Clarkie and Rizo branch stack Africans into Libs

Clarkie and Rizo branch stack Africans into Libs


Victorian Liberal President Robert Clark has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars investigating Party members. One of his accusations is that there has been some branch stacking going on. Branch stacking is when a whole heap of new members are signed up to the Party, who are told to turn up to a meeting and vote a particular way. Branch stacking is a real problem.

Some months ago, Robert Clark attended a recruiting event organised by Billy Rizopoulos, a controversial branch stacker operating in the Western Metropolitan area. A large cohort of Africans were told to attend the paid-for event, where attendees were told to sign up to the Party. This is unethical and some of the Party’s rules were broken in the process.

Billy Rizo and Mike Horner organised a group of Africans to join the Liberal Party in Western Metro
Horny, a staffer for Senator Scott Ryan, was there to manage Billy Riz to make sure he didn’t offend Islam
The event was run under the name of a fake association which has an equally fake address in a hotel suite in Collins St.
Clarkie showed his branch stacks some Liberal Party pamphlets
Clarkie showed them how to sign up to the Party
The event was paid for by Frank Greenstein
Frank and Clarkie show off some of their new branch stacks
The event was coordinated by Billy Rizo. Seventeen of the new members were signed up on the same credit card.

Who is Bill Rizopoulos?

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