Call to challenge Brad Rowswell

Call to challenge Brad Rowswell

The time has come for the Victorian Liberal Party faithful to consider challenging Brad Rowswell.

While Brad is hunkering down in Sandringham, news is spreading through the party that the Parliamentary leadership, Matthew Guy, David Southwick and Matt Bach will support a challenger for Brad Rowswell’s seat as the current incumbent now looks like losing his seat at the next election.

The latest polling in light of the State redistribution plus indications from minor parties who usually would support Mr Rowswell is that his position is untenable.

The bay side seat of Sandringham with its affluent streets, sunny afternoon beach frontage and long days is seeing the clouds gather and the tide turn against Mr Rowswell.

Sadly for Brad too many competent women could do such a better job than him. Notable names include Margaret Fitzherbert, Felicity Frederico, Andrea Coote, Donna Hope and Donna Petrovich. Behind the scenes, frantic work is being done to secure challengers who will be able to “sandbag” the seat at the 2022 State Election.

Even Moria Deeming, who is married to allegedly Australia’s first test tube baby, is being sounded out.

Mr Rowswell’s background as a defence contractor has been revealed and this combined with a series of vote-losing actions in the past few years have convinced the powers that be that Mr Rowswell’s tenure is up.

It is always sad when things come to this, especially when they come to light in the public arena. The situation with Tim Smith is a startling example of this, and a dire warning to other MPs that no one is safe and no seat is guaranteed. The party faces uphill battles across the State, from the formerly safe West to the rapidly turning feral inner East. Sandringham is changing and so must the candidate.

Brad Rowswell has already been barred from holding any shadow ministerial positions to due to serious misconduct, it is only right if he is replaced with a superior successor.

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