Dissent in Ian Quick’s faction

Dissent in Ian Quick’s faction


The Liberal Party traditionally has not supported the hard left including cuddling up to the transgender community and coerced vaccinations. A range of these issues are dividing Ian Quick’s factional supporters and the dissent is starting to bite.

Web Warriors facebook group administrator Jan Millard has fully sided with the far left progressives leaving no doubt of her factional loyalties as she openly allows left wing activists, anti-Semites and pro-globalist elite types the presentation of their views while more conservative minded members are being increasingly disenfranchised from participation.

Moira and Andrew Deeming, Bill Rizopoulos, Steve Wolf, Grant Hutchinson, Ollie Walsh and a range of other party members have been unconsciously frozen out of voicing their views as Ian Quick’s progressive-minded branch stacks have been allowed to shout down moderate conservatives who are cautious or sceptical of the current push for vaccinations, who have traditional views about gender and sexuality and who support Israel.

Jan Millard herself has even posted that she has been banned from the conservative “Reignite Democracy” movement supported by many Liberal Party members who are fed up with Daniel Andrews’ tyranny and lies. Jan is proud that she is “somebody” in Ian Quick’s political machine. Like a machine it is totally unfeeling and coldly calculating.

Party members who love freedom, traditional values and clear thinking are being forced to reassess their positions, and make the hard decisions about their factional allegiances. If Ian Quick says he is a conservative why is he working so hard to destroy the values and policy direction of conservatism within the Victorian Liberal Party?

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien has come out saying that he supports internment camps or imprisoning COVID suspects and has an equally hateful view of “conspiracy theorists”. Even Daniel Andrews has not yet progressed to gulags or concentration camps. Yet Michael O’Brien has been most closely aligned with Ian Quick for the past decade. It is obvious Ian is all about the power not about principles.

Frankly, people who have heard Ian Quick talk against certain party members or who have received his private talking points against articles published on the Real Freedom News website should take stock of whose narrative really is “lies and rubbish”. Ian Quick has made no secret that he derisively calls conservatives “handmaids”.

With the rapidly changing party landscape, there is increasingly no place for non-progressive views to be voiced within Ian Quick’s ranks. This inevitably means members who have followed Ian Quick’s lead in the past are now losing out, being passed over when it comes to preselection, state council Admin roles and other party opportunities.

These harsh realities are causing members to reassess what is the best for the future of the party. Should Ian Quick continue to be allowed essentially unfettered power with no real benefit for hardworking conservative party volunteers?

Ian Quick’s top lieutenants are Georgie Crozier and Frank Greenstein. These both hold rabidly progressive views and have no place for a realistic discussion about vaccinations, gender and traditional views.

In the words of one senior Liberal, “Ian Quick was opposed to moving out of 104 in 2018 but has moved the party’s head office three times in the past two years.”

This is a man who will tell people one thing but pursue a completely opposing agenda with a vengeance. No wonder some of those who followed his ticket in the past are now questioning the wholesale leftward slide of the party.

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