Dirty tactics multiply


Dirty tactics multiply

Details around the conspiracy to discredit party presidential candidate Mark Barrow have been discussed within the Victorian Liberal Party in the past few weeks.

As is well known within the party, an internal hit job was done with the blessing of the factional secretariat which called into question Mr Barrow’s proper right to nominate for the position of party president.

Mr Mark Barrow along with other rising stars within the party, including a respected party member from Essendon SEC and Ms Angela Burmeister of the Liberal Women’s Council, have been the subject of institutional persecution within the party’s internal governance structure.

It is obvious that a coalition of factional forces are moving within the higher circles of the party in an attempt to undermine these party members.

Some of these actions have been privately revealed by a senior party official who is fighting for justice and the rights of grassroots members within the party’s hierarchy.

Members may think this valiant struggle is in vain, as good party members are being anonymously targeted and reported on at secret Admin Committee meetings.

However, friends of freedom and correctors to the over-reach can be found in small pockets at every level of the party’s structure, and in abundance among the party’s grassroots membership.

Factionalism, bitter divisions and vindictive treatment of several leading party members must be called to account.

In the case of a Young Liberal deliberately scuttling Mark Barrow’s run for party president, it is understood that the young man was acting under another senior party figure’s orders.

One older party member said that they were disgusted in the way several Admin members were being treated by the increasingly dictatorial and repressive party hierarchy.

‘In a party which is supposed to be about the common good, there is a lot of jealousy and backgrounding,’ said one party member.

‘Robert Clark is damned committed to expelling at least one party member before he goes,’ a top level insider revealed.

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