Clark facing legal trouble

Clark facing legal trouble

From: Peter Adamis <[email protected]>
Date: 13 May 2021 at 5:36:03 pm AEST
To: Sam McQuestin <[email protected]>, Robert Clark <[email protected]>

Dear State Director and State President

The Age has informed me that the attempt by you to discipline me further apart from your unconstitutional 15 month ban failed abjectly on Friday. 

Even an empty chair was able to win against you. 

While you have no problem communicating the decisions of the Administrative Committee that you engineer, you have demonstrated an unwillingness or incapacity to communicate decisions you do not like. 

A reasonable observer could easily conclude that contempt for democracy is the foundational hallmark of the current administration.

I understand that the proceedings of State Assembly are routinely recorded. I now ask that the recording be kept as it will form the basis of an application for pre-proceedings discovery to enable me to determine the identity of persons who may have defamed me by their comments. 

I refer you to the provisions of section 254 of the Crimes Act (Victoria).

Kind regards

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