Champions of liberty and Party volunteers exonerated

Champions of liberty and Party volunteers exonerated

In the cruel and vengeful environment presided over by Mr Ian Quick and Mr Robert Clark, three Party stalwarts were exonerated by the Party’s penultimate peak body State Assembly.

During the mentally vexing and often chaotic meeting which dragged on until the middle of the night on Friday 7 May 2021, in Scots Church Hall, Collins Street, Melbourne, three Party members were saved from expulsion despite the earnest and repeated attacks from Robert Clark and Ian Quick’s friends.

Mr Solomon Green was vindicated for his compliance to COVID safe rules, and his view that Administrative Committee members should not just turn up to meetings unannounced. Party members are grateful that Mr Green provided a safe environment for the proper running of his Annual General Meeting.

Mr Green was accused by Ms Holly Byrne for her feeling that Mr Green may have been responsible for a range of misdemeanours. Stories were further added from the floor, such as from Mr Solly, who likewise speculated that his wife might have had some misgivings about Mr Green. The credibility of these accusations melted as Mr Green continuously, calmly and with great dignity spoke of his support of women in the Party and his long service to the organisation.

The second laundry list of charges was made against Mr Peter Adamis in absentia. On this topic, Robert Clark plumbed the depths of depravity by indicating that Mr Adamis was a liar. In reality, if Mr Adamis was a liar, charges of defamation, libel, slander etc. would be forthcoming. If anything, slanderous comments abounded from Mr Adamis’ enemies.

Chief outraged “cancel victims” who spoke against Mr Adamis included Mr Miftari, Mrs Finn and Mr Mulholland. All of this was fueled by Robert Clark who took as much time as he could to speak at length about Mr Adamis.

When put to the collective opinion of the meeting, the safety in numbers indicated in favour of Mr Adamis, who should now be allowed to rest peacefully in Greece.

As the night wore on, and tempers frayed, charges were brought up against Mr Fred Ackerman. By this stage, a kind of insanity now settled like a thick cloud over Mr Ian Quick and Mr Robert Clark as they sought to make the case that Mr Ackerman was responsible for every bad action, wrong word and critical email which has passed around the Party.

The heated meeting was not helped by stumbling contributions from Ms Millard, nor the angry rantings of Mrs Peulich, nor the rude and continuous stream of abuse erupting from Mr Finn.

Mr Ackerman rightly argued that he could not divulge the names of people who were doing activities outside of his area of responsibility. Further, Mr Ackerman distanced himself from online comments attributed to a Dingo character, which ironically, has been reported to be the same name used by two nasty facebook pages run by Mr John Renyard and Mr David Everist.

The vote brought back a resounding endorsement of Mr Ackerman, who deserves much congratulation for both his work in informing Party members of the situation, and his role in supporting digital marketing to the Party readership about actual matters of concern to the grassroots members. Mr Ackerman is a real hero and a champion of liberty and freedom that exemplifies everything the Party should be striving for. The high praise from women in the Party such as Diane Plim is also solid testimony to Mr Ackerman’s standing in the eyes of fair minded and decent Party members.

The fact that Mr Quick was so adamant in spending the Party’s time pursuing Party volunteers rather than preparing for an upcoming Federal election shows that Mr Quick is unfit for a Party leadership role.

If time is to be spent entirely on tearing one another apart, there is no room any more for the Liberal Party, but two parties. One being the Liberal Party of volunteers, workers and supporters. And the other, a totalitarian splinter organisation run by Mr Ian Quick for his personal power needs.

This is not the spirit of the Party founded by Robert Menzies. The sooner the Party turns back to its roots, the better. Until democracy is allowed to return and factionalism deflated, the Party will not succeed.

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