China threatens Australian news sources

China threatens Australian news sources

China’s diplomats in Canberra continue their unhealthy propaganda battle against Australia with their false accusations and absurd assertions.

China’s deputy head of mission, Minister Wang Xining, has said that Australian news sources have misrepresented China and have been responsible for a breakdown in relations between China and Australia.

The senior Chinese diplomat in Canberra said that the Chinese were a rising power and they have been making a list of offenders and friends in Australia. This accords with both databases which Australian officials have discovered that China was keeping tabs and building dossiers on all Australian citizens, and has been the usual practice of belligerent powers who create “liquidification lists” prior to invading or taking over a country.

Mr Wang threatened that destiny was on China’s side and that it would be “wise” for Australian journalists to be with China. He went on to berate journalists for revealing the truth of China’s intents by claiming that news reporting was “deliberately vilify[ing] China sabotage[ing] the friendship” China offered.

Immediately Mr Wang threatened those who would tell the truth about China’s brutal intentions, saying anyone revealing the truth “will be [cast] aside in history”. In China, summary executions, brutal reprisals, torture, rape and systematic suppression of large or small groups is common.

Mr Wang’s threats were in response to the media’s reporting on the Morrison government’s call for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, and the Australian media reporting that China was both the origin of COVID-19 and responsible for spreading it to the rest of the globe.

China’s war on Australian media and news sources comes after China’s move to boycott of Australian food and resource exports, and to stop its citizens from visiting Australia or attending Australian universities.

China has also put huge tariffs of Australian barley after the Federal Government moved to invalidate Daniel Andrews’ Belt and Road deal with China. It is understood that the Opposition Leader, Michael O’Brien was also promised sweeteners by Daniel Andrews should he have received the over $50 billion AUD “infrastructure investment” from China.

The financial implications of the standoff, slightly inconvenient for Australian exporters who are now shifting to lucrative South-East Asian and the UK market, are a major blow for China, whose industrial modernisation is flagging and the majority of whose population suffers poor nutrition.

Minister Wang’s latest broadside against Australia included the threat that Chinese operatives in Australia understood China’s intentions clearly, and told Australian sympathisers that while they “don’t fully agree with our model of governance and administration … at least you respect and understand the reason behind our … model of governance.”

Australia’s media, which is losing Chinese sympathisers due to severe downsizing at most major newspapers, is being blamed by China for “bad sentiment in Australia towards China”.

Mr Wang accused news sources of presenting “negative portraits of China” and brainwashing Australians. He also said that Chinese sympathisers in Australia were being called “panda – -ers” and that this was “derogatory”.

In addition to the media, Minister Wang claimed that there was a “a small number of people” who were undermining China in Australia. “The excuse for such suspicion is China’s threats to Australian sovereignty and security,” he said.

Mr Wang even went out of his way to threaten “Australian Labor” in light of their treatment of Sam Dastyari and internal opposition against China’s “friends” like Daniel Andrews.