China’s control over an Australian university

In 2020 one university student in Australia was doing more about China than any media personality or politician.

Drew Pavlou, a student activist at the University of Queensland, became the darling of anti-Communist campaigner, Clive Hamilton, after Mr Pavlou stood up to his university over their links to the Chinese Communist Party.

The 20-year-old philosophy student campaigned against university’s links to the CCP found himself subject to the communistic methods of assault, online hate and death threats in Australia.

The University of Queensland went to extraordinary lengths to silence its most effective critic, a student who campaigned against the university’s tight links and capitulation to CCP backing.

Drew Pavlou came to public attention in 2019 when leading a protest in support of Hong Kong democracy activists, he was assaulted by Asian “gangsters” who indicated they were working for the Chinese state.

Consequently Mr Pavlou was targeted by a torrent of online hate and death threats from brainwashed Chinese students. China’s consul-general in Brisbane, Xu Jie, praised the violence, drawing a response from Foreign Minister Marise Payne. Pavlou decided to seek a protection order against the consul-general through the courts.

Pavlou’s safety was threatened further when China’s state media vilified him and gave an official blessing to the thuggery so that he was no longer safe on campus.

These events occurred in Australia, a free, democratic nation which is not exactly friends with China. How could these things happen?

Predictably, the University of Queensland joined the Chinese side. None of the pro-Beijing students who assaulted Pavlou have been disciplined by the university. Xu, whom the University of Queensland had appointed an adjunct professor was fated and protected as part of the university.

The University of Queensland went so far as to reject Pavlou’s robust criticism and moved to intimidate him into silence.

Pavlou further highlighted on Facebook, by way of sarcasm, announcing the “UQ Confucius Institute Panel: Why Uyghurs Must Be Exterminated”. The university responded by sending Mr Pavlou a legal letter accusing him of making false statements and that UQ would act against him if he did not cease and desist.

Pavlou complied with their first demand, but the UQ, out for blood, delivered a 186-page document detailing 11 charges and summoned him to a secret disciplinary meeting. All very heavy handed communistic methods, and all happening today in Australia. This is the hold and influence of China through the Left and their patsy universities.

In the next set of allegations, Pavlou was deemed guilty of behaviour that “unreasonably disrupted staff or students” when at 12.30pm “on or about 26 February 2020” he took a pen from a shelf at the university stationery shop, wrote something with it, put the pen back and left the shop paying only for three sheets of card.

This kind of surveillance and reporting to authorities has more in common with Beijing’s Orwellian social credit system than what would be expected on an Australian tertiary education campus. The university was after Pavlou.

Instead of dealing with the criticism that the university is in bed with China, the university has done everything to destroy Mr Pavlou’s studies, life and reputation.

In the context of the university’s crackdown on Pavlou’s for political activism — especially his highlighting of links between the university, its vice-chancellor and various agencies of the Chinese Communist Party — the threats and actions of the university can only be seen for what it is: the communistic attempt to silence free speech and legitimate political activism in Australia.