Crozier set to inherit O’Brien’s legacy

Crozier set to inherit O’Brien’s legacy

With Michael O’Brien tipped to leave Parliament at the end of this term after his inevitable removal as leader of the Liberals, upper house member, Georgie Crozier, has already been at work in the media to ensure that she is identified as the continuing parliamentary chieftain of the Quick faction.

In a buffoonish attempt to leak other MPs’ comments from a private WhatsApp group to the media, Ms Crozier’s attempt to draw attention to Brad Battin and Ryan Smith is a desperate ploy to ensure that enough friction remains in the party room once O’Brien is formally dumped.

Georgie Crozier, sometimes known privately by her colleagues as “the far apple” and “battleaxe”, has been wasting no time shoring up her future in Ian Quick’s faction as their leader in the party room.

Now that Ryan Smith has indicated his support for a transition to Matthew Guy, Crozier would be keen to blacken his name. Ryan Smith, who won his preselection against Crozier’s friend by one vote, has never been forgiven for this and his ability to negotiate with his colleagues.

Ms Crozier, who has been much scorned, is harbouring years of anger probably stemming back to her days in the nursing union. Members may recall Ms Crozier’s vicious physical attack on another prominent Liberal Party member some years ago allegedly at Flemington Racecourse.

In another blow, Ms Crozier is under increasing pressure over her direct involvement with a large slush fund which has netted tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds from electorate offices for as yet unaccountable activities. MPs and party members are demanding answers.

The latest leaks to the press have included weasel word messaging that Crozier is “a consistent and strong performer”, and has largely already been the power behind O’Brien’s vacillating leadership.

Observers don’t expect Ms Crozier will give up her seat any time soon, and expect that she will attempt to use the fact that she is female as her main defence now that her ambitions are being exposed.

According to one unlikely source, Crozier has been on the phone with Robert Clark after chatter around the Liberal Party identified her as a key factional player, along with infamous party identity, Frank Greenstein.

As one of Ms Crozier’s former staffers said, “The party is made up of the mad, the bad and the sad.”

“The party’s in a pretty hopeless place at the moment,” said another key figure. “We are in a policy wasteland and the coffers are barren. Crozier leaking anything to the media is only ammunition for those not in her faction. I am genuinely surprised such a seasoned operator wouldn’t know this.”

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