Casey preselection candidates

Casey preselection candidates

The Victorian Liberal Party is about to see a showdown over its vacancy in the winnable Federal Seat of Casey. After sitting MP Tony Smith indicated he was retiring from Parliament, the opportunity has come for a worthy successor to take their place in the safe seat located in outer Eastern Melbourne.

With Ian Quick trying to call the shots the process is already being bogged down in claim and counterclaim over procedure and natural democracy.

Party members are expressing surprise not to see a few names, like David Lau, Inga Peulich or Ben Reeson. It seems that battlelines are forming around candidates, and predictably, Ian Quick has his factional ticket ready to send out. (He is also pushing for a Admin run preselection, though members are arguing for a full convention of the electorate conference.)

Early on in the process, members heard the name Aaron Violi. Most party members don’t actually know who he is, the only information doing the rounds is that Aaron is a strawberry farmer whose work situation has been heavily disrupted by the lockdowns. Running for Casey would be a great opportunity but the members should decide who is really qualified to represent them.

A name which will be familiar across the party is the respected Andrew Asten, the meek and tireless campaigner from the Menzies electorate who has given a lot to the party through the Training Committee and at State Assembly. Andrew is a consultant and family man.

In recent months it has become apparent that there is a concerted Green Left driven agenda infiltrating the Liberal Party. Contender Donalea Patman is a far left, New Age environmentalist who is being used by other factional power brokers to inject their agenda into the preselection process. There hasn’t been a State Assembly meeting in the past few months so Ms Patman’s membership or commitment to the Liberal cause has not yet been examined. A lot of troubling information about Donalea can be found here.

Another left winger is Dr Ranjana Srivastava OAM. Ranjana is not known in the party. She is a left wing journalist who is a medical expert and Julia Banks supporter.

Next on the list is Roshena Campbell. Roshena is a lawyer who has gone on record as supporting Robert Clark. Roshena has a massive problem if she wants to go to Parliament, because her husband is the infamous political editor who published confidential information from Michael Kroger’s administration committee meetings. Roshena is highly factional and has made no bones about her factional leanings, willing to make denigrating public comments online about those not in her faction.

Grant Hutchinson is a well known party member, former party Vice President and successful lawyer. He is the thinking Christian option. Grant has served on the board of Access Ministries, involved with Living Waters and is respected as a Christian leader. Grant brings a depth of experience to the table.

Grant Hutchinson has been very unfairly written up by a disgruntled party member, who made some inferences about Grant’s involvement with youth camps and the Young Liberals. In fact, Grant has been working with children in a direct fair and compassionate way. Grant’s passion and mentorship for young people should not be misconstrued.

Grant is a strong choice for values. Grant will seek to thwart the progressive left and their agenda for Same Sex Marriage, gender assignment, abortion choice and legal drugs. As a champion against LGBT education and for a vastly much stricter justice system, Grant has a principled and moral approach that will bring much needed balance back to the Liberal parliamentary team.

Interactions with Mr Hutchinson have revealed that he has the backing of the Lau family as well as from Christian conservatives such as Bill Rizopoulos and others across the party.

Bullying battle axe Fran Henderson’s view that the candidate should be a women does not reflect the quality of the male candidates.

Members should keep the pressure on Ian Quick to ensure that the members, not Admin, decides who will best represent the party and not factional interests.

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