Catlin cashes in


Catlin cashes in

With billions of dollars set to be lavished on the Commonwealth Games, the Liberal Party is strangely silent on the increased debts and white elephants this spending program will produce.

Everyone knows that Commonwealth Games do not make a profit, nor do they attract global attention. This is not to belittle the games, but rather, to point out that spending should be in proportion to outcomes and benefits.

Victoria’s State debt is already astronomical. Daniel Andrews has not received his much needed funding from China.

But why is the State Opposition so quiet on this subject?

Could it be because flamboyant chief of staff for Matthew Guy, Mitch Catlin, spent significant time and resources promoting the Commonwealth Games? Strangely, Mitch Catlin is said to be one of the key organisers of these games, so suddenly Matthew Guy has to be quiet about the flagrant spending.

Worse, Mitch Catlin will personally benefit from having the games, which is a clear conflict of interest, which raises the question around “selective opposition”. Is Matthew Guy really controlled by Mitch Catlin and his predilections?

Or will Matthew Guy stand up and be the new hope to make Victoria great again?

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