Crunch time for Crozier?

Crunch time for Crozier?


Speculation has swept through the inner sanctum of the Victorian Liberals concerning the future of Upper House MP Georgie Crozier (phew, party members finally have the chutzpah to name her!)

It is well known in Victorian Liberal Party circles that Ms Crozier is, unarguably, the most powerful person within the party. Preselection and rising through Parliament almost solely rests with her. She is more than eager to promote “leftist” causes. Her own parliamentary colleagues dare not challenge her, lest they risk ostracisation.

Ms Crozier has come under scrutiny over her role in overseeing two slush funds involving potential misappropriation of taxpayer funds and embezzlement of salaries from her parliamentary colleagues. These matters of public importance have yet to receive media attention.

Should the transgressions be revealed, it will have devastating consequences for the upcoming State Election. The predicament would be more dire given an MP was involved in running the scheme and not a party official like Damien Mantach.

According to insiders, she is “quite a piece of work”. Being driven by revenge is very serious for her, as her parliamentary colleagues put it bluntly, “revenge is her main game”.

This begs two inevitable questions of mysterious intrigue.

1. Was Georgie Crozier behind the leak to the media recently revealing a heated argument between now outgoing Kew MP Tim Smith and Bernie Finn?

2. Have current and former staff raised warnings about the slush fund operations overseen by her?

Her media pressers might make it seem she displays the moral high ground and competency. But it is suggested by those who really know she is just as rotten as Adem Somyurek (of Labor infamy).

Some in the Victorian Liberal Party need a friendly reminder that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Now that MPs are beginning to reveal just how extensive Ms Crozier’s tax-payer funded slush funds operations are and the vast amounts she has collected (estimated to be over $1,000,000), called the Communications Fund and the Diamond Fund, it would be wise for MPs like David Southwick to clean up these alleged internal problems because there is a strong view for the need for IBAC and police involvement.

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