China’s energy war

China’s energy war

Before COVID the world was told that we were in a climate emergency. The unpopular Liberal Prime Minister at the time, Malcolm Turnbull, did everything he could to bow to the climate agenda.

At the same time the Victorian Government was also busy selling out to the man made climate lie.

Strangely, the Australian bureaucracy rushed to purchase Chinese made wind turbines and solar panels while exporting our coal and iron ore to China.

This has left Australia considerably weakened, not only with an energy deficit, but with inferior products and unnecessary domination by Chinese economic power.

The laughable Paris Agreement allows the CCP to build coal-fired power stations for decades, while Victoria has been closing down its coal power stations, and no new one has been built in any eastern state for two decades.

Coal is cheap, reliable and with the carbon-dioxide extraction technology, completely clean. Not that carbon-dioxide is a bad thing, but by the hypocritical standards of the anti-capitalist agenda, they want to vilify coal as the old smoke belching polluter of 300 years ago.

No politicians really make it clear that every time a coal-fired plant shut down our electricity prices go up and risk for blackouts increases.

The promise of weather-dependent renewables has proven an illusion. The wind does not always blow, sun does not always shine, the entire system is inefficient, expensive and ineffective.

A traditional power station can deliver four to sixteen times the power of a wind farm, yet the UN, the CCP and the Biden administration are all completely committed to ensuring that Western nations like Australia destroy their energy infrastructure.

CCP aggression, the coronavirus and our massive $1.7 trillion debt have become something that ordinary Australians are starting to recognise. Soon there needs to be a wake up about the the Chinese owned and operated renewable energy companies operating in Australia.

China is even more blatant in Papua New Guinea. A CCP-controlled company wants to build a $39 billion mega city, seaport and free trade zone on the Papua New Guinean coast just kilometres from Australian territory in the Torres Strait. Does anyone seriously think militarising the Torres Strait islands would not follow? Remember, these are Australian territories.

The CCP is lying when they claim that they will have zero carbon-dioxide emissions in 2060. Every year, China’s emissions are actually increasing (though there was an understandable blip during the coronavirus shutdown).

China has skilfully used the climate “debate”, COVID and now trade debt as an effective weapon against Australia, and only now a few are waking up.