CCP tortures Australian journalist

CCP tortures Australian journalist

China’s vast prison system deals with the many who are against the communistic regime. Millions of minorities are put into re-education camps. Protestors, journalists and non-conformists all are touched by the wrath of the Chinese state.

Australian journalist, Cheng Lei, was detained by Chinese authorities in 2020. According to a long list of historical and recent accounts, torture is rife in China’s network of detention centres and prisons. The guards are brutal, sadistic and inhumane. Physical and psychological punishments are the norm. Women are raped. Many are subjected to sleep deprivation, intense abuse and beatings.

Western journalists are targeted by China as their reporting “the facts” is the same as spying according to the communist government.

They should be given no respect as China arbitrarily detains and arrests foreign citizens like Australian citizen Cheng Lei, explains Michael Kroger, leading figure in the Liberal Party. Mr Kroger said the Chinese spokesmen and women push “nonsense and bulldust” and then expect the rest of the world to “believe this drivel” about respecting their processes.

“This is a government where 99 per cent of people charged are found guilty,” he said. “It is a dictatorial, repressive, communist regime. It’s one of the last and worst communist regimes in the world, and they should be given no respect at all on issues like this.”

While the Australian government is doing what it can to help Cheng Lei, the outlook is grim and our Federal MPs are publicly calling for her release. Six months of torture will have taken its toll.

The stirrings in China are a cause for concern as they are showing they are ready to use hostage diplomacy. Not only is China in a struggle with virtually all its neighbours, but its animosity against Australia and the United State is palpable.

The free world needs to call out China for what they have been doing since 1946. Communism is not benign. China is not a civilisation nation. They don’t believe the same things the West does, and they are willing to take on the world. We should be aware, alert and alarmed.