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Dear Liberal Party member,
We write to you from a sad place. According to Chairman Robert Clark, members of the Party are gagged from communicating and democracy stifled. Members of our own committee have been threatened with draconian police state measures. Our Party is wracked with scurrilous innuendos when we should be discussing our differences internally and properly.
As is now well known, Chairman Clark’s Constitutional Committee gave legal advice claiming the Party could not follow the democratic process of holding a State Council. This partisan and unprecedented advice was obtained from Committee Chair Daryl Williams. We must ask what is Daryl doing? Daryl’s wife, Margaret Fitzherbert is well known to us. She did an excellent job as our Upper House Member and sadly lost her position at her last election. One of the Concerned Liberals has had a two decades long relationship with Daryl and Margaret and even now are scratching their heads what is Daryl up to? Daryl has a long time fraternal relationship with Chairman Clark. Chairman Clark, when State Attorney-General, appointed his friend a Queen’s Counsel. Perhaps Daryl’s advice is quid pro quo.
It is unbecoming to the democratic process that the rest of the Constitutional Committee have no say in this matter. We have obtained a list of these relatively unknown men and women: Anthony Hadjiantoniou, understood to be a Young Liberal and junior solicitor; Nick Thodos, Jane Hume’s partner and long term Melbourne Branch power broker; Genevieve Hamilton, former candidate; Eddy Gisonda, sharp minded barrister and close friend of Menzies electorate challenger Keith Wolahan; Joel Silver, young barrister and Frank Greenstein’s protégé; Michael Kennedy, commercial solicitor and Roshena Campbell, bright lawyer and wife to James Campbell knowledgeable Herald Sun political editor. These were handpicked by Chairman Clark. Are they complicit? Are they being used? We call members of this Committee to stand up for members’ concerns and democracy.
We have all been aghast to read newspaper articles where the good name of the freedom-loving Liberal Party is brought into public disrepute by branch stackers. Young Bastian needs a lesson in humility and a broader use of vocabulary. Of course, preferment arrangements have been going for years. We know how Ted won his seat – there wasn’t a member of his mother’s book club who wasn’t joined up. We feel dirty laundry should not be aired in public the way Steve Holland did on television. In a twist of irony, we have found that Mr Holland’s mentor, Peter Angelico, only a month ago has been caught improperly filling out, signing and submitting Party members’ forms in a bid to garner the numbers in the Seat of Flinders. Does Mr Angelico hope to be the next Federal Health Minister? We hope the Administrative Committee will deal appropriately with these situations.
In addition to branch stacking, Karina Okotel’s attacks on hardworking and former Members of Parliament like Ed O’Donohue and Mary Wooldridge are particularly distasteful. Rumours abound in Liberal circles that the current Administrative Committee is spending a hundreds of thousands of dollars in an auditing process. This is a princely sum. Where has this money come from? Is it from the sale of our building? In a climate of diminished yields, can we afford to spend our war chest, when we have secretariat staff who should be able to manage Party affairs? We need to fight Labor, not squander funds.
These are all matters that we encourage you to discuss at your branch meetings, and let’s work together productively. Political thinker and economist Milton Friedman said, “It is very hard to achieve good objectives through bad means.” Is there anyone sensible left in the Party who wants our Federal Members to hold their seats and who are doing something practical about the State ALP? Concerned members of the Party want a return to order and fairness. Enough with misguided and ineffective leadership.
We have obtained your email addresses through collating them from our own records and Party members who have contacted us. You always have the option to unsubscribe from our list.
Yours sincerely,
Concerned Liberals Committee

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