Documents leaked from Liberal Party

Documents leaked from Liberal Party

A trove of leaked documents from Victorian Liberal Party headquarters is being combed through unbeknownst to the State Director who is idling his time away in Tasmania.

A variety of documents and other information has been amassed from the Victorian Liberal Party, which spans from as early as 2010 to the present date. One source of information was explicitly taken from “an accessible drive”. Among the range of documents is material from Alice Bailey and Julie Read.

With the departure of staff from Liberal headquarters and the acrimony that has developed within the organisation, it has been inevitable that information leaked. It is now being revealed that a trove of information exists about various former staff and activities within the Secretariat.

A decade worth of documents, complaints and other files is being examined, which includes information about members. While a portion of the complaints are admittedly benign, there are several documents which outline complaints which involve or refer to current and former members of Parliament, current and former members of the Administrative Committee and in relation to a number of party members.

The variety of emails and other documentation includes disclosures about a range of hypocrisies, bad and at times illegal behaviour, complaints related to almost 100 issues and emails going back to the Mantach era.

Documents include internal memos from current and former State Directors, and matters including an array of complaints related to people from all levels of the party. Many of these complainants were made in good faith, but have failed to be acted upon.

While most are benign, and reflect the usual cut and thrust of internal Liberal Party activities, others relate to serious misconduct and criminal allegations of illegal activities.

Included also are other reports, such as an extensive phone polling of the electorate of Ripon which indicates that the seat is unwinnable.

Documents include references to bizarre incidents, such as a case of one member of the party throwing items at then staff member Nick Tragas. Another is a complaint from Josh Morris who had not been given a security pass to the Parliament building even though he worked for the Opposition Office for months. Another is a statement from two former female staff members who caught a member of the party doing a lewd act in the stairwell. Another is about a female party member who engaged in “bear wrestling” at a Young Liberals meeting.

Documents of historical interest have also been found, including legal advice from Rohan Millar, a briefing on the history of the 104 Exhibition St building, several letters from members to Tony Snell and a report by a former Administration Committee member around Frank Greenstein’s activities during the 2012 local government elections.

Other items possibly worth preserving are an email exchange between Ann Bitans and Carmel Clancey during the 2014 State election campaign, a series of screenshots of Aaron Lane’s social media and thank you letters to Julian McGauran, Murray Thompson, Sharman Stone and Louise Asher.

Other interesting tidbits include information on the Coalition Agreement with the Nationals (including a PowerPoint for State Assembly), interactions with the police over protests at a dinner with John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull, a State Council motion which called for the Liberal Party to seize Damien Mantach’s coastal properties, a letter from the Athenaeum Club’s lawyer in relation on Donna Bauer, branding material for CostWatch, a PowerPoint on i360 usage and analyses on numerous budget papers from 2015 to 2018.

Sensitive data includes logins for some facebook pages, information about Jeparit Town and periodic reports of i360 usage by electorate.

The source of these documents is the party’s own Julian Assange.

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