Can anyone save Taiwan?

The Australian news media has recently presented an array of opinions about a possible war where China takes on Taiwan.

The prevailing view is that China has made clear its intentions its ready to risk an international conflict, even a world war, to take on Taiwan.

Flashpoints appear all over the map of China though.

At least 20 Indian soldiers have been killed in a violent face off with Chinese forces as the nuclear armed neighbours slide closer to all out conflict.

But can China win? China is certainly talking big, with its top military spokesman warning democratic Taiwan that calling itself independent “means nothing but war”.

As for Australia, there is a slow awakening, the realisation there may be war quite soon.

China won’t start a war they think they can’t win, but with the election of Biden, everyone has become painfully aware that the US is now is a slow cultural and economic decline.

In 2020 the US economy shrank 3.5 per cent, while China’s grew 2.3! China’s economy before coronavirus was 67 per cent the size of America’s. Now it’s pushing 70 per cent.

The new President Joe Biden has vaguely indicated that the US will stand by Taiwan. The question remains about jut how committed the US might be to standing up against China. Would the befuddled Biden really risk American lives to save a country that the US does not even officially recognise? After all, Biden’s political party is known for its friendship with China.

How many naval vessels would left-wing America really be willing to put into harm’s way if China went berserk?

As for Australian help, forget it. Australia has not taken the step to recognise Taiwan. As for Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews, he is more likely to pledge allegiance to China if war was to come.

Sadly Taiwan is on its own, but there are many around the world who are sympathetic, whether Indians, Australians or Americans. Just not much of the current ruling class.

As commentators understand, the only people Taiwan can rely on to defend it are the Taiwanese. Realistically China has a network of sympathisers and agents to sabotage Taiwan’s defences too.

The great Donald Trump at least ramped up arms supplies to help the Taiwanese defend themselves, but conservatism, popularism and everything right of centre is now in retreat.

China is rising like a vicious beast while the West is dominated by self-loathers and those who secretly favour China to our own native freedom. Many are not ready to defend democracy with blood.