Democracy is dead in Victoria

Democracy is dead in Victoria

The Victorian Liberal Party is entering a new phase of internal factional division.

A gang of bureaucrats run by power hungry hypocrite Ian Quick have destroyed the only viable opposition voice for democracy in Victoria.

With Daniel Andrews setting himself up as a despot, the great imitator and hypocrite Ian Quick has done the same.

For years hypocrite Ian Quick said he would not run Admin Committee preselections, but this is a case of look at what he does, not what he says.

Chairman Clark has written to party members informing them that State Council will be held on an inconvenient Sunday and he plans to manipulate a vote to abolish all voting for positions but not constitutional changes at this event.

It is well known that the more conservative members of the party are less likely to attend on a Sunday morning due to their prior commitments to church, family and community activities on Sundays. The most important party activities have traditionally always taken place on Saturdays.

Again, this is the work of arch-hypocrite Ian Quick, who knows he needs to manipulate party attendance with his so-called moderate supporters.

Numerous members have also expressed their disgust at the idea of banning non-double vaccinated party members from all events and meetings.

In regards to the upcoming Senate preselection, legal advice has been sought by some which indicates that since the party is a national body, i.e. the Liberal Party of Australia, and since the members are voting for the Senate, a Commonwealth body, and since members are selected on a Federal Seats basis, there are ample reasons not to enforce the vaccine passport at the event. However, hypocrite Quick holds the reins of power and again is deliberately “gerrymandering” the vote.

Don’t listen to what Ian Quick says, but look at what he does.

Liberal members have expressed their frustrations with Ian Quick, who wants to radically rewrite the party’s constitution, arbitrarily change standing orders and control Victoria’s main Opposition party.

“Since when is running a party as a factional protection mafia for mates healthy for democracy?” one senior Liberal asked.

“I am cranky about this,” wrote another respected member. “Robert has had three years to run a State Council and he proposes this mess.”

“Ian Quick is a hypocrite,” said another member. “There’s a long list of people from his own side who always had reservations about his motives. The pandemic has been a marvellous opportunity for Quick to kill off democracy. The guy won’t stop.”

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