Brett Hayhoe

Brett Hayhoe

Ian Quick has appointed hard left Liberal campaigner Brett Hayhoe to help run internal online social media groups for the Liberal Party, particularly the trouble-plagued Web Warriors facebook group. Observers believe this is a safety mechanism due to complaints about the current leading group administrator.

Brett Hayhoe, who runs a pride Liberal group in the Oakleigh state electorate, is well known in local LGBTQIAPK+ academia and hardcore queer journalism. Hayhoe runs a magazine known as “Q” which has deliberately used the Q branding and logo to take away market share from both the conservative Quadrant Magazine and the right wing Q Society.

Hayhoe is heavily involved with the rainbow ginger group within the Liberal Party. This network includes influential Prahan member Rory Grant and numbers cruncher David Kitchen who is a staffer for James Paterson. This group runs the Liberal Pride branch which is central to Ian Quick’s factional power structure.

Liberal Pride has become a national movement due to the efforts of Brett Hayhoe and support from several Federal Members of Parliament, including Tim Wilson and the office of James Paterson.

Hayhoe is a member of far left international movements such as IGLTA and InterPride. He is also the president of People Living with HIV/AIDS Victoria and has been involved with Joy FM.

Hayhoe actively attends Midsumma and other pride gatherings to recruit fellow LGBT supporters to the Liberal Party as part of a wider campaign to move the party to the political left. The Liberal Pride movement is also registered with the Andrews Labor Government funded Pride Centre, which creates political links between the Hayhoe’s activities and the ALP and other parties like The Greens.

Brett Hayhoe is a voracious campaigner for LGBTQIAPK+ issues and extending his movement’s grasp across the Liberal Party and has willingly shared his contact details for those who wish to confirm his movement’s work and operations within the Victorian Liberal Party – [email protected] and 0422 632 690.

Does Brett Hayhoe support the notorious Thai industry known for underage sex, child sex slavery and extreme exploitation? Party would members hope not!
Brett Hayhoe with Michael O’Brien
Brett Hayhoe with Robert Clark
Brett Hayhoe with Georgie Crozier
Brett Hayhoe with Jan Millard
Brett Hayhoe with Kerri White
Brett Hayhoe with Malcolm Turnbull
Brett Hayhoe with Julia Banks

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