Dissension over Upper House MPs

Dissension over Upper House MPs

Liberal Party members in Victoria have been increasingly dismayed at their own party taking such a strong stand with the totalitarian left on forced jabs for all Victorians.

As the matter was a hot topic in Victoria’s Upper House this week, it was predictable that the usual crowd was ready to capitulate to the anti-choice principles.

It was also noticed by members watching the debates and discussing them in private social media groups that while Wendy Lovell, Georgie Crozier and David McLean Davis were ready to vote in support of the ongoing draconian measures, that septuagenarian MP Bev McArthur was ready to throw her lot in with them.

Party members agreed MPs have made the wrong call. The common view was that Liberal MPs in the Upper House have failed to defend the principle of freedom.

“Even though the Upper House Leader and Whip are all for forced vax,” explained one member, “every individual MP should follow their own conscience. The common view throughout the party is it would be completely justified if MPs crossed the floor.”

Members have been leaving the party in droves in recent days due to grievances over this issue and the capitulation of MPs to the left on a variety of social policy positions. Some of the resigning party members have moved to the DLP and the UAP.

“Here in Warrandyte we always heard that Mrs McArthur was solid,” a well connected party figure said. “Her latest antics show something else.”

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