Diplomacy and China not a working model

Diplomacy and China not a working model

In his attempt to reach out to the Chinese Communist Party to have a reasonable discussion about China’s complaints about Australia, Josh Frydenberg has been rebuffed.

China’s response appears to have been “You started it all, now you fix it”. This implies that the breakdown in the relationship is all our fault and we should now grovel to China.

No way! All Australia did was suggest an independent international inquiry into the origins of the Wuhan virus which has since infected some 50 million people with the death toll closing in on two million. China may be offended by these facts but this is the reality and this is because of China’s poor animal husbandry practices and poor quality hygiene in their wet markets.

We know that China is having disputes with almost every neighbour, not just Australia. More recently, it is having a “blue” with India in the Himalayas. The Chinese Communist Party should have a good look at itself in the mirror. It’s behaving like a political mafia.

If China wants to participate in the international community it is time for it to grow up and stop banging its shoe on the table, as did Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

Coke Tomyn, Camberwell, Victoria