China’s cyber attacks

China’s cyber attacks

China has declared cyber war on Western computer infrastructure, programs and data.

Recently, the Australian Government has discussed a cyber attack which took place onto the Microsoft exchange server, and has placed the blame squarely on China.

China has been named by Morrison Government members as a cyber threat to Australia.

Federal parliamentary inquiries have revealed that China has been identified and has the potential to hinder Australia’s ability to operate internally, and could significantly set back our ability to respond to an international crisis.

China was identified to have the means and the motive to disrupt critical Australian infrastructure, such as electricity grids, water, gas, oil and other services. They may even be able to cripple supplies, according to concerning reports emanating from official sources.

From a strategic point of view, it would have an enormous impact on a nation’s ability to project power to come to aid on an ally or friend if a war was to break out with China.

While it is a profoundly disturbing insight, the threat is very real and demonstrates the need why Australian companies and businesses must drastically lift the level of their cyber security.

The Australian government has taken steps to create legislation designed to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Experts warned of the cyber dangers facing Australia and its allies.

As the risk of conflict increases, particularly in the case of China, cyber attacks may be a part of their precursor operations that are designed to disable infrastructure to prevent the opposing power to be able to project power.

Future wars may be fought on the frontier of cyberspace, which would be like pulling out the props from underneath our military and economy that would cause the whole system to collapse.

Experts agreed that it is 100 per cent possible our water and electricity networks could already be hosting dormant presences of trojans and other back door openings that could be activated and exploited by foreign powers to take them off line in a crisis.

Cyber security has been an increasing concern for Western nations, not only in regards to criminal activities, but especially where such attacks are state-sanctioned. China has been identified and named as the chief culprit.