback to August 2017, when The Age and Herald Sun (to an extent) exposed Matthew Guy and his dealings with figures associated with The Mafia at The Lobster Cave restaurant.

The revelations caused unease for Mr Guy and personnel within the Victorian Liberal Party.

The Opposition had built a war chest on “African gangs” and “tough on crime” catch-cries and slogans.

Surely, it was just an “error of judgement” on behalf of Mr Guy? He could not have possibly known whether a Mafia kingpin figurehead was actually dining at the exact same premises?

Guy subsequently went into damage control, referring the matter to IBAC (IBAC rejected his request for an investigation, but for good reason; more on this later). His reputation as Opposition Leader was tarnished from that point.

He stepped down from his role during November 2018, following re-election of the Andrews Government. He has since returned to the role during September 2021, taking over from the hapless and ineffective Michael O’Brien. A calmer, more mature and wiser Guy has since re-emerged.

A review into the 2018 November State Election loss by the Victorian Liberal Party in 2019 highlighted the now infamous “Lobster Mobster” (or “Lobstergate”) scandal was an “internal hit job” seeking destabilisation and embarrassment on Matthew Guy.

The question on the minds of everyone within the party was simple – Who did this?

The political assassination back in August 2017 was the work of none other than the corrupt, dastardly, devious, factional warrior and revenge seeker Georgie Crozier herself.

Well placed sources have since confirmed Ms Crozier drafted a document for IBAC, forged the letterhead and signature of Matthew Guy and sent him the briefing for the afternoon press conference whereby Guy made his own (courageous) referral.

It is understood the decision by IBAC to not proceed with the “Lobster Mobster” investigation infuriated Ms Crozier herself.

“Georgie was absolutely filthy IBAC did not commence investigations into Matthew Guy,” said a current State Liberal MP, who wished not to be identified.

“It was nothing more than political bastardry, let alone weaponry, in an ill fated attempt at bring down a sitting colleague. She deliberately drafted, let alone forged the signature, of the document!”

The forgery allegations should be of bigger concern. This could potentially be a criminal offence carrying serious penalties; at best, a hefty fine. At worst, a ten year prison sentence.

“From slush funds to document forgery, embezzlement of parliamentary salaries from trusted colleagues to misappropriation of taxpayer funds, let alone being thuggish towards Liberal Party members at Flemington. How can she remain a Member of Parliament?” proclaims one State Liberal MP.

Crozier, as Guy should know, has a reputation. A supporter of Matthew Guy from the current State Liberal team urged him to be careful when dealing with Crozier in any capacity (in Parliament or otherwise).

“She has form. If anyone dared cross her, she will inevitably unleash her brand of toxicity on her own Liberal colleagues to the media. It happened to both Tim [Smith] and Bernie [Finn]. Michael [O’Brien] was also unable to escape her wrath. Ryan Smith could not. Neither will David [Davis and Southwick]. Matthew [Guy] was fortunate the first time around but will almost certainly end up worse for wear the second time,” a supporter explains.

Female Liberal colleagues are not immune from her viciousness. Observers have noted on record Crozier has backstabber and spoken badly of Cindy McLeish, labelled Louise Staley the pejorative “drunken moron from Ripon” (a tad hypocritical given the last few media press releases depicted Crozier in a terrible state of stupor), detests Roma Britnell, has engaged in “shrieking contests” with both Bev McArthur and Wendy Lovell (after adjournment from the Legislative Council) and privately loathes Nationals female representatives Emma Kealy and Steph Ryan.

Former Federal and State female colleagues Donna Hope (nee Bauer), Kelly O’Dwyer, Louise Asher, Andrea Coote, Mary Wooldridge, Margaret Fitzherbert and Inga Peulich were not spared either. In fact, prior the 2018 State Election, a Liberal Upper House MP noted Crozier was alleged to have “fat shamed” Fitzherbert, Peulich and Wooldridge proclaiming, “We can win seats against Dan provided three of my own colleagues sandbags seats by dropping a few kilos!”

Eager observers also noted her boisterous delight upon the departure of Federal Higgins MP Kelly O’Dwyer. Insiders note both Georgie and Kelly did not exactly get along well; the former harbouring years of acrimony and resentment in missing out preselection for the coveted blue blood ribbon exclusive Liberal crown jewel seat reserved only for the South Yarra and Toorak establishment set.

Higgins Liberal insiders have noted that Crozier is nothing but trouble for the party, making rather malicious and unedifying comments concerning Liberal luminaries, Michael Kroger and Peter Costello and other members. (Did Crozier instruct Kroger to go on ABC Radio and tip a bucket on Costello back in 2012?).

Whether incumbent Dr Katie Allen suffers an identical fate at the hands of “Nurse Ratched” remains to be seen.

One local Liberal Party member said, “Georgie likes to do a huge flap whenever something bad happens to Labor. She really needs to check her own back yard. Constituents in both Higgins and Southern Metropolitan Region would really like to see her literally gone. Her treatment of colleagues, let alone own conduct, is appalling.”

There are still whispers surrounding a huge scuffle at Flemington Racecourse involving Ms Crozier and several female Liberal colleagues quite some time ago. “Did they throw jelly shots, champagne bottles, corks, wine glasses as missiles? Patrons would have certainly been embarrassed!”

Even Labor MPs from the Andrews Government were not spared either. Former Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos, was less than impressed by her opponent’s conduct.

Disgraced Labor MP Adem Somyurek would not want any association with her.

“The media are eerily quiet about Crozier and her corruption. Has she bribed them into silence? Or are some Liberal members and MPs just waiting for her father [former MP Digby Crozier] to drop off before this all comes out?” a Liberal member quipped.

As mentioned previously, there are ongoing developments associated with Ms Crozier and her direct involvement with both the Communication Fund & Diamond Fund. There will be further revelations to come. The new forgery allegations, coupled with reports of bad behaviour towards her own parliamentary colleagues and falling out with former Federal MP Kelly O’Dwyer, only increase pressure and scrutiny on Georgie Crozier to seriously consider her own future as a Liberal MP in Victorian Parliament.

Tim Smith might have the final word, let alone the last laugh, about Crozier. There will be a separate write-up on the Flemington Racecourse incident. Insiders with knowledge of Ms Crozier can contact RFN and report anonymously.

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